Just Dance 2020 – I Like It | Gameplay

Just Dance 2020 – I Like It | Gameplay

Hey everyone, we’re Kelvin Jaeder’s channel I’m Allison I’m Dora And I’m Kelvin Guys, before you watch this fun video, subscribe to channel Leave your Like, its help us too much Follow un on social networks and subscribe to my channel That’s all

20 Replies to “Just Dance 2020 – I Like It | Gameplay”

  1. OMG Kelvin, Allison, and Dora you guys were fantastic and you guys's dance moves are amazing
    Great job my three favorite dancers
    Love you Kelvin, Allison, and Dora 😍😍😍💕💕💕

  2. Kelvin Jaeder não se esqueçe do que eu falei. A próxima dança é essa: Le Bal Masqué Just Dance. Por favor, aceite o meu comentário. Faz duas semanas que eu estou pedindo.

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