Jongmin and Taegon are so confused. What? A Football match?! [One Night Sleepover Trip/ 2018.03.27]

Jongmin and Taegon are so confused. What? A Football match?! [One Night Sleepover Trip/ 2018.03.27]

Very luxurious house! (It still feels like a dream to be here) Can we sleep at a place like this? Can we sleep at a place like this? (A sleepover at such a cozy and beautiful home!) (Another warm sleepover made by a miracle) Thank you. (Still feeling a little awkward) Take a seat. (He could be mistaken for the owner of the place) (Everyone finds a seat on the sofa) So, he’s Pepe. He’s from Mexico. Mexico? (Pepe) For this reality show, you should go to Mexico and ask him for a night over. Okay! Okay! Mexico! Put that on our list. Do come visit. We’ll go together. Okay! Okay! (Making friends and deciding on the next destination) If you want to go there, we need to go now. (Go to Mexico now?) (Is there a night flight today?) Who wants to go to the football game? Football? (What are we talking about in this silent night?) Barcelona! Barcelona? Barcelona? FC? Football game. Game? (Copa del Rey, the Spanish King’s Cup tournament) (A big match where the best football clubs compete) (Pride at stake, FC Barcelona vs. RCD Espanyol) (Messi, Suarez, Iniesta and more) (Famous football stars all on the same field!) (We’re going to go watch this amazing game?) – Today? / – Today? Today. – Now? / – Now. (Taegon and Jongmin are so confused) (Marc brings something out) (FC Barcelona uniforms!) (This is nothing if you’re a FC Barcelona fan) (You have that in your closet?) Who wants to go? (Can only one of us go?) (An hour ago) We have to go right away when they come. (But there aren’t any tickets left) (Being such a big match, tickets are hard to get) (For both Jongmin and Taegon) (Dani put in his best effort to find more tickets) What do we do? They only have one left. (Unfortunately, only one of them can go!) – You go. / – Only one. Really? You mean it? – You take this chance. / – It’s not just any game. (That’s why I’m giving you the chance) Jongmin will go. Jongmin will go. (Thank you, Taegon) (No problem, let’s go fishing sometime later) Shirt? (Dani even lends him his uniform) Wow. You have to wear this when you go. (You guys look like really good friends) (Beautiful) You know Messi, right? – Messi, Messi? / – Messi. Today, Messi plays! – Really? / – Messi’s on today. Oh, my god! (Messi, a world famous football player, is on today) (The player that led FC Barcelona to the semifinals) (Even an amazing goal of Messi!) (Have fun) Take off the jacket and try the shirt on. (He’s so touched that he might take off everything) Messi, Messi. (Cute) – I have to go see Messi. / – That’s right. That looks better on you than the suit. This looks small. Microphone. (You need that microphone out) (Jongmin is a high-maintenance) Oh, microphone. – Yes, microphone. / – Right. She’s a pro. Real actress. Sorry. (Did I look like a know-it-all?) – Barcelona… / – We have to hurry. We have to go now. You’re going with Dani and Pepe. Three! Okay! Go! Okay, go! – Go! / – Good luck. (What a fortune! Jongmin seems really excited) (Let’s go!) (He seems more excited than the players) – Jacket! / – Jacket. This is yours. (Wear it, I’m alright) Have fun. Okay, see you later! – Thank you. / – See you later! Bye! Make sure you prepare the bed for me. (Why, you…) Put the blankets for me. – Taegon. / – You stay with us. You stay with us. Bye! Go! Go! How are we getting there? (They start off to the stadium) Wow, how is this happening to me? How did I get to this situation? How did I… Going to a FC Barcelona game… It’s about 25 minutes to the stadium. – 25 minutes? / – We’ll walk there. Walk? – We’re going to walk. / – Walk? (Approximately 2.7km, 25 minutes on foot) – Okay. / – Good. (25 minutes shouldn’t be a problem) It’s your first time in Barcelona? – First time. / – First time. Okay. And do you like Barcelona? I like it. Good, good, Spain. Good. Barcelona, good. (Jongmin likes Barcelona) (25 minutes to the stadium) Espanyol… (But Jongmin’s way to the stadium isn’t so easy) Is this the way? (They roam about the maze-like alleyway) That way. Go left. (A shortcut only known by the locals) (And something magical also begins to happen) (They were definitely walking together at first) Wow… They walk really fast. Maybe it’s their long legs or wide steps. (He just can’t close the gap) (The strides show much difference among them) They’re really fast. They said it was close. But it’s so far. (Hurry, hurry, he finally even runs!) (Just caught up!) – Okay? / – Okay. If you’re okay, let’s hurry again. (Endless cycle of marching) (There’s no time to rest) (Run and run again!) No joke. They’re the fastest people I’ve seen yet. They’re the fastest people I’ve seen yet. (Then Jongmin notices something) (Police cars on the streets) (Police!) Wow, even the police are here. (Is something bad happening over there?) Barca! Barca! Those people are Espanyol fans. They’re saying insulting things to us. You need to be careful. This is a very dangerous game because Barcelona and Espanyol are great rivals. It’s almost a fight. – Fight. / – Fight? (Home city of both, FC Barcelona vs, RCD Espanyol) (Two rival teams that represent Barcelona) (Every game is intense) (And physical clashes aren’t rare) The Espanyol fans were screaming and singing their cheer song. So I covered up my shirt. Just in case… (That shirt that he was so happy to put on earlier) (I must cover it up to survive!) Oh, it must be the opposite team. (Quickly zips up his jacket) Even the police are here in case of any trouble. (Jongmin seems very nervous) This is no joke. My friend is waiting with the tickets. So we need to get there before the game starts. (The friends hurry more so as not to be late) That way. Is it here? I think we’re almost there. The stadium is there. See? Okay! We’re here. We’re here. Wow, big! I can hear the roars! I can feel the energy. The stadium can hold 100,000 people. Wow, it can hold 10,000 people! Wait, is it 1,000,000 people? (The miracle of skipping the answer) (The stadium front is packed with people) Look at those people. Barcelona people, many, many! Everyone is here. Everyone in Barcelona is here today. (Home stadium of FC Barcelona, Camp Nou) Everyone in Barcelona is here today. (The heart of Barcelona!) (The spirit of Catalunya!) (Home stadium where Lionel Messi is at) (A chance to see Messi’s amazing play in person) (Camp Nou Stadium) I can hear the roars. This is no joke. (The cheering squad is already heated up) Even before entering, I can feel the heat. (Espanyol fans, they pass by quietly) (But our chicken-hearted Jongmin) (Gets surprised by the ambulance) (Gets shocked by the sound of firecrackers) (And after spotting the police car) (Sticks right by his friends) This is no joke. – He’s a friend of mine, Sergi. / – Nice to meet you. Mr. Kim. Your ticket. (Jongmin’s entrance ticket) Number? My seat? It’s actually my first time here, so… – We’re the same. / – Same, same.

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  1. How cozy the house looks like. I think that must be hard to live that cozy and spacious in the city of Spain.

  2. Next time you visit Spain you have to come to canary islands!! the people here are very nice and hospitable, you can see that in other Korean show called Youn´s kitchen season 2.

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