Jump Force Gameplay – PlayStation Underground

Jump Force Gameplay – PlayStation Underground

CYRUS: Oh, there we go. JUSTIN: Do the thing. CYRUS: There you go. KRISTEN: Well, dang, Justin. JUSTIN: I just got goosebumps.
That was awesome. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] KRISTEN: Hey, guys. Welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. You got Kristen and Justin here. I’m with Cyrus and
Steven from Bandai Namco. We are playing Jump
Force on a PS4 Pro. This is our original
created character Ms. Bandi. CYRUS: Ms. Bandi is here.
Hi, guys. This is Cyrus Wesson, social community specialist
for Bandai Namco. Super excited to be here. KRISTEN: Yeah. CYRUS: Super excited to
show you guys Jump Force. And, honestly, just really
excited for this game to finally come out. KRISTEN: Yeah. I’m excited to see it because we’re gonna
see the full roster here. We’re gonna be able to
choose from any of the 40, I believe, characters
that come with the game. Steven, who is your
favorite character? Who are going to start with? STEVEN: Oh man. One of my favorite series in
this game is Hunter x Hunter. It’s been a long supported
weekly Jump series on and off for the manga and had
a reboot of the anime. But there hasn’t been any
dedicated games for it in the West. There’s been a couple as far
back as PSP and PS2 in Japan. So being able to have some of
my favorite characters like Gon, Killua, and Hisoka in the
game is super exciting. JUSTIN: Doing the
old Spirit Bomb pose. CYRUS: I love it. I love all the
reactions that you can do. JUSTIN: Love it. CYRUS: Killua and Kurapika are
awesome in this game by the way. They’re so cool.
I was playing them last night. But why don’t we
jump into a match. Show you guys some of
the cool stuff you can do. KRISTEN: So we’re gonna have
Cyrus and Steven play first so that they can show
us how it’s done. CYRUS: And we’ll see
how you guys jump in. KRISTEN: Yeah. JUSTIN: I want to see some manga
characters beat each other up. You guys were mentioning earlier
that this is a an important distinction, especially for
casual anime fans like myself, this is actually based on the
manga that these characters are from rather than the anime which
might have some differences. Can you tell us a
little about what, like, more casual fans like
myself might expect or might notice when
they’re playing this. STEVEN: Well, there are
certain design elements that are definitely
iconic to the manga. And most things do transition
pretty well to anime or other verticals
that that IP supports. But it’s a great
way of being able to, you know, see how
these characters look in kind of a
different look and feel. A lot of the — there’s a
little bit of anime crossover. Like, some of the
characters, like Goku, can go into his
Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue form which
is from Dragon Ball Super. JUSTIN: Oh cool. STEVEN: So there’s a
lot of different things, whether you’re an
anime fan, a manga fan, a lot of different stuff
that you can go into and find so many
Easter eggs are in this game. JUSTIN: Nice. KRISTEN: And the crazy thing
about this game is that it’s bringing them
into the real world. These are all settings that are
supposed to be from our world not necessarily
from their universes. JUSTIN: Except this one. CYRUS: Right. Well, what it is is those two
worlds are merging together. Right? KRISTEN: Colliding. CYRUS: So all of these
various Jump worlds are merging with our world. So you see the Golden Gate
Bridge with the Naruto statues. JUSTIN: Oh, what?
That’s crazy. CYRUS: You see Planet Namek with
the Statue of Liberty I believe it is. JUSTIN: Oh man. CYRUS: So it really brings you
into the fold because you’re like, “Oh wow.
I could see that happening. I could see Goku popping up
in the sky all of a sudden while I’m driving to work.” So it’s really a fun, fun
fantastical kind of feel. JUSTIN: If you saw Goku appear
while you were driving to work, would you be excited
or just terrified? CYRUS: I’d stop.
