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announced on the same day as an All Elite Wrestling show and a New Japan Pro Wrestling
show, the latest on Tommaso Ciampa’s road to recovery, and we’ll be spilling all sorts
of tea as not only have some more WWE stars echoed what Jon Moxley has been saying on
Chris Jericho’s podcast, but Jon Moxley has spoken in-depth again about some more
inner workings within WWE and pops a few hard shots towards none other than Brock Lesnar. Click the timestamps in the video description
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AEW dream match? But first… We’ve got ourselves a brand new 24/7 champion…sort
of. Yesterday on pretty much all of WWE’s social media accounts, we got exactly what
I was hoping for with the 24/7 championship. None of this nonsense where an entire undercard
of people run around an arena attempting to find the champion, we got some straight up
funny ridiculousness. R-Truth and Carmella were on a golf course,
having a relaxing Sunday away from the stress of WWE, when suddenly a wild Jinder Mahal
appeared from out of nowhere, attacking Truth from behind, before calling for the ref, who
also happened to be there, and then promptly rolling him up to become the new 24/7 champion. As Mahal is a former WWE Champion, hopefully
this will be a nice, long-standing reign where he can really solidify himself as a- JUST KIDDING. After grabbing the belt and
attempting to walk away, he was stopped by Carmella, who distracted him for a couple
of seconds which was long enough for Truth to recover and roll Mahal up to regain the
championship before he and Carmella escaped on a golf buggy. Although I think Carmella
may have jumped the gun slightly as Truth couldn’t actually make it back inside the
cart and had to hilariously hang off the back of it. The 24/7 Championship is the greatest thing. And you know what else is great? Being a wrestling
fan right now. There is an ungodly amount of top tier wrestling around the world right
now, from WWE, to AEW, to NJPW. But unfortunately, we can’t watch it all, all the time, especially
when events get scheduled for the same date! After the debut NXT UK TakeOver in Blackpool
earlier this year, WWE have announced the second show for the brand, which will emanate
from Cardiff on August 31st. Just one slight problem with this. AEW’s
All Out show is also on August 31st. And on top of that, NJPW’s Royal Quest show from
London is also on August 31st. It’s almost as if, this was done on purpose or something. But according to Triple H, that’s not the
case as on a conference call following NXT TakeOver XXV, he clarified why the show is
booked on the date it is. “The date of August 31 is a date we’ve had
for a long time. That building has been booked with us in Cardiff long before WrestleMania
35” “We just hadn’t announced because it wasn’t
the right time, and you don’t want to announce something for a brand 6 months out.” Funny that, because NJPW’s Royal Quest in
London has been announced since February 14th this year, which, wouldn’t you know it,
is before WrestleMania 35. But then again, Triple H could be telling the truth and it’s
all a happy coincidence. Either way, August 31st is a busy day for wrestling fans as All
Out will be broadcast later on in the day due to time zones being a thing that exists. Something else that was brought up on that
post-TakeOver XXV conference call was one Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa has been sidelined
since shortly before NXT TakeOver New Orleans where he was scheduled to face Johnny Gargano
in the culmination of their epic feud. However his injury was unfortunately too severe
to hold off on, and Ciampa entered neck surgery, turning him babyface in the process, which
seemed to be successful. Ciampa would then show up at TakeOver New Orleans to congratulate
the new champion on his victory, and has teased progress of his comeback on Twitter. Now Triple H has provided a further update
on his condition, and we may be seeing him return to the ring sooner rather than later. “He’s ahead of schedule and doing extremely
well. Ahead of schedule on all of it and moving along. But with the type of injury he had
and the type of surgery he had, especially in this from a physicality stand point, you’re
not doing anything until you’re 100 percent…So, he’s still got a ways to go but he’s way
ahead of the curve and the schedule.” This is some fantastic news for Ciampa fans,
as not only was the length of the recovery time in question, but whether Ciampa would
actually be able to wrestle at all was also undecided. Now it seems that worry in particular
has been answered. Whether we could see Ciampa make an appearance
at NXT TakeOver Toronto at the night before SummerSlam is still up in the air, but it
would be fitting as it would be the same building in which Ciampa and Gargano won the NXT Tag
Team Championships, defeating The Revival in an absolutely classic match. The Revival have gone on to be inefficiently
utilised on the main roster, leading to much frustration from the pair, even going so far
