Just Dance 2020 – FANCY by TWICE Official Track Gameplay

Just Dance 2020 – FANCY by TWICE Official Track Gameplay

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  1. I expected more Just Dance, disappointed …. the beginning is cool, but when it comes to the chorus gives music, the steps were unrelated to the beat

  2. Omg, what you guys did with Fancy, this coreo is so bad, the important is that have a twice song on it, but this coreo is not what we want, Twice deserve more

  3. Que horrible coreografía ¿en serio no pudieron hacer algo mejor? Esto no se acerca ni un poquito a la original y no digo que tenga que ser la misma pero vamos, esto arruina por completo las ganas de comprar el juego y si quiera bailar esa gran canción.
    No sé que les está pasando pero siento que cada vez las coreografías son más flojas y hechas a la maltdita sea.

  4. teribble, i was expecting i nice core to fit this song, but then they bring this shit core, i'm so disappointg

  5. Can they make an extreme version with the actual choreo bc I hate this skfjsk even though I'll still get the game ?

  6. Once's let's just save our money for the merch, album and concert ticket. We can just search fancy on YouTube and dance the original choreography. I am sorry but this choreography is aweful.

  7. i’m so disappointed… they could’ve at least added the classic fancy pose or even dumber down the original choreography but nooo 😐

  8. Cuando la ví por primera vez no me gustó, pero despues de ver la varias veces me gusto xd(solo el baile muy flojo)

  9. tbh its not thay bad but the move from the 2nd "FANCYYY YOUUUU" needs to GO. what was that??? atleast the rap choreo looks nice.

  10. I'm so disappointed about this choreo. I mean, they should have included, at least, some of the original dance moves. I love the song but that's not fair for TWICE's work. Thanks

  11. I appreciate the effort of the team for including a Kpop song in game and adding a new choreo❤️ but tbh TWICE song isn’t hard to dance (for me) if you will change it atleast keep the iconic part that’s what makes a kpop song addictive to dance at just my opinion THANK YOU have a great day!?

  12. This dance is one of the worst I've seen in a while. Really repetitive and not eye catching or fun at all. Such a disappointment because the song is great and even if you don't add the original choreo you still could've done something great with it.
    Anyway I hope they at least give it a better alternative/extreme version to do the song justice.

  13. I’m not sure why Ubisoft gave up adding the original iconic Fancy You gesture into choreography, but these repetitive moves look so bad. This song has been ruined totally.

  14. No one:
    The choreo: ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

  15. i think the choreo is really nice 🙂 the background is nice and the coaches are really pretty! i rate it 9.75/10 tho because of that one part that has that neon touch in the bg

  16. I’m so sad that they didn’t add fancy in the USA but now I don’t want it. This ruined the song for me

  17. the choreography wouldn’t be as bad if they made it less repetitive and added some moves from the original. The background kinda ruins the fact that Twice was trying to try a new mature concept but still energetic. I mean flowers and a pink slide? I guess I’m glad Twice is out there

  18. Good song choice by Just Dance, but please take note that not all kpop, c-pop or jpop songs like this one have their respective official choreography moves added to the routines due to copyright restrictions, age group considerations as it is rated as an "everyone" game, etc. Given that I played Just Dance for quite a while, many of the songs have repetitive or in other words, "boring" routines, but at least Ubisoft have tried their best on their dance and song choices to cater to their customers.

  19. The backround and outfit is amazing.. but I feel like the song is more energetic than the dance, JD is running out of ideas

  20. this is the blandest just dance choreography I’ve ever seen in my whole life, DIDNT even include the MAIN ACTION of the whole song. Garbage ?✋?

  21. If y'all miss the original choreography, why not dance to it?
    You don't need it in the game too, at least y'all have a cute little dance that is different.

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