Jimmy Interviews Fortnite World Cup Solo Champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf

Jimmy Interviews Fortnite World Cup Solo Champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf

-Congratulations on winning.
-Thank you. -This is the trophy right here.
Do you mind if I bring it up? -That’s good. -Wow! It’s actually
really heavy. Look at this.
[ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪
Yeah. -Yeah, just set it right there.
-That’s really heavy. -Yeah.
-Wow. What a great trophy. What are you
going to do with this? -Probably hang
it up somewhere or, like, put it on, like,
one of my desks. -You can’t hang this thing.
It’s 100 pounds. -Yeah, yeah, I can’t hang — -You have to lean it against —
It’s so heavy. You got to build
a whole new room around it. I want to put
this over here just for now so I can see your face,
because it’s giant. Explain this to me.
How does it work? What goes into it? Because I think people think, “Oh, you just play
video games and you won.” It’s like, no,
I think there’s — You put a lot of work into this. -Yeah.
-Am I right? -So, like,
long practice every day. Like, every day, I wake up,
got to, like, warm up my hands for 30 minutes. Then I got to pretty much,
like, you know, play — warm up my hands
by playing, like, “Fortnite Creative,”
stuff like that. -So, wait.
Walk me through your day. So, what time do you wake up? -We talking school day
or a weekend? -Let’s talk weekend.
-Okay. -Yeah.
-Maybe like 12:00, 1:00. -Oh, man.
I want to be you so bad, dude. I’m really — I’m so jealous.
I’m so jealous of you right now. So, you wake up
at 12:00 noon, yeah? And before you warm up
your hands, what do you do? Yeah. What do you eat?
What do you eat at 12:00 noon? -Maybe a banana.
-Okay. Gotcha. All right, I like bananas.
-Yeah. -So, you get a —
But then you get on to the game and you start playing
immediately or no? -Yeah, I, like, get on,
warm up with that, and then I go into,
like, a call, talk to, like,
my friends, and all that, go over strategies and then — -Do you play just strangers or
do you play with, like, a — -No, like, a team, like, friends
and stuff like that, yeah. -You’re on a team now.
-Mm-hmm. -What is the name of your team?
-Sentinels. -Sentinels. Yeah, so,
you get on with those guys and you —
It’s Monday through — It’s every day or what is it? -Pretty much, yeah.
It’s like my job. -That’s — Wow. And did your parents —
I know they’re proud of you, but, at first,
were they like… I mean, yeah. But, at first,
they got to be like, “Hey, we got to talk, Bugha.” You know, yeah, let’s –”
What is Bugha from? -My grandpa gave me the name
when I was, like, a baby. He used to say like,
“Bugha, Bugha, Bugha,” and I used to laugh. -Oh, no way.
-So that’s where I get it from. -Hey, good for that.
I love grandpa stories. So, your parents
go, “Okay, this is fun, but you got to get
working over at, like, 7-Eleven or something. You got to get a job.” -Yeah, so, like, pretty much,
when they found out, like, I could actually do this for
pretty much a job, like, was when I pretty much got
signed to the team and all that. But before that, I just did,
like, little competitions and made, like,
a little bit of money off that. -Like, how much money did you
win the first competition? -$100.
-Yeah, nothing. -Yeah, nothing.
[ Laughs ] -What are you? 16? $100? You must have
freaked out and said, “Mom, dad, this is something. I can make money. And they’re like,
“It’s only $100, buddy.” But that’s a lot of money. -To me, it was at the time,
because, like — -To me, it is now.
Yeah, I mean… Wow, $100? So you win 100 bucks and then
you go, “I can do this.” And then this happens.
I mean, did you freak out? -I don’t know. It’s like I had, like,
no emotion, but, at the same time,
it felt, like, unreal. I don’t know. -Because you were just — You
were just in the zone? -Yeah, pretty much. -So, what time of day was
this that you won? -When it happened?
-Yeah. -Like midday yesterday. -Like when you wake up?
12:00 noon? Yeah. Woke up, had a banana,
won $3 million. No big deal. Not bad. So, I just — I’ve got to
congratulate you on this. This is great.
This is a great trophy. And I hope to
see you again, buddy. Congratulations.
-Thank you. -Good job.
-Appreciate it. -Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf.

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  1. First time that a pro eSports player wasn't disrespected on a talk show. Respect to Fallon for not making fun of him or propagating the "Videogames are for losers" mentality

  2. When the audience saw him walk up there they probably thought it was a joke a teenager going up there talking about gaming and warming up his hands and shit and then they realize he won 3 million dollars from it.

  3. What a stupid question, do you play with strangers? Dude come fucking on I don't even play video games and even I would make an assumption that he more than likely plays in a team. That's like having a sportsman come on and ask him if "he like" plays in a team.

  4. I just aBsOLuTeLy love how the news mocks esports gaming but a goddamn 16 yr old just made more money than they probably will their entire life.

    Edit: but good job jimmy for not mocking it this time.

  5. The crowd still takes it as a joke it's not a fucking joke lol its serious you wouldnt believe how serious they take it and look it pays off

  6. Even though Jimmy has a terrible fake laugh, I respect him even more for treating Bugha as an equal and not being condescending

  7. To do the same you need to..
    1. Love the video game
    2. Play/practice/improve at least 8 hours every day for at least 1-2+ years


  9. Hey you know this is great and all but 5 guys just won a prize pool of over 30 million dollars for Dota 2. Seems like this is kind of limp in comparison. Get them on the show please

  10. Luke 16:13 ESV]

    No servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.

  11. my brother wakes up at 12 and eats a peach and leaves the house right away. goes with his friends and spends like 600 dollars

  12. Your Lucky Daquan Wasnt Playing, I am Telling You, Daquan Is the Best Player In The World.

  13. I mean I get that its the law but like that's still unfair that they taxed him after winning a tournament.
    That's just sad 🙁

  14. In all honesty, this kid had a chance to advocate for the complex nature of pro esports and his answers give the vibe that he's just a kid who won, even though I know he's talented I wish he talked more.

  15. bugha: so I just warm up in fortnite creative
    jimmy fallon: so walk me through all that
    jimmy kimmel: so you warm up for playing a video game, by playing a video game? you should go outside

    Fuck Kimmel ???

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