I’d stop and get out. STEVEN: Pull out your phone. JUSTIN: Ask for a selfie. CYRUS: Well, I probably would
ask for a selfie, honestly. I probably would. Then I’d ask him to teach
me how to do a Kamehameha. JUSTIN: You just
gotta keep training. CYRUS: Just gotta keep training. So right now I’m Frieza. JUSTIN: Classic match up here. CYRUS: I’m facing off
against Steven who is Goku. And one of the really cool
things about this game is that anybody can really jump into it. It’s kind of meant to be played
by people who are — want to get into the fighting of
the game but also have a lot of fun and be able to pull off
these flashy moves. KRISTEN: I was going to say,
these action shots are amazing. JUSTIN: Oh, yeah. STEVEN: Well, there’s a lot of
different competitive fighters that, you know, we at
Bandai Namco support. You think like
Tekken 7, Soulcalibur, Dragon Ball FighterZ. And, you know, a lot of people
really enjoy watching them, and I’m sure — I’ve talked to
them before at plenty of events. Their like,
“I would love to play it, but it feels too
high level for me. It’s something where
it’s too complex.” The way you play this game is
every character at its base level controls the same. You can see this move
palette that we pull up, and you can just do a special
move with the press of a button. But each character has different
moves tied to all those different pieces, so you need to
think about,”Am I one that wants a more tactical fighter; do I
want to use someone that has more projectile attacks?” So there’s that balance and an easy way for people to be
able to try out characters. JUSTIN: Oh cool. KRISTEN: I was going to say, so
it’s shifting between the three different characters
each of you have chosen. Is that something
that you are switching or does it just automatically
switch back and forth? STEVEN: You switch yourself,
and you can switch anytime, or you can also
switch during a combo. And it rotates in a circle. So the next person
that’s in line will swap in, or you can use them to provide
a support attack like that. JUSTIN: I love that transition
that just happened where they slam through. Now we’re in a different
recognizable location from Naruto. This is where some of
the exams took place, right? CYRUS: Absolutely. Yeah. This is actually where Naruto
was facing off against Gaara. JUSTIN: Yeah. STEVEN: Can’t forget about that
fight against Neji here though. CYRUS: Can’t forget
about that either. STEVEN: Like he’s gonna
pop out of the ground and punch you in the jaw. KRISTEN: I always love
these action transition shots. CYRUS: And we spoke
earlier about — [LAUGHTER] We spoke earlier about how easy
it is to jump into this game, but there are certain types of
techniques that you can do to make the game more
challenging — KRISTEN: Okay. CYRUS: — and really gain an
advantage over your opponents. Certain types of cancels; there
are certain types of evasions that you can do
as well as those move — or those stage changes that
Steven did in the earlier match. Those are a bit more advanced,
but you learn how to do them by playing the game. JUSTIN: This looks — I mean, it
looks like you guys are playing a pro fighting game how fast
everything is moving here. But I’m really looking forward
to getting my hands on this controller so I can see how
quickly I’m able to figure this out because I’ve never
touched this before. But I think it will be
interesting to see how quickly I’m able to pick up the controls
and just start having fun. CYRUS: What I’m about
to do right now is called a Full Awakening. So this game has multiple
different Awakenings that you can do with every character. And some characters
will actually change their appearance; they might get
a different type of move; they might be able to do
different types of cancels at certain times. So it’s really important to know
which characters you’re choosing and which characters
have those abilities. Frieza you’ll see has
his Golden Frieza form, but Steven just knocked
me out of the stage, so. STEVEN: Sorry about
it but not really. KRISTEN: Oh, oh. Nice transitions every time. I was going to say, I personally
don’t play a lot of fighting games, but I love watching them. I loved Dragon Ball
FighterZ last year. It was really,
really fun one to watch. I think this one is going to be
even crazier given all of the characters that are here. There’s so many
recognizable favorites. JUSTIN: How many characters
are in the final lineup? STEVEN: There’s 40
characters total. JUSTIN: That’s a lot. STEVEN: And coming from
15 different IP series. So the game features 16 IPs. At the announcement we
mentioned how Death Note is also in the game. So both Light and Ryuk play a
heavy part in the story mode. But there’s 15 playable series. Because you can’t play as Ryuk
because he’s a Shinigami and he would die. And if it was Light, it takes 45
seconds for him to kill someone writing their name, so I’m sure it would be
a weird double suicide, and no one wants that. CYRUS: Do you guys
want to jump in? KRISTEN: Yeah.
Let’s give it a try. JUSTIN: Yeah. I do. Let’s see what we’ve got here. KRISTEN: All right. I’m 10,000 percent
going to choose Trunks. [LAUGHTER] Love of my life. CYRUS: Do you
love Future Trunks? Do you love Normal Trunks?
Do you love Baby Trunks? Do you love Kid Trunks?
There’s so many Trunkses. KRISTEN: Future Trunks
was my first Trunks. JUSTIN: So you picked Naruto. I’m gonna go —
let’s do Kakashi. Let’s see.
Who else? Man, there are a
lot of characters. I got to pick Deku obviously.
And let’s see. CYRUS: My Hero fan. JUSTIN: Yeah.
I’ve been watching. I’ve been really liking it. I just got into it
a few months ago. KRISTEN: Oh yeah. You’ve been highly
recommending My Hero Academia. JUSTIN: It’s a fun show.
Yeah. Did I already? I already got a
Naruto character. Let’s do a Dragon
Ball character. Let’s do Vegeta. KRISTEN: The drama. [LAUGHTER] JUSTIN: Trunks’ father
if I remember correctly. CYRUS: And then it’s
gonna be you pick the stage. KRISTEN: Um, let’s do Paris.
