It’s Not All About World Records | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E15

It’s Not All About World Records | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E15

[Music] so guys I cannot believe how about say this but I’m speaking to you from John O’Groats and it feels amazing and I’m happy I’m happy because I mean John are great we managed to hit the weather window with that we had to get around the top of Scotland and around Cape ruff all before the west of Scotland started getting smashed by storms and gale force winds and then just the weather windows open like Poseidon was smiling it as the Sun was shining we had such strong tides all the way across the top of Scotland that we thought you know what going back to our original brief we have to make it across the top and then begin going back down south before the summer completely ends we basically just had to get real businesslike as a team and it was just eat swim sleep repeat all the way until we got across the top of Scotland as a result we made it to John O’Groats and genuinely unbeknown to me and the team once we arrived here it seems that we set a record for Lands End to John O’Groats it feels amazing it honestly feels amazing but it was it was never really our intention the pace and speed that we’ve set was just necessary to try and get all the way around Great Britain in the weather window that is the British summer which as we know is is sometimes quite small so it feels very strange I’m not gonna like it feels really really nice to get a record of course it does but you know in a strange way we didn’t realize we were gonna set one so it’s with mixed feelings that I I now reflect and speak to you guys so although I haven’t actually had time to catch up one-on-one and speak to you guys and the cameras are still rolling so here’s some cheeky footage of taper off the top of Scotland and of course arriving in John O’Groats [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] guys in a while but we’ll be short of time at the moment because basically we’ve got to get to WIC and then across the more effort which is that giant Bay where we get across to Aberdeen so it’s still a little bit businesslike at the moment on the boats which is what I’m gonna have to do the QA this week from Madeline sorry I’m gonna put my sea socks on if that’s okay I’m like worried about any of the long-term lasting effects obviously about my body no yes yes I am worried so I would start at the Great British Swim we did a lot of research into any sort of situations where the conditions would be quite similar and one thing we looked at were that astronauts and obviously with the lack of gravity up in space you know looking at a bone density muscle atrophy and the body basically just kind of breaking down and shriveling up so genuinely my biggest concern is probably how my ligaments tendons bones everything really changed because I’ve not been interacting with gravity or what’s going to be over a hundred days Thomas quickly asks how and why do I not complain that’s a very good question I think I always remind myself that no one has asked me to do this this is something that I wanted to do and I think for all of the hardship but I’ve come to call it healthy hardship there’s also been moments where it’s just a privilege the north of Scotland although it’s so barren and cold and just open to the elements it’s also some of the most beautiful scenery you like you’ll ever see the cliffs are just amazing and wildlife so it’s very hard that whenever you think about complaining you’ve just got to think it’s it’s it’s a privilege it’s really not a hardship and I just think I’m going to go off on a little bit of a science tangent here but if you look at ancestors they didn’t have central heating they didn’t have the latest sort of technology woolly jumpers radiators all those sorts of things they had to rely on these almost ancient age-old physiological mechanisms within their body for instance your capillaries the way that they vasodilate and vasoconstrict so how your Bloods your blood vessels will basically open up and constrict to control blood flow to the limbs that’s something that I think so many of us have lost because if we get a little bit cold now we’re just going to put the heating on whereas out here I don’t actually have that privilege so I have to rely on these primitive primal mechanisms within my body to actually heat up or cool down my body as mother nature intended again I’m sorry I’m going off on such a tangent here but I just think when you think about complaining understand it’s a healthy kind of hardship and I think a lot of people can actually have a sizeable serving of healthy hardship in their life okay guys that is the Q&A for this week and I’m going to continue clip my way see you on but also I have to basically apply some Lube in places and that you probably don’t want to see me apply some loot so for now I’m going to zoom out get ready for swim and essentially [Music] [Music] another in the series of iconic headland strongman pictures sup guys just finished the finals film of the day arrived in a place called wick which is really nice just sat for John O’Groats it’s quite civilized as well I can see people I can see houses I’ve not seen houses in a while not many houses on top of Scotland we haven’t really spoke much this week because I’ve just been staring down at the bottom of the seabed so kind of made sense to reflect on everything from Land’s End to John O’Groats