Jeep Wrangler Rubicon vs Sport vs Renegade vs Cliffhanger 2.0 Extreme Off-Road Mashup Review

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon vs Sport vs Renegade vs Cliffhanger 2.0 Extreme Off-Road Mashup Review

welcome to about two miles above sea level high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and this is cliffhanger 2.0 TFLs new test of ultimate off-road worthiness why is it so hard well look at it for yourselves it’s steep it’s deep it’s loose and it’s rocky I’m going to take some of the most off-road vehicles we can get our hands on up the cliffhanger to see how capable they are check it out for yourself it’s most certainly a Jeep thing or is it a Goldilocks thing you’ll get that reference by the end of this video today I have brought what is perhaps one of the most off-road capable vehicles that you can buy it’s the Wrangler Rubicon hardrock edition and this has all the bits and pieces that you’d want to go up cliff hanger 2.0 but first I need some help now I brought the 2016 Jeep renegade trailhawk to this comparison did I bring a knife to a gunfight I have pretty good confidence now unlike Andres little Fiat over here I’m very certain that this 2016 Jeep Wrangler sport s will make it up cliffhanger 2.0 domani how do we decide who gets to go up for the very first run of cliffhanger 2.0 how about the rock-paper-scissors yeah do it ready 1 2 3 uh-oh I got you I’ll feel at the top okay yeah the first part of the cliffhanger 2.0 is a bit rocky not too steep yet but it gets steeper and rockier as you go I have eight point seven inches of ground clearance which is always good I’m going around some of these rocks okay I really have to plan my line and this game it’s getting rockier and rockier this trailhawk model has one of the best approach and departure angles in this segment I have underbody protection I also have a low range gearing for the 4×4 system that gives me a twenty to one crawl ratio so I’ve got Goodyear Wrangler SRA tires and what if the Jeep Sport have the same brand tire obviously the regular tire is a little bit taller but I have good confidence in this I’m not going to give up this easy but really come on you can do it you can do it system I got four low I’ve got ROC mode I’m floored but the system is cutting power Koenji if you can do it I know you can do it alright I’m stuck Andre didn’t make it no no way so who gets to try next well let’s do rock paper scissors again one more time 1 2 3 oh you get to go next dude watch and learn now let’s talk about the break loss differential system in all Wranglers this is a system that activates in four-wheel drive high and four-wheel drive low and what this means is if it senses a wheel slipping it’ll send the power to the other wheel per axle so if my front right wheel is slipping it will recognize that give it a second and will send power to the front left wheel that hopefully is traction oh is that a renegade oh I wonder if Andres you stopped for some lunch let’s uh let’s check it out here do you just like the view here yes it’s the view isn’t it actually I stopped off a hit let me show you where it’s that ok yeah let’s see this Jeep Wrangler has 373 axle ratios for a lower crawl speed and more torque and secondly it has jeeps track lock limited slip rear differential this along with the brake lock differential system already installed on their angler good tires good approach angle good departure angle and the six-speed manual transmission I think I got this in the bag now this is a very difficult trail and that renegade is fairly capable and the fact that it got stuck is is testament to just how challenging this trail is so is this it let’s see can you make it paddle on Jeep let’s do it oh no problem look at it go now you can feel the solid axles working underneath me this doesn’t have the Dana 44 up front that Roma’s Jeep has it has the date of 30 but still no problems whatsoever it’s just doing amazing and these are big boulders there are other differences between this Wrangler and the Wrangler sport and of course those are the two buttons here the fact that I can disconnect the sway bar so that I can keep the tires in contact with the ground longer it basically allows articulation to be greater and of course I’ve got all four wheels pulling really hard all the time huh trees gotta stuff up Hey Dude what up can I have a ride oh yeah hop in Thanks hey why is Tommy snubbed up there you know what’s going on you know there’s a fork in the road there’s a fork in the road there’s a fork in the road and we have a decision to make here okay all right well this oh let’s get up there so what makes this wrangler rubicon hardrock edition so off-road worthy it certainly isn’t this power hood but it is this front bumper that you can remove to give you a better approach angle over here check it out a metal skid plate the sport is plastic but it’s all the stuff that’s baked inside there are Dana 44 there’s a 410 rear acceleration which gives you a great ability to crawl up the cliff hanger and get this not one but two locking differentials both front and rear so in essence you get