Jumanji: The Next Level and Dreams – Gameplay | PS4

Jumanji: The Next Level and Dreams – Gameplay | PS4

KEVIN: Look at Jack’s glasses. Remember Jack with the fog? DWAYNE: Can we
make Kevin smaller? [LAUGHTER] KEVIN: I tried
this all over town. DWAYNE: This is money. KEVIN: Finally. We have some issues here. The game is busted. This is a game? Yep, sure feels good now. Look at my thighs. Welcome to Jumanji. JOANN: I’ve got some amazing
guests joining me here today. You guys are in luck
because we have Abby here, who is a game designer
from Media Molecule. ABBY: Our upcoming game, Dreams,
actually allows you to create your own video games. A couple memebers of our
community actually created this for you specifically
for this to show you. JOANN: I feel like our
level needs a soundtrack. Can we make some music? ABBY: Making music is one of my
favorite things to do in Dreams. JACK: I think Joanne was on to
something where it’s just drums. Do you have anything
more like jungle drums? There we go, Tribal Break. ABBY: So let’s
add some bass too. You can actually make
instruments in Dreams. JACK: Yeah, that one funky slap. DWAYNE: Yeah. ABBY: All Right. Let’s play a litle of our
track and here what we’ve… KEVIN: This is the part
where we stop and dance. ABBY: Normally
we’d add a melody. Since we have you here,
Jack, we know you like music. We thought maybe you’d
contribute your voice as an instrument for the track? JACK: Ready. ♪ Jumanji ♪ ♪ Jumanji ♪ ABBY: And then we’re gonna
turn it into an instrument with one button press. JOANN: I think
we’re ready to play. Are you guys ready to play? Karen, DJ, you guys are
gonna play the first round. So Jack, would you
rather have unlimited lives or unlimited ammo
in a video game. JACK: Ulimited lives. ABBY: Hit X to
jump over the gap. KEVIN: I tell you what
you just saw there. You just saw one of the worst
video game players in the world. DWAYNE: No, no, no. KEVIN: You just died
3 times in 17 seconds. DWAYNE: No, that’s
because she left me and I fell through the thing. JOANN: Here’s where
the race starts. Run! JACK: It’s just like
Crash Bandicoot. Look out for those mandrills. JOANN: Go, go, go, go. All right. Dr. Bravestone wins. So let’s do our next round. KAREN: Look at the way you run. [LAUGHTER] JOANN: I love the hat animation. It flops up and down. JACK: It is almost always
falling off just like the movie. KAREN: Come on, guys. Get away from the mandrill. Oh god. This is tense. JOANN: Oh no, I distracted you. It’s totally my fault. KEVIN: What? What just happened? JOANN: Thank you guys so
much for playing this. KEVN: You did an amazing job. This is really cool even with the voices and everything you can do. And for the first time I got to
be tall so I’m blown away by it. JACK: Thank you, PlayStation. DWAYNE: Thank you, PlayStation! KAREN: Thanks, PlayStation. Jumanji, The Next Level,
rated PG-13.

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  1. The CRAZIEST part of this video is if you look closely you can see just how old some of them are getting. And I’m right behind them ?

  2. Who is this meant for? Facebook moms? Autistic Jack Black fans? Those are the only people these movies are funny too. Or any Kevin Hart movie for the most part.

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