Jordan Burroughs – “Who am I if I am not the champion?” | Olympic Channel Podcast

Jordan Burroughs – “Who am I if I am not the champion?” | Olympic Channel Podcast

Who am I? If I’m not the champion. Everyone calls me Champ. I’ve been the champ for such a long period of time. I’ve won so much on the biggest stage and now here I am humiliated. And embarrassed in front of the entire world. Hi I’m Katelyn Ohashi and today we are in New York with Jordan Burroughs the gold medalist going into 2016 and do you wanna talk about that for a
little bit. For sure well I think that you like when you go into an event and you only think about one thing and that’s to win. When that doesn’t happen for you it’s devastating. You have to rebuild yourself somehow mentally psychologically afterward because you question everything at that point. Now everything you have done seems like a failure like the last three years that I prepared for this have went to waste. I’m a much better athlete than I was four years ago but I was a champion four years ago and now I’m nothing. I took a lot of time off after 2016. Because I was just so. I was just beat up physically and mentally I was like I need a break I need some time away and I was contemplating I didn’t want to come
back because I was embarrassed that I physically couldn’t do it anymore but I was just like if I come back. People are going to see me and I have to face the questions of why I didn’t perform at my best at my last competition. I took maybe two to three months off and I went to a training camp and I wrestled with one of the guys on Team USA did really well and I’m like Damn I can remember texting my wife that night and I was like I’m pretty good still. She was like duh. She was like, no crap, like of course you’re still good you had one freakin bad day. She was like trying to snap me out of it like I was delirious. She’s like snap out of it. You’re fine you’re gonna go back you’re going to wrestle. You had a bad day. It happens to everyone. My coaches. They actually came back. And they sat on my couch across from me like what do you want to do? When you stepped into this realm in this arena of sport. You say you want to be the best ever. You wanted to break the record for most World and Olympic titles. And be the best that this country has ever seen. And I’m like. Yeah. I do. And I was like well what’s changed. And I’m like. Nothing really. And there I was like Yes it’s hard it’s just gonna take you a little longer to get to where you want to be but like the goal is still intact. Is just one less tournament that you get to do it at. I think, that really kind of changed my perspective as I was like wow I can still do this. There’s still gold to be had right there still wins on the table just like fun to be had moments to be captured. You talked a lot about 2016 and overcoming a lot of struggles and hardships. What would the perfect Tokyo 2020 look like for you. For sure. Gold, gold for me. I want to win. I don’t have to win. It’s not necessary for me to feel like I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish in my career. But I would like to think that leading up to Tokyo I’m approaching it the same way I approached 2016 just with a little more perspective a lot more perspective let’s say it that way. And a lot of people are in my corner that have encouraged me and shown me that I’m much more than what I do. And so regardless of how Tokyo turns out whether I make the team or not whether I perform at my highest level or not I still feel good about who I am and what I’ll do moving forward. But yer when I go into 2020 the expectation is to go make an Olympic team and go kick some butt. Awesome. Well thank you so much. And keep your eye out for Jordan on his journey to Tokyo 2020.

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  1. Are you ready to Tokyo, Japan Summer Olympic Games next year, Jordan Burroughs won his Olympic gold medal in London, England?

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