Just Dance 2019 – Mimimi | Gameplay

Just Dance 2019 – Mimimi | Gameplay

Hey guys, we’re Kelvin Jaeder channel My name’s João Kelvin Guys, don’t forget to leave your Like in this video Subscribe to channel And follow us on social networks Let’s stop that “Mimimi” and let’s watch video

100 Replies to “Just Dance 2019 – Mimimi | Gameplay”

  1. I so want to learn this dance than go to Egypt in front of the pyramids and record myself playing this game. It'll be fun for everyone. LOL

  2. Mimimimimi mimimimimi mimi mimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimi

  3. pensa num retardado com tédio sem nada pra fazer sabe oq ele faz ele dança na frente do computador que nem eu fiz ;-;

  4. Русские песни в JUST DANCE?- Russia song on JUST DANCE? (это Pусская песня-this is Russian song)

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