iView HD Live TV Service – Sports, News, Movies, TV Shows, Live Channels

iView HD Live TV Service – Sports, News, Movies, TV Shows, Live Channels

[Music] good every our my name is Alex and welcome to a new video today’s video is basically a presentation of a service that allows you to watch over a thousand channels of live TV so you could watch sports you could watch news or basically any channel that is available so there are a lot of channels available keep in mind that you will need a subscription in order to do so and this video is also a sponsored video this service is called I view HD and this is basically a type of IPTV so you can install an application on your smart phone on your tablet or on your android TV box and it can access all those channels right from your TV box or tablet or smartphone there is also plus version available and this is a bit more expensive but this basically allows you to watch everything that was recorded in the previous day so for example there is a game that you want to see today at 4:00 but you’re not going to be home on today at 4:00 if you have the Plus version you can basically go back and watch that game that was recorded at 4:00 so this is what’s different between the Plus version and the regular version so the regular app you basically get to watch everything that’s happening live but if you have the Plus version you get to see whatever happened in the past so that could be useful for some people but again it is more expensive to have the Plus version they also offer a free trial for the standard version or the flat version you can find some more details on their website and you can find that website in the video description in this video I will be showing you the Plus version because I had access to the class version for over a week now and I’ve been using it every single day just to make sure that everything works because this is a new service so first of all you can install this on your Android TV box or your Android phone or tablet it really depends on what you’re using but keep in mind that you can only use one device per account so if you’re going to make an account and make sure that you choose something that you’re going to use daily because you can’t actually transfer that to a different device so one device per account so as soon as you turn on the app or open the app on however you wanna say system you basically get the option to see these and TV shows or live TV the live TV portion of the application is basically divided in between sports and channels from different countries so it really depends what you’re looking for if you’re into live sports you’re definitely going to find a whole bunch of channels there and most of them are actually in HD it really depends what channels you are watching because they found some channels from different countries in there for example Arabic channels that aren’t exactly in HD so it really really depends on the channel that you’re planning on watching the channels that has life sports seem to work very good like 99% of them I haven’t actually found any that don’t work and they start within three to five seconds after you click on them as I mentioned before if you have the Plus version of the service you can move back in time basically and see whatever games happen like three days ago or something like that so all you have to do is just click on the channel that you are interested in and see whatever games happened in the past or whatever news happen in the past and you’re going to find those channels that support the recording in the previous days by that purple icon to the right now I’m basically going to start scrolling to all the channels that are available and I’m just going to open random channels here and there you can see how fast the buffering is and how to the quality’s so enjoyed that for the next few minutes and then we’ll come back so I can explain you about the second portion of this application [Applause] oh I don’t believe that I don’t know my god gooble and future rugby have been unsuccessful at appeal with new k sports and we would of course [Applause] look ladies and gentlemen John John 2018 you you arise and land together Martha McCandles on the inside McKay you homies and aliens get the Oh glory tylenol and identity are commonly understood by Manteca traffic agency Tatyana house this doesn’t make you know hates me those DVD vashari Turner this effect is called light back up anatomica whoops time for you Clemente Metro Golden Eagle to de Beaulieu Chickasaw dango Rolando Anansi batura you it’s the feature rate from top o the Denny Hulme Memorial Trophy you siente google la defensa de puntos se lo estamos con tantos en el estado siente you you Evelynn – Tamar – Tamar chuckle they will look at you on steadily mr. zerkin we’ve got saved a spot back home on new Jacqui Jake yes I get unlimited data talk insect first the application also has movies and TV shows however I didn’t find that they have the biggest selection of movies and TV shows quite yet so it’s going to take a while till they actually add more movies and TV shows so if you click on the other section of that application which is the movies you’re going to have a list of all the movies available so you can choose movies by the year 2016 for example you can just scroll and look for whatever movies are available in that time then we have TV shows and the of course other movies from other years so again I’m just going to start scrolling through these channels you can have a better idea of what’s available but as I said before they don’t have the biggest selection for movies and TV shows you [Music] you you you you you previously on AMC the warning you you from here on in it’s all about what you don’t say and where you don’t you [Music] you Oh [Music] you you you you you [Music] so there you have it this is how the eye view HD service looks like and how it works basically if you have any questions if you want to find out more details visit our website and you can find our website individual description don’t forget to sign up for that free trial by clicking on the website and following the steps in that and I don’t believe that you actually need a credit card or any payment information to do so alright guys hopefully enjoyed this video if you did find it useful please press that like button don’t you subscribe and I’ll see in the next time thanks for watching

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  1. Hi I have sign up over 5 days ago , I cant even download the iView  app on my android box. Can you help please very urgent..
    Show me how to download the app on android box. Thanks.

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