What’s up, you guys! Subscribe to my channel, like this video, share and turn on the post notifications! Hey, guys! I was told that I have a gift waiting for me and I want to show it to you… I’m anxious! Let’s go! The box is pretty! And what is that? Oh, Fifa! Fifa sent me their new game so I can test it out before it launches! and I am one of the ambassadors along with Sancho and Van Dijk! What are you laughing at? I always play when we I’m at home and I’ve played Fifa since I was really young so it’s a dream to be able to play and have me as one of the characters Did you ever expect to be on the cover of Fifa, being only 19 years old? No, never! I am really thankful for everyone at Fifa for choosing me It’s an amazing reward! So, let’s try to open this box?! Do you know how to? No, I have no clue! It just got here on the mail and I still haven’t quite looked at it It’s huge, huh? It doesn’t even look like there is only one game inside of it Let’s see how this works… Oh, yeah…. Oh, wow! The model in this picture already helps… Oh my! It’s a piece of art! It came with me on the cover! Right here, on the game! There’s another game right there How cool would it be if Fifa send me every new game they launch?! A shirt… It’s one of the shirts I wore for the photoshoot So, you took one day to do take the pictures, all of it… Yeah… To record it all, take pictures and on another day that I did the… What is it called? My… My face So it can look prettier on the game! So, let’s see how it looks… Yeah, now we gotta check it out and see if I look better Look at this picture We can hang this here already Right here! Wow… It looks better than this picture… It sure does! You have some opponents here But there’s specially one… Felipe I wanna kick his butt, Ulisses’ butt… They are players who believe to be on my level But they’re not… Let’s challenge Felipe then? Felipe! Let’s try out the new Fifa Because, I mean… This guy looks good! Felipe, tell me a little bit about this rivalry between you two Hold on… There’s no rivalry. There’s not… He just plays against me because He wants to get better But like, on Fifa ’19 I ended up having around 40 victories over him Just so you know… 8… 8?! No way He’s lying But now it’s new history, right here, right now Let’s play? Where’s Felipe? It’s kinda tilted, but… Wow! He’s so handsome! Look! There’s him again! My face appears a lot of times! Is this like a little clip? They even got the tattoo right! Audacious! Look, right there. Goal! Did you like your character? Yeah! He looks handsome! But I look better in person… Look, look! On the street?! Yeah, because I’m the ambassador of “Volta” Fifa’s game that take place on the streets… Oh… got it And there’s where you started, right? Yeah! This is the best game! He looks more like me than myself! You’re the character and he is the real person! Dang, Vini! Go ahead, Felipe. Grab the remote. Are you guys betting something? Whoever loses will have to confess it… Best out of 3 Whoever loses will have to look at the camera and confess: “I lost, I’m inferior to my opponent…” Will have to say: “I’m weak!” Real Madrid and Liverpool… That’s one heck of a game! Are you a starter, Vini? Well, that’s Fifa lineup… If they put me as a starter, I’ll be a starter! Our commentator, Menegate What are your expectations fot this match? 50/50 There it is! Oooh… It’s not gonna be a good look, Vini… It just started, it just started… Was it a precocious goal? Well, yeah… It can disturb me, but I’m gonna keep it up! Oh my God! Twice on the goalpost… The ball doesn’t go in! Felipe is a quieter player, he just stays on his own… Yeah, because he’s nervous! If I unfocus a little bit of focus, I’m done… There it is, dude! Thank you, Menegate! What’s up, Vinicius?! It happens… It’s the first game… Best out of 3? Yeah, best out of 3, relax… No way… You’re lucky! You’re going through a big moment, Felipe! What happened? Is it over?! No, let’s play… You’re loosing your focus… Now you have 45 minutes for you to working something out… Now it’s my time to shine I’ve got the rules right here, look Let’s go! Let’s go, Hazard! We can do it! Let’s go! Go to the crowd! He is desperated! Are you ok?! He is desperated! Watch out, Felipe… This coach is so smart… Are you gonna change the lineup, coach? No, sir. Let’s keep going! We’re back! It’s flagged! Oh no! Look at his face! He’s so desperated to win! Dude, he’s so fast He’s executed! See, you were cheering already… That’s what you get He was really sure of himself He was! He was like: “I’m so good, I’m so good!” It’s a tie now Last match now… When it’s on, it’s on… Coach said he’s gonna be audacious He’s doing a 4-4-2-4 Felipe isn’t focused… He’s on his phone He’s desperated! Look at his nervous smile… Classic! He doesn’t know what to do anymore! He’s freaking out… You’re disappointing me… No way! It was gonna be an amazing goal! Tranquil, tranquil… Gotta do something to keep myself on the game, otherwise… Yeah, you should… No way! He threw himself on the ground! Eject him, eject him! He’s getting ready… Oh, come on… right on the middle, dude… On the middle, Menegate! On the middle! Capote! (Brazilian expression used when someone loses by 0, in this case, 3×0) No, no capote! No way, no capote… He wants to end the game by all means! But it’s all good… Yeah, he’s scared! Even with the score being 3×0… I need to finish this up! Anything can happen while the ball is still rolling… It’s tough… It’s tough, huh? Looks like it’s about to go down… Ok, go ahead… mix things up Let’s put the same lineup we had before… That was cruel, right? He scored and didnt even celebrate… But, I mean… Look how far he still has to go to turn the game around… Exactly It’s not the best situation to be in… Tense It’s just to give some emotion to the game NO! No way, no way! I bet you got scared, right Felipe? You don’t even know… Please… I gotta meke a phone call And the trophey goes to Felipe Felipe, I think Vini owes you something… Unfortunatelly, I had to lose… to create content for this channel! Because you guys would think it wasn’t true I let him win… He won today So we can record more videos like this! It’s recorded, dude… I wouldn’t let it slide… Subscribe, share this video and turn on the post notifications!


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  2. Porra Vini pipocou e não falou o combinado ???. Mas legal muito bom essa interação com os parça ?✌️?

  3. Vai jogar bola pq o Rodrygo ja ta te passando, não larga essa rede social e vai atrás de resultado não fica ai, sou flamenguista e to esperando vc ser o melhor do mundo!
    Tem que suar mais a camisa pq vc tem qualidade e muita!

  4. Poxa vini sou teu fãn cara queria muito um vídeo game desse sempre foi meu sonho pois nunca tivi condições de comprar mais um dia vai chegar minha hora

  5. Assista meus vídeos PlayStation 4 fifa 2020 Corinthians VS São Paulo MELHORES MOMENTOS?

  6. Te apuesto 100 mil dólares que jamás vas a responder mi comentario ni me regalarás un viaje y una entrada al partido del Real Madrid. si no respondes me debes 100 mil dólares

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