four-wheel drive all the time and perhaps most importantly it has these check them out mud terrains look at the nobbies on those those will just bite into the rocks and just crawl their way up cliff hanger 2.0 I hope you know what we have here is a Goldilocks right story we’ve got one Jeep that’s really good on road if the renegade and has let’s call it foul weather and light off-roading capability yes I mean I made it to the trailhead yes no problem problem then we have another Jeep that we’re sitting in that is ultimately off-road capable right it’s got everything you want and you got to tire to do it tires axle axles diff locks everything right yeah and then you’ve got one Jeep which is parked by the head of us which is kind of in the middle it’s kind of its mix of both yeah yeah it’s good on the road this thing you know it’s pretty comfortable on the road but my gosh if you ever have to do a like an emergency stop or something like that now you get squirrely really quick because let’s face it these tires are at home right here Tommy we have come to the proverbial fork in the road yeah usually have so what do you wanna do well how about I take the right side and you take the left direct side-by-side comparison yeah and they’re about equally as challenging too so yeah yeah yeah except I’ve got Andres big butt in mind so you’ve got a little bit less weight one of the challenges I have on this very steep hill is a manual transmission luckily I have a hill hold feature so I can little stuck he’s still getting a little bit stuck he’s the momentum I think okay there we go up the hill this is a very challenging trail indeed well it’s struggling a little bit here oh yeah this sand is really really not help these ribbing is Angela quite a bit we just got started oh it’s yep you got to keep a little bit of momentum to get up this hill it’s definitely definitely struggling a little bit yeah what is it he’s working a lot harder than this Jeep is you know what country this is a lot harder trail I’m looking at this this is way harder oh you can feel a thing really really work it hard here and you have both front of your lock correct no good here we go a lot of rocks all right you need a lot of protection you need two really strong access we just did it really strong axles to handle is this Jeep is the one to do it in man so we’ve come to a very difficult obstacle this is going to be a great test of sport versus Rubicon it’s going to be a good test of approach to park your break over angles everything whoa yeah there we go whoo barely made it up that his Jeep the sport was actually doing everything it could you know what what the difference is between these two yeah obviously is this one is a little bit more of an off-road athlete right it just makes this look a little bit easier there’s a little bit more traction because of the differentials more grip because of the tires and more articulation because of this kind of sway bar absolutely so and it gives you more confidence yeah I don’t think it’s working quite as hard here comes the obstacle move that’s a big one yeah well obviously get some momentum dropping yeah look at that whoa look at that no problem you didn’t break a sweat there not too much and break us one it’s uh it’s the more athletic off-road of the – yes Andre how much is the renegade well the trailhawk starts around 26,000 minus 30 and tell me how much is the regular sport while the Wrangler starts at just under 24 but this one’s 32 so for two grand you get all this right compared to the trailhawk and that one is almost 44,000 so you get all this for about 11,000 more a little easier right you know what it really is a Goldilocks thing it really depends what you want do you want something that is more off-road worthy or unroadworthy or something in between thanks for watching guys remember check out TfL truck comm for more news views and of course what andre cliffhanger 2.0 reviews yes reviews see you guys next time now does that have hole descent control uh no no it doesn’t mind us I’ll see you down the hill all right you’ve got the manual kind I’ve got the automatic kind you know what it really is a cheap thing howdy folks Nathan Adlon here with the Fastlane truck and we are in Crown King Arizona it’s a small boonie town way in the Hills and RAM brought us out here to go off-roading and have a lot of fun four-wheel drive low front and rear Locker taken care of sway bar disconnected four-wheel drive low obviously I try to adhere to the whole thing about us slow as possible and as fast as necessary or is it as fast as possible in the slowest necessary I think I’m the latter but in a vehicle like this it doesn’t matter that much I wouldn’t say takes the fun out of it just the idea that you can go over pretty much any obstacle and that right sorry lost some traction there

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  1. The Three Stooges is stupid enough not to change their tires to M/T which means Mud Terrain which is good for Rocks too. They just use stock tires. The first vehicle the Trail Hawk could do it if it is equip with the right tire.