Why not? CYRUS: The city of love. KRISTEN: Or lost love. JUSTIN: Exactly. Who’s the
character on the far left? STEVEN: That’s
Kaguya from Naruto. So she was in Naruto Shippuden. She was the main
villain so to speak. She’s the catalyst
basically for ninjutsu. JUSTIN: Oh, okay. CYRUS: Spoilers.
But go watch Naruto Shippuden. KRISTEN: Spoilers.
Go watch a whole show. STEVEN: Go watch 500
episodes of anime. CYRUS: Or read the manga. JUSTIN: Or that. KRISTEN: Very true. Very true. JUSTIN: Okay. I don’t even know
what any of these buttons do, so wish me luck here. KRISTEN: I’ve been
trying to read the tips while we’re talking. JUSTIN: We’re
gonna figure this out. This will be the ultimate
showdown between two people who have never played
the game before. I never thought I’d
see this match up. CYRUS: And that’s the cool thing
about this game is that you see so many matchups
that you never thought that you would see before. And you’re able to bring
Kakashi against Vegeta and see Kaguya face off. There’s just so many
really cool things. JUSTIN: I wasn’t ready.
Start over. KRISTEN: While
you talk, I fight. JUSTIN: Okay.
I’m pushing buttons. Kristen’s kicking my butt. Okay.
There we go. STEVEN: I also like doing the
matchup idea how you see online like when we were announcing
different characters and someone gets announced,
“This person is so OP, they would beat this person.” It’s that childhood rivalry that
you had with your friends where you’re talking about your
favorite super hero and who would beat who. So people can actually
duke it out in the game. You know, make
friendships, make rivals. CYRUS: Make enemies. STEVEN: All that stuff. JUSTIN: I’m getting wrecked. KRISTEN: So what button do you
press to switch your character? STEVEN: L2. CYRUS: So there
are two ways, right. So you can either tap L2
to switch your character, or you can hold it down and your
characters will come in and do an assist and then leave. KRISTEN: I see. I was doing that without
even realizing it earlier. CYRUS: If you hold down R2, then all of your other
moves will come up. And you press one of those
face buttons to do them while holding down R2. JUSTIN: Oh goodness.
Stop hitting me. CYRUS: Oh, there we go. JUSTIN: Do the thing. CYRUS: There we go. JUSTIN: Yeah. KRISTEN: Well, dang, Justin. JUSTIN: I just got goosebumps.
That was awesome. Yes. Ugh. No! Oh, and like his
outfit was changed. His outfit is getting all messed
up as he gets beat up more. That’s cool. CYRUS: So as you’re playing
and as you get hurt either by a super attack or just by
your health being depleted, your costume will
actually change, and you see those
battle effects. KRISTEN: No, Justin. STEVEN: You know, Shueisha has
been so wonderful to work with in that they’ve been working
with all the different licenses and trying to make sure that
there was a bit of suspension of disbelief in them joining the
real world but having all these elements that make you
really feel like it’s gritty. This is a life or death
battle that you’re having, so seeing that type
of damage and grit that can appear
on the characters. The flexibility that they’ve
had with that has been amazing. It’s made this
game so much better. CYRUS: It makes
it more realistic. When you were reading the
mangas as you were a kid, you see these characters get
beaten up, right? They are fighting for
their lives usually. And a lot of them come
very, very close to death. So being able to see that
in game is just amazing. It’s awesome. JUSTIN: I’m actually, like,
scooting forward in my seat. I’m getting on the
edge of my seat. CYRUS: You guys
are getting intense. KRISTEN: Justin, how does it
feel the first time playing? JUSTIN: This is awesome. Man, I’m still starting to sort
of get a feel for the controls, but I figured out how to do the
special moves which is I think the most important thing to
show off on this episode here. CYRUS: Whoever is Trunks,
when you have a second, push down on R3. BOTH: Oh. JUSTIN: That’s not fair. STEVEN: And then if you hold in
the right trigger and press the X button, that’s gonna be
your it ultimate attack. KRISTEN: Hold in the
right trigger and press X. CYRUS: Deku doesn’t want
you to have the chance. JUSTIN: I’ll let you get the
hit for the sake of the video. KRISTEN: Wait. JUSTIN: Okay.
I’ll do mine. [LAUGHTER] KRISTEN: Justin. JUSTIN: Yeah. Oh, I should have done it
with a different character because we
already saw that one. I just love it so much. CYRUS: Good match.
Good match, you guys. KRISTEN: That was brilliant.
All right. JUSTIN: That was rad. KRISTEN: Well, this
has been Jump Force. Cyrus and Steven,
thank you guys so, so much for
showing it off for us. I can’t wait to play again. JUSTIN: Thank you very much.
This was awesome. KRISTEN: We will see you
guys on the next episode. CYRUS: All right. Later. STEVEN: Thank you. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

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