Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Kim, Kourtney & Khloé Kardashian in Las Vegas

Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Kim, Kourtney & Khloé Kardashian in Las Vegas

99 Replies to “Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Kim, Kourtney & Khloé Kardashian in Las Vegas”

  1. Kourtney sounds exactly like my eldest sister lol " you should be thanking me" <- for anything lol. Her entire personality.

  2. Poor Kim she never moved her left hand because then you’d see a peep of the golden panties, and she knows it lol

  3. My first Question
    But as usual Jimmy ended up kissing their butts
    You would expect nothing less

  4. 3 of the world's greatest entrepreneurs!
    People attend seminars and universities and can't seem to amass or maintain wealth like they have!

  5. These girls will look like this and ever better in 30 yrs. They have all the money in the world to get fillers lasers and latest pull and tugs! If anything falls or gets discolored or looks old, they be at doctors office fixing and preventing things

  6. lol how do you tell your kids "mommy is rich and hot, her ass, Gigantic!" "and i made a movie once….without daddy…"

  7. It sad…..there sisters but i can see a gap….but its not important kim is really really fancy amd chole is also fancy but have some casualty and so dose Courtney..
    There mom is just full grace and kendell is like a super model ready and kyle is just beautiful. Good luck to there line of work of entertianing the whole united states..I have to say its awsome being a girl.😇🎓☺😄😅

  8. yo Edgar juan choque medina Estoy En contra la delicuente loti kardashian 2019 la delicuente loti karadshian ((Roba paguina web y luego los Mata A bosez como musica o te habla todo el dia.. para que usted No pueda Dormir )) para mi en Chile es un insulto y espero que me pague A mi Edgar juan choque medina por dañio y perjuicio un total de 350 millones de pesos en efectivo ))) Espero que la Delicuente loti kardashian (( no le Este cagando la vida A otras persona que trabajan para sus hijo en Arica – Chile y espero que no le Ande quitando Ni su tele gigante o su plata 2019))

  9. One in the wierd dress is sitting 1:53 in an uncomfortable stiff as a manachian posture 0:48 which one is Kimmel looking at? Sit up as straight as you can chicks and dudes. The middle one is very ugly looking, the white one looks like a man. They all look like man though in the end. This is very boring Kimmel it's very dense its' because you are interviewing very dense individuals here. Please come back to your common sense Kimmel?!

  10. I love all your family., just like mine well., we can’t afford certain things but we love each other regardless😍😇😘🙏

  11. its embarrassing to be in interview with kourtney she is lunatic and kim is self conscious regarding her cellulite

  12. Wait… Kanye’s family lives in a one and a half bedroom home and he’s not supported them after all of these years?! Grrrr

  13. This ain’t have nothing to do with it but what’s going on with Kourtney relationship? did you see that episode when her baby father Brong a girl on the family reunion trip? so what mind me , ask him now he doesn’t know for sure if he can go on the next ones ..and he can’t tell the kids that.

  14. The 3 Whoresmen of the Apocalypse.

    This is only time I wished a crazed Islamic stood up and said Allah Akbar and self detonated a bomb killing entire stage and half of audience.
    It would be a good start for the future.

  15. It’s a talent in of itself to keep people interested for so long without being actually talented and their all so beautiful good for them

  16. Remember that episode when they went to Japan and Kim was wearing what Kourtney is wearing here and Kourtney was wearing a Japanese inspired oufit and Kim was so mad

  17. So these are the ladies who got fame and money for nothing and no talent at all… good for you ladies 👏👏👏

  18. "Mommy has so many talents I can't even begin to name them" hahahahaha yea oooooook even she struggled with why exactly shes famous 😂

  19. Y’all need to watch sim productions, I can’t take these three serious anymore cause of that channel😂😂😂😂😂

  20. The prophesied "seducing spirits" … CHRISTIANS BEWARE !! Shun these jezebels, and Babylon ! These are the end times !

  21. Can't stand Kim or Kourtney, just over them. Always loved Khloe and always thought she was beautiful, but what did she do to get face. She's almost unrecognizable! I liked her natural. She's too young to be doing all this stuff to her face!

  22. Kim reminds me of a Stepford wife. Totally a Stepford wife. Kanye is her Svengali. She's so brain washed by Kanye. At one point, on another show, she was asked who was her favorite singer. Of course she said " Kanye was". Well, I know Kanye can't sing. All he does is Talk," like all other "rappers". A singer is someone who can't hold a note. All rap is CRAP and all rappers cannot sing to save their life. Usher is a singer and great dancer and he just talks!! That's not SINGING, That's just crap. Kim should listen real singers. Whitney was a singer in every sense of the word. Kanye can't hold a note. All he does is rap crap. He should get a vocal teacher cause he desperately needs lessons. R. Kelly was a singer, Luther vandross was a singer. John legend is a singer. ALL other rappers suck. Not singers. Kim, you should put on real singers and listen to REAL SINGERS. You sound stupid saying that Kanye is your favorite "singer,". You really need to listen to old school girl and boy groups from Motown. Really Kim??? Kanye had to probably tell you to say he is your favorite singer. HE CANT SING!!!!! HE TALKS and if you still think he's a great singer, I suggest you get some earplugs. Saying Kanye is a singer, then That's the proof. She's either tone deaf or a list!!! Kanye is not a singer by any stretch of the imagination. Kanye singer!!! I most definitely know he can't singer. That's why the rappers rap. It's because they cannot sing. Oh, who's the other superb singer who's blind, you said you wanted him to sing at your wedding. Now That's a real, true singer. Kanye sucks. Kanye, it's astounding that you like his sound of singing. Considering you cannot sing one note. The followers of Kanye are also tone deaf too. Kanye is a joke.

  23. I always think that kim wants the attention so bad and although she Looks pretty, she still looks like her age 😏

  24. Still be embarrassed if my family was famous for my sister ducking a guy on video and releasing it to the media. But the 100s of millions would be nice. Lol

  25. Guermo 666- Jimmy’s cousin Right!? High heels, show girl feathers, 😱WHAT IN LOSVEGAS IS GOING ON? Sick hellywood 🤦🏽‍♀️

  26. Kim is having to use her hand to cover 'down there' because dress is toooo short. When will gals learn to be discrete?

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