Jeff Hardy’s greatest title triumphs: WWE Top 10, April 21, 2018

Jeff Hardy’s greatest title triumphs: WWE Top 10, April 21, 2018

[MUSIC] [SOUND] We’re gonna have a new champ!
>>Jeff is way up there.>>Jeff Hardy, Swanton Bomb connecting! Here’s the cover! Hooks the inside leg! Jeff Hardy wins the United States title. [SOUND] Cade and Murdoch or the Hardyz
will be the new world tag team champions here tonight.
>>Look at this! [SOUND]
>>I know by god, that’s over! [MUSIC]>>Here are your winners, and the new World Tag Team Champions,
The Hardyz! [MUSIC] [SOUND]
>>Now, this is very unsportsman-like, if you ask me.
>>How do you!>>[APPLAUSE]>>And Regal being preoccupied, taking the turnbuckle cover off.
>>That’s unsportsmanlike.>>[NOISE]>>Cheap shot.>>From behind, he kicked him in the back.>>Regal’s in the ring. Now what?
>>Jeff Hardy, well wait a minute. Regal’s down, Jeff Hardy is up. Can Jeff hit it?
>>[SOUND]>>He does, my god! The Swanton! A bullseye!
>>No!>>And the new European champion>>No, wait.>>Jeff Hardy. [SOUND]
>>[NOISE]>>And another Twist of Fate!>>[APPLAUSE]>>Hardy again.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Is this the moment for glory for Jeff Hardy? Swanton Bomb!
>>Hardy’s got it, Hardy’s got it.>>Yes!>>Jeff Hardy wins the world title! [SOUND]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>The Intercontinental Title’s on the line.
>>Now what, what is this?>>It doesn’t look good.>>Backdrop!>>[APPLAUSE]>>Backdrop from the top.>>Jeff Hardy, Swanton!>>This is gonna do it, new champ!>>Hardy with a Swanton!>>One, two, three>>He got it! Jeff Hardy got it! Jeff Hardy’s the champion! [SOUND]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Edge has got it. It’s Edge’s match to win
>>Both of these superstars just inches away from hooking that title.
>>Look at this! Edge caught between
the runs of the ladder!>>Edge caught in no man’s land. Jeff Hardy.
>>Edge is hung up! Hardy’s climbing, Edge is hung up! He can’t move, Hardy’s climbing!
>>And he’s done it!>>The Hardy party has started again. [SOUND]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Wait a minute!>>That was a Twist of Fate wasn’t it? They’re doing all the Hardy stuff,
look at this! What’s the deal here? You’re right this is some kind of set up! Well this certainly didn’t
turn out the way Edge had it planned.
>>It has not been a good night thus far anyway for Edge and Christian.
>>I told you I was impressed with Los Conquistadores.
>>Christian returning to the ring with that. Wait, it’s the Hardyz!
>>What?>>Matt and Jeff Hardy
>>That ladder’s gotta be 20 feet in the air.
>>He don’t care.>>Jeff Hardy, the thrill seeker.>>Swanton Bomb!>>[APPLAUSE]>>Could it be?>>Hardy’s got the gold.>>[APPLAUSE]>>The Hardy Boyz are seven time champions. You gotta be kidding me! [SOUND] [MUSIC] [SOUND]
>>Look at Jeff, top rope!>>What is he doing here?>>Jeff Hardy, Swanton Bomb. Jeff Hardy hooks the leg, wait a minute.
>>One, two, three.>>New champion.>>New champion! Jeff Hardy has upset Triple H,
and Stephanie can’t believe it!>>I can’t believe it! He’s the new Intercontinental champion!
>>Jeff Hardy! It’s the upset of the decade! [SOUND] We could be a Pedigree away, and that did it. The Game sticks the Pedigree. Hardy, Hardy, my god, Jeff Hardy! Swanton, Swanton! Hardy wins! Jeff Hardy wins! Jeff Hardy’s realized
the dream of a lifetime!>>The new WWE Champion, Jeff Hardy. [MUSIC]

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  1. Bro his age slowed down his screen time ??? like a lot I swear everyone is jumping up and down back then now everyone has had to chill it down for him

  2. tell jeff and matt hardy they are my favs and i saw matt hardy at college staion this year and respond with answer ask matt why he sneak attacked others plz respond

  3. Jeff is my childhood favorite and I’m 25 now & I don’t watch much but anytime they’re on TV I’ll support. Also don’t waste Bray Wyatt his new gimmick is awesome.

  4. Jeff Hardy achievements:
    7x tag Team Champion
    2x intercontinental champion
    2x world heavyweight champion
    1x European champion
    1x United States champion
    1x WWE champion

  5. I cant believe how long it's been since he won the world heavyweight and the wwe championship it feels like yesterday. My childhood

  6. This man is such a legend I remember being on my trampoline doing the Swanton bomb to my friends such great times such a shame kids today don’t watch wwe like they used to

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