Johnny Gargano makes his future in NXT known: WWE NXT, Sept. 11, 2019

Johnny Gargano makes his future in NXT known: WWE NXT, Sept. 11, 2019

I say this with every bit of my heart. I absolutely, absolutely love everything
about NXT, everything about this place!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I’ve seen a lot of people come and I’ve seen a lot of people go. But the fact of the matter is, they have
a say in their future, they have a choice.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And I made my choice.>>[NOISE]>>You guys have had my back since day 1, so I wanted to come out here and tell you
guys personally that I am officially, [MUSIC]>>Shane Thorne? [MUSIC]>>You are a pillar of NXT. You’re Johnny Takeover.>>Yeah! [APPLAUSE]
>>But let me tell you something.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>This place is gonna be just fine without you.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>In fact, with the right person
finally in the spotlight, [LAUGH] it’s gonna be even better. So Johnny, take your bow and take a walk.>>[NOISE]>>Shane, you’re right, I am NXT, and I’m not going anywhere!>>What?>>Wow! Wow!
>>[APPLAUSE] NXT, NXT, NXT, NXT!>>Black and
gold blood runs through the veins of Johnny Gargano,
Johnny Westwing’s DNA is NXT, and Johnny Gargano isn’t going anywhere!>>NXT for life!>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]

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  1. Imagine next week gargano says I’m the heart and soul of nxt then Sami zayn comes out at challenges him to a match that’s fantasy booking right there

  2. I love Johnny Gargano but I cringe when he became intense talking about how he loved NXT. Ik it’s passion but cringe same time

  3. Glad he's staying was worried they'd turn him in a 247 title hunter and worse maybe stop him Marvelling up at PPVs, plus now he can go after the Cruiserweight title when that comes to NXT and he can be the first and only true Grandslam champion of NXT

  4. Vince: let put Jonny in a storyline with Sami this how it will go Sami will pick on Jonny because he a little person and Sami will lose to Jonny.
    Paul Heyman: SMH
    Vince: I'm a Genius!

  5. If they ever do an invasion storyline, you'll see the amount of talent that'll turn to NXT. Basically every call up who got screwed over on Raw/SD

  6. The only reason he is in nxt because Vince let him stay there since it's going to usa network and now Vince will have more control on nxt

  7. Imagine this
    There is an NXT USA vs NXT UK
    Both champs have to put the titles on the line
    Adam Cole vs Tyler Bate
    Walter vs Johhny Gargano

  8. I've no doubt that if NXT wasn't going live against AEW, Jonny would have been called up. If AEW starts winning this war, (which I think they will once Vince starts getting his hands on NXT) let's hope wrestlers like Jonny aren't made the scapegoats.

  9. My wish for 2020 is for HHH, Bischoff and Heyman to take control of Raw, SD and NXT since Vince will be focusing on his XFL reboot, my friends.

    Who agrees with me?

  10. Tbh I don't like Shane Thorne's theme I like that other theme when he was teaming up with Nick Miller. I wished they kept that theme

  11. I'm late but thank god he is staying because vince would've ruined him and I don't want that to happen so johnny wrestling is staying in the black and gold brand

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