  2. (per the end of the video) it also depends on what your plans are. If you want a Jeep capable of most moderately difficult trails right out of the box and don't intend to build a massive trail rig, get a Rubicon. If you plan to go nuts with it…new gears, huge lift, big tires, etc etc save the $10,000 and get a sport because you'll have to replace all of the beefier (than Sport) Rubicon parts with even beefier aftermarket parts anyway.

  3. This video compared the Jeep's very well, especially when the Rubicon flew over that obstacle the sport struggled with. Thanks !

  4. This isn't a fair fight, the Rubicon has WAY better tires. Fit them all with the same off-road tire and see how they match up.

  5. Why would you drive off-road without the proper tires on a trail like that? You could have a great setup and power, but without the right tires, you end up struggling as seen in the video. With that being said, I truly miss Colorado and the people 🙂 Many great times were had up there.

  6. I want to see if Jeep Cherokee and Jeep grand Cherokee and their trailhawk versions will be able to make it up Cliffhanger 2.0.

  7. What bugs me a little about this video is the comparison of apples to oranges. Obviously a lot of traction comes from tires. Using all terrain tires on both "inferior" vehicles and off road tires with a much more aggressive grip on the Rubicon. I think it would have been a better comparison if all vehicles had the same tires and the Sport had it's sway bar disconnected too – because you know: an 18mm wrench and a few zipties will do just that. At that point only the locking diffs would have made a difference – something inherent to a Rubicon without mods. Of course the Renegade could have done better with better tires, but ultimately any Wrangler was destined to win this one.

  8. Guess they don't know you can disconnect sway bar on the sports and put the same tires on it as the rubican or actually better lol.

  9. You guys should make more videos about non american offroad cars, i would really like to see a video about the Suzuki jimny and it's new model due to release next year. Or about the ford owned brazilian car company, Troller, their model "Troller T4" is a offroad legend in Brazil, putting wrangler's to shame in the trails.

  10. Now that there are better AT tires available (since this video was made) that fit the Renegade without rub and at the correct tire weight (Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus 225/65/R17) I'd love to see how this does with those tires. The tire issue was significant on the Renegade with the Goodyear Wrangler SRA. The Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus is a far better AT tire.

  11. Does anyone know if the new Wranglers with the 3.6 are reliable, I'm thinking of trading in my old TJ Sahara for a 4 door Wrangler but I'm hesitant because I heard the the heads crack on the drivers side.

  12. Tires are key for on and off road. Give the sport some BFG K02s ATs and it will be night and day.

    The Renegade is junk my Rally x car, old Audi could do better !

  13. The Rubicon would be just about the perfect off road toy if they would offer an inline four cylinder turbo diesel with the six speed manual transmission. It would put it into the world class second to none. The really out in the wilderness places are dominated by the land rovers and the Toyota's and it doesn't have to be that way, the Jeep brand should get over their fear of going head to head with the world of wilderness vehicles, the only thing holding em back is they don't offer a diesel option.

  14. The renegade dug holes in dirt, not rocks, meaning ROCK MODE was the wrong choice. 4low disables the torque reduction and Rock Mode limits wheel spin to about a quarter turn before it looks for an alternate tire with grip, if you were climbing a rock face you wouldn't want the vehicle turning sideways with too much wheel spin.

  15. There's really no argument here. We all know the Rubicon has all the bells and whistles. Once you have front and rear lockers you're way ahead of the game. With that said, however the Wrangler sport is a force to be reckoned with. Once the rig is outfitted with the proper tires she doesn't disappoint. I don't have much knowledge and driving experience with the Trailhawk, but I do with the sport s and Rubicon. I would love seeing this done with all three having the same exact tires on them. But the comparison is fair. You were basically testing them as they come out of the factory and the tires that were on them. Always entertaining and always well thought out. Stay safe on the trails!

