Jobs in Sports Industry | Find Them TODAY

Jobs in Sports Industry | Find Them TODAY

Don’t know where to start
your search for sports jobs or internships? Watch this video so you can start applying to tons of sports jobs today. Make sure you stay until the end, because I have a special something for you to make applying to jobs so much easier. For the best sports career
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video every single Tuesday. What’s up, baller! It’s Adriene. If you want to know exactly
where to find sports jobs or internships, by the end of this video you’ll know exactly where
to start your search. I’ve used this exact method
to find jobs and internships within the sports industry
from the NBA, LA Clippers, Adidas, and beyond. Step number one, use
sports job search engines. Now these are different than
typical job search engines like or Sports job search engines are specific to the sports industry. I used Teamwork Online to
land a job at the LA Clippers and what you basically do
is, you create an account on and
you can start applying for any type of sports jobs that they have listed on their site. Teamwork Online has over
1,100 organizations that post their jobs on the
Teamwork Online site at this very moment. And as of right now, there
have been over 120,000 hired applicants through
Teamwork Online alone. Now what’s great about Teamwork Online is you can actually see how
recent a job has been posted on their site. So you can see if a job has
been posted on their site for a couple days, hours, months. To give you an idea of how
long the job’s been out there. And you can also use Teamwork Online to search by different
things such as job level, job title, department,
organization, location, there are tons of options so
you really can narrow down what type of opportunities
that you want to be looking for specifically. Now one thing that you
see on Teamwork Online is an MVP option to make your
subscription more premium. I personally didn’t use it to
land my job at the LA Clippers but you can use it to rank your profile and resume application
higher within the system so job seekers can see
what you’re applying to. But you do not need to have MVP status to get your resume seen. Tip number two, go straight
to the company websites. So if you have a specific company in mind that you already want to
work for or have interest in, you can go straight to the company site and look at their careers page. If you can’t find it, just
look up the company’s name and careers. So let’s say that the company
that you’re interested in working at currently
doesn’t have any jobs available or listed on their site right now. What I recommend you do is
actually go to the contact page and reach out to them via email and see if they have any jobs available. And the reason why you
should so this is because sometimes they don’t have jobs
listed on job search engines or listed on their site at the moment, but they are probably
looking for people to hire. I actually used this method
to land a sports internship with Jim Mora’s Count On Me Foundation. You never know what types
of jobs are available and let’s say that they don’t currently have any positions at the time. It’s still good to make that
connection with that company, so when they do have positions,
they will have your resume and your information
available at hand for them. Comment below with what
sports job or internship you want to apply to. Tip number three, use LinkedIn. So, LinkedIn is a really great
way to connect with people and it’s also a great way to find out if there’s any internships
or job opportunities within certain companies. Now remember in step two
when I said if a company doesn’t have a job listed
or posted on their site, and you can reach out to
them via the contact form. Well another way that
you can do that is also by reaching out to people on LinkedIn. Now I’m not saying to include
your resume and cover letter and CV when you’re requesting to be their friend on LinkedIn.
What you have to do is just ask for an informational interview. And informational interviews
are really great ways to connect with the
people at these companies, learn about what they do, and
whether you can see yourself working at these companies. And also it’s a great way for
you to build your network. You can use this conversation as a way to see if they have any job or internship openings at the time. If you haven’t watched
my video on how to get sports work experience
without any prior experience, make sure that you check that out. It’ll be at the end of this video and also in the description below. Now you know the process
of finding a sports job or internship. But what about what you’re ready to apply for that sports job? As promised, here’s my gift to you: a detailed guide on
how to make your resume stand out from the competition. The link to get it is below. If you want to join a community
of sports professionals just like you, join my
exclusive networking group, BallerrsIN, where you can connect
with sports professionals, learn career tips and
advice, and find out about job opportunities within
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helpful and what tactic you’ll be using. Thank you so much for
watching, I’ll see you in the next video. (remixed easy listening song)

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  1. Wow–who knew there were search engines/websites just for searching for sports jobs and internships? Great tips for those looking for a position in the sports field.

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