as to request their releases from the company, which were reportedly denied. Following another frustrated wrestler’s
departure from the company with Jon Moxley, and his subsequent appearance on Chris Jericho’s
podcast Talk Is Jericho, it seems to have resonated with some current WWE talent. The podcast episode in question takes an in-depth
look at WWE’s inner workings, with the former Dean Ambrose essentially trashing WWE’s
creative process, including Vince McMahon’s ideas to the overproduction of talent. Now in an interview with ESPN, Chris Jericho
has revealed that several current WWE stars have contacted him with an interest to appear
on the show to give their own viewpoint on a similar subject to Moxley’s. “I have heard from a lot of people who are
working there saying, ‘I can’t wait to do my version in X amount of months’” There’s been a relatively public animosity
within WWE as of late, with the aforementioned Revival, Luke Harper and Mike and Maria Kanellis
all requesting their releases from the company, which have been denied, with Shawn Spears,
the former Tye Dillinger, and Dustin Rhodes, the former Goldust, both being granted their
releases. Also, Sasha Banks has been in a stalemate
with WWE since WrestleMania 35 when she and former tag partner Bayley lost their Women’s
Tag Team Championships to the IIconics, not appearing on any show since then. It had also
previously been reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer that backstage morale
within WWE was at an all-time low. Considering the growing backstage presence
of those unhappy within the company, any one of those names mentioned, or others that the
public don’t know about yet, could be waiting to escape WWE and do their own Moxley-style
podcast episode with Jericho. I for one, can’t bloody wait. Moxley’s
episode was an absolutely fascinating listen, and potentially getting more of that from
various different perspectives excites me greatly. But you don’t have to wait if you want more
of Moxley shooting on WWE, because he’s done a whole lot more of it! Following the now infamous Talk Is Jericho
episode featuring Jon Moxley, the new AEW star appeared on Wade Keller’s Pro Wrestling
Podcast, where he spoke at length over two episodes about AEW and WWE, including some
very poignant shots towards WWE and Brock Lesnar. Some of his highest criticisms of Lesnar include
not being interested in their WrestleMania 32 match, changing the ending of SummerSlam
2018, and WWE treating him differently than any other wrestler on the roster. When talking about their WrestleMania 32 match,
Moxley actually said it was supposed to be him facing off against Jericho, while it was
supposed to be Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt. However they changed plans and it became the match
that happened with Lesnar vs Ambrose. However, despite Ambrose’s many attempts
to pitch interesting ideas for the match, Lesnar was not interested, and WWE didn’t
do anything to convince him to change his mind. Some of the pitches included flipping Lesnar
off while being choked out after a gruelling match in which Ambrose would have been thrown
into thumbtacks, the finish being similar to that of SummerSlam 2016 with Randy Orton,
where Lesnar would knock out Ambrose with several elbow strikes, and Ambrose joining
the gym of Frank Mir, Lesnar’s former UFC rival, who would teach Ambrose the way of
the heel hook, which is a move that Mir used to beat Lesnar in the UFC. Regarding the change of the SummerSlam 2018
main event, Moxley revealed that The Shield were supposed to reunite to end the show,
and that’s what would prevent Braun from cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase.
The reconciliation actually happened on the Raw after SummerSlam, but apparently it was
changed last minute thanks to Lesnar. “At 6pm before the show, everything that
was supposed to happen – The Shield coming out that the writers have been working on
tirelessly to have this perfect ending at SummerSlam that was good…”
“…Brock comes in at 6pm and changes everything. And Vince is like, ‘Okay, we’re gonna
go with Brock’s idea’ and it made everybody else look stupid except Brock, and the writers
are just sitting there watching it in a room and they’re just like, ‘Come on, we had
this great ending to the show…’” On top of this, although we didn’t need
Moxley to tell us this, Lesnar is treated differently to other wrestlers. Moxley spoke
about when Lesnar arrived at 3pm on the day of their WrestleMania match, when the show
was due to start at 5pm. If any other talent did something similar,
there would be severe consequences, but clearly, Lesnar is exempt from these. The podcast episodes in question talk about
a whole host of other topics across the spectrum, and it, once again, is a fascinating listen.
It seems only a matter of time before we get much more of these podcast episodes as the
wrestling world continues to change and evolve. Apart from Baron Corbin being in main events
of Raw. That will never change. Check out El Fakidor and Housemate Simon talking
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