  16. you know, i've watched a lot of the videos these guys make and i REALLY have to grit my teeth with almost every one of them. it is clear that NONE of these guys are either "truck guys" OR "off-roaders." they really remind me of three guys who grew up in an apartment building in some big city and decided they would go make "tuff truck videos." and sorry to say – "the Russian" just GRATES on my nerves. i'm sure he is a "loyal American" and is glad he lives here – and he's probably a nice guy. but really, a "Russian guy" testing "American" trucks and 4×4's? when these guys try to "test" 4×4's, they act like they're driving a $100k Range Rover that has just left the detail shop. for God's sake – "babying" a Jeep Renegade going up a rock road??!! hey guys, just put your damn foot down and "hold on to the steering wheel!!" to any "real" off-roader who has buried a 78 Blazer in mud up to its fender wells or a "serious" Wrangler guy who has broken several front half-shaffs – all three of you just LOOK SILLY!!

  17. poor comparison, the same driver and lines should have been used for each vehicle. too many variables and these guys are blacktop drivers not off roaders.

  18. TruTracs both front and rear in the Sport and it wouldn't have slowed at all up that hill. TruTracs are better than selectable lockers in that the require no maintenance and are always working as you get into slick obstacles. Lockers are better in true rockcrawling but for 95% of Jeep owners TruTracs are the way to go. You can have them installed for less than $2000. Add and oil pan plate, Rubi rails and a 2 and half inch lift kit and you have a lower cost really capable Sport. TruTracs are Torsen differentials and much more capable and rugged than clutch limited slip diffs.

  19. ! AWESOME !

    I Know You Guys Love The Jeep !

    So I'm But … Talking About The Renegade … I Prefer a FORESTER !

    Valeu 👍🏻

    São Paulo SP

  20. I feel like all of their rock paper scissors are staged, how come there is absolutely always 1 winner and 2 losers? never 1 rock 1 scissor 1 paper or 2 winners and 1 loser

  21. Nice driving by all three of you guys. Tommy is extremely impressive with his handling of a Wrangler. I've got to wonder how old he was when he started driving? He does far better than I did when I was his age (or even five years older). Suffice it to say, he'd bury me off-road at my present age (70). Great job all three of you!

  22. Se non sai nemmeno attivare il cambio "ROCK" sulla renegade, meglio che tu guida qualcos'altro, certo la renegade non è una rubicon, ma quella salita la mia la farebbe senza problemi. forse lo fai apposta per far valere la rubicon, ma la rubicon ha anche 3 blocchi , davanti e dietro e in mezzo…mentre la renegade ha soltanto i "blocchi" elettronici che però devono essere attivati e non attivare solo il mud come hai fatto tu.

  23. Everyone is so upset the grocery getter didn’t make it very far. Go faster more momentum different line yes maybe it would have made it a little further, the object of off-roading is to have fun and not destroy the vehicle.
    So yes hold it to the floor drive it like you stole it maybe you make the hill, most Likely you just destroyed your wife’s puddle jumper.

  24. They all Fiat's the only still "Jeep" is wrangler the rest are garbage they have big mechanical issues transmission failure this guys drive Toyota's sellout lol but trying to sell us this fake Jeeps made by Chrysler and fiat STAY AWAY beside wrangler but soon they will destroy it what it used to be a perfect machine.

  25. these guys have a bone to pick in every video they do with the renegade. While other videos show the renegade clearly capable of a trail like that. Not everyone has the cash for a ruby the renegade is half the cost and with a few mods almost as capable as the ruby within reason.

  26. Great video guys, this helps people understand the high price paid to have the rubicon stamp on the hood. Any wrangler is a very capable vehicle even stock, enjoy the ride!

  27. That isn't a difficult trail, come do some trails in windrock, royal blue, or sandmines in East Tennessee and then you will see you ain't shit.

  28. These guys are horrible drivers. Lol. They need to hire new people for this show. My non-th renegade could have made that. Rock mode is for a solid rock surface that is steep. The traction control cut power because he was slipping. Thats his fault. He could have probably made it most, if not all the way to the top.

  29. Actually the rubicon is a good jeep to do it if you gave money to spend and really dont know anything about what you need to off road. Because you modify a wrangler sport and to a lot more and it will still cost you less and it will increase the value to what a Rubicon is valued.

  30. You have to have a different driving style with independent suspension you have to hit everything with speed lol

  31. My jeep has trac lok to it really works well,and i actually have dana 30 front amd rear which alot of people think isnt a good idea but they are bang on n never had any problems with em

  32. Andre needs to learn how to pick better lines, he was a poor driver to test the qualities of the Renegade.

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