Job Search for Veterans | Google Super Bowl Commercial 2019

Job Search for Veterans | Google Super Bowl Commercial 2019

[piano music] Voiceover: To most of you, these codes don’t mean anything. You’ve probably never seen them or even heard of them. But 7% of you have. The 7% that spend weeks and months away from friends and family, miss holidays and birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. The 7% that sleep in the cold, sleep in the rain, and sometimes, don’t sleep at all. The 7% that keep the rest of us safe. You know what these codes mean because each of you
has one of your own. No simple code can define
who you are. But now, it can help you search
for whatever’s next. [piano music]

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  1. Honestly, one of the first things google has put out that I’m in support of. They’re really making a difference

  2. MOs 0331 not many jobs openings for that job title in 69 Grunts Pound Harder Alpha 1/9 Marines The Walking Dead shot in the A Shau Valley

  3. Robert Justin Alford green at Nellis Air Force Base what have you done to my two daughters and six grandchildren.

  4. I was in my uniform and the other week I went out with some boys with tacos and some dude paid for me and my friends and said thank you for your service and my freedom idk how I felt about that I was gonna say no thanks but the look in his eyes told me not to reject it

  5. Yeah places used to hook you up with companies, today they point you at a job website and say good luck. However, many mos's don't translate into civilian jobs and many places don't consider the military job experience. Spent 10 years in the military and the one sacrifice they ignore, is you are often forgotten in the job market. Joining the military for me meant never having a decent job afterward and being forgotten. Greatest thing I did was join the army, worst was giving up having a job ever again afterward.

  6. Hey Google. As a former 1N0X1, allow me to say, no, I can not just go get the jobs you're suggesting. Most of them require degrees, or years of experience in the field. Also, we don't usually deal with data analysis, or program, or take care of servers. Nor are we engineers.

    All the other analysts jobs specialize in different types of data; beeps and squeaks from machines, recordings in other languages, spectral information etc. (Raw data). They translate that data into reports. We then shift through all the reports, and make sense of them (we basically think like a giant flowchart).

    We memorize massive amounts of information about all the militaries around the world, we use that information, the reports, second opinions, and a variety of techniques (honestly mostly PowerPoint) to create a picture of what's happening, and use predictive analysis to determine what's likely to happen.

    Then we report that information to leadership. Kind of like traditional journalists did… did not do.

  7. 377th Security Police Squadron USAF. Tan son nhut Air Base, Republic of South Vietnam. I love to see my brothers and sisters in uniform past and present get the recognition they deserve. It’s been along time coming for me and mine who served in Vietnam.

  8. I did 4 years in the marines and I’ll be homeless soon unless God helps me out with a comeback. Pray for me. That’s all I ask.


  10. knapa file by google sekarang ga bisa dapet bonus lagi dan menautkan akun google aja ga bisa tolong di perbaiki secepat cepatnya agar yang menggunakan apk ini bisa nyaman dan betah bila ada event seperti mendapatkan bonus slado google 6000 setiap tranfer file nya

  11. When I first saw this somewhere else I thought it might've been the final scene of Jack Ryan. To honor the military or something.

  12. Có lẽ vì quá ở vùng đất này cho thấy chưa kB e cho người dùng sẽ có cơ hội để phát triển kinh doanh

  13. Can we all bow to our fellow veterans..?

    They serve our country, they keep us safe, and they risk their life for others to stay protected…

    Yet, they are underappreciated, treated like garbage, and not cared for, for helping save our countries?

    My dad is a Veteran, he has a picture of himself in Uniform, that doesn't have any likes or comments on it.

    And yet, we have females taking selfies, that get up to 90 likes, and 20 comments.

    I am so done with this community.

    And hopefully, unlike the others, you have a brain, and know what I am trying to get at here.

    Veterans are treated badly and poorly nowadays…

    Please bow down to our underappreciated Veterans.

    They stay away from home for some time, and they miss their birthdays, holidays.

    Respect for you Veterans ??

    And if you may be an unknown soldier, I still appreciate your work.

    And goodbye to the Veterans who have previously passed, unfortunately.

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