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  1. The market was constantly upside down…… OCD overload….head hurting……. Self destruct sequence initiated!

  2. One of the best games ever and the only game where I enjoy the great deal of depth created by an imposed hand limit.

  3. Nice job on the runthrough. I wrangled my SO to watch it with me, so that we could make a determination on purchasing it or not (it ended up being a "yes," though possibly behind a few other priorities). Anyway, thanks!

  4. I just asked this question on Reddit and got a mixed response, but I'd love your opinion. I didn't like Jaipur – will I not like Morels? I want to pick up another short 2 player game – we've been enjoying Arboretum and Patchwork. But Jaipur never excited us and I was concerned Morels might be too similar? Any other short 2 player suggestions also welcomed.

  5. @Jon Purkis聽can you articulate why jaipur didn't click for you?

    also, i'm going to be doing a top10 filler video this month, so that might give you some more ideas 馃檪

  6. This is a fab two player game play it quite often. 聽Though the pink card is silk not carpets 馃檪

  7. Just this past weekend I was searching youtube for a Jaipur run through from rahdo! Excellent timing. Thank you!

  8. i just went on a trip and got in a bit of confusion storing stuff with the wife and the baby and left this game on top of the car before leaving, right when i hit highway speed I made the biggest most colorful cloud of chips and cards possible.

  9. I'm really enjoying this playthrough, and I love your enthusiasm when you play/explain what you're doing.

    I did notice one mistake though, it was with spelling in the pop-up at 3:00. Rubies was spelled rubis, but that was it!

    Loving your channel, thank you for doing what you do!

  10. if we ever play Jaipur on a wednesday, we always say "Happy Hump Day" when camel cards are played. 馃檪

  11. First let me say you do a great job with your run through. But Lord you're costing me a fortune! You talk me into buying about half the games I watch you play! Hope you're getting a commission. Keep up the great work.

  12. i recently got jaipur, because of your review and top 10 filler, it looked fun 馃榾 i just have a question… if both teams have the same amount of camels for the herd, does anyone get the herd bonus token or is it just non existent?

    also thank you for so many reviews for these tabletop games so i can finally get into them with friends

  13. Richie I have a hard question for you! Could you recommend a heavier 2 player game that is a smaller frootprint like this (I.e not fields of arle) that offers plenty of brain burn? Assume my wife and I's taste is exactly like yours and Jen's as far as games you like.

  14. This is the second time Rahdo's video has convinced me to buy the game. Last time it was Caylus Magna Carta.

  15. Ran across this on Amazon, and it looks interesting and simple and fun with not a lot of time commitment.聽 So I'm glad to find videos like this explaining it so I can decide whether I'd like it.聽 But one thing that's driving me crazy for all these (otherwise helpful!) gameplay聽videos…it's pronounced JAY-pour, not JYE-pour. 馃檪

  16. hi friends, you can find it here, fast shipping, high quality only 16.99$ enjoy

  17. Great reviews Rahdo. This is my wife's fav. If there was a world championship of Jaipur, she would be the champ. She somehow manages to sell whatever she wants while stopping me from selling or taking anything I need. She mastered everything but the luck.

  18. At times I find people who explain games boring.Being seasoned players,they often use game terms and strategy names which people who are just getting into board games complicated and confusing.That is NOT the case with Rahdo, everything is well explained and in such a way that I feel like I鈥檓 being taught a game by a friend.When I want a good review on a board game I usually turn to Rahdo.Thank you my friend,I鈥檝e got a long list of games I want to play thanks to you.Jaipur is now one of them ?

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