best moments from Land’s End to John O’Groats got to be honest probably the wildlife a minke whales gonna be hard to top playing hide and seek with the seals at Lundy [Music] and also trying to race the Dolphins basically because I spend so much time in the water a lot of the animals just kind of become accustomed to my you know presence there and they kind of die I like to think they’ve almost accepted me as one of their own so it’s amazing in such a privilege to have that sort of interaction with you know minke whales dolphins seals you know some of the birds as well is it’s just it’s so nice and I think that’s that’s gonna be tough to be worst bit probably last week I’m gonna be honest Outer Hebrides was just brutal trying to make it round Cape rough before all the storms came in because that that entire West Coast that is wild wild west Scotland so you just get hit with everything that is coming from that West Coast you know storms gales wind wave everything it just hits it and if you’re amongst that you’re just gonna get bounced off the coast obviously jellyfish infested as well but i I’ve just I’ve grown to respect the jellyfish yeah they were one of the only things up in north Scotland it’s just nothing exists there it’s just so remote and rural so all you find are these hench jellyfish that I’ve I’ve just grown to respect I think I’ve become more mature and I know that’s coming from a guy who wears a hat that says eat my bubbles on hear me out I think I’m more mature because when I started the whole group very swim I was thinking as as an athlete quite young and naive athlete and I looked and I worked it all out on paper and I said there you go in 20 miles a day hundred days done tick and I’m very quickly realized it’s just not as simple as that and I was very very quickly humbled by the time I reached done Jeunesse I was humbled as a swimmer and now I think a lot less as an athlete and more like an adventurer in that I know that mother nature is not something that you can compete against she’ll win every single time if you try and do that but if you’re prepared to work with Mother Nature there’s a chance she might allow you to safely pass all the way around Great Britain I’ve said many times that it feels like when you’re in the ocean sometimes you can basically dance with Mother Nature other times you’re fighting with Mother Nature and most days you wake up and you want to realize hang on am i putting on my dancing shoes or my sparring gloves and if you’re intelligent about it you can put your dancing shoes on more often than you put on your sparring gloves another thing that I’ve been thinking about on today’s Swim was how the public’s perception has changed as we’ve made our way all around the coast and when I started there was a lot of people who said you know it can’t be done they looked at all of the metrics on paper and people were saying you know I was an idiot for even trying and the funny thing is is I agreed with them I was like no no no on paper it makes absolutely no sense that the human body should be able to survive there at that pace for that amount of time but I’ve said this before and you know I was so naive to start this whole thing but also so stubborn that I’m gonna finish it as well and it was actually a good friend of mine who said Ross you’re a terrible role model no one should follow your lifestyle and again I agreed with him I I don’t recommend you know Ryder next salt tongue it’s to anyone it’s not a way to spend your summer don’t advise it definitely don’t try at home however he also said but that’s not the point of view your point is almost you’re so extreme that you are just trying to get people to shift what they think is possible in their own heads so even if you’re so so extreme you’re so far left Ross and if you just through existing and doing what you do get people to just shift what they think is possible by one degree then you have served your purpose on this earth and I sat there and I thought about that and I said I will take it there’s a good purpose but the best thing about the Great British swim and the change in public perception has to be the president of the world open water swimming Association has made preside in an official term and on that note I need to finish my hot chocolate I need to get to bed we’ve got a big swim tomorrow but as always don’t forget you can follow my progress on the red bull tracker which is red Blanco WK / great british wim and for now I will see you next week

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  1. Ross, These videos are amazing, they don't just show us that anything is possible, but allso the mechanics of your agile adaptation. The key point for me is how you show us your positive mental attitude for whatever happens, throughout this journey as it unfolds. What you are doing is a bit like climbing mount Everest a 100yrs before it's first accent, before anyone had even concidered it a possibiliy, its that far out there.. Thanks!

  2. Yay, another big step on the swim around GB. I hope you will have as favorable weather conditions as possible for the rest of the way so that you can rather put on your dancing shoes than your sparring gloves 😉 The footage with the dolphins and seals looked amazing. That must be a huge motivation during the hard moments. Also, I hope you won't have any serious longterm effects on your health. I'm looking forward to seeing your next video.

    As always, keep swimming & best wishes from Germany =)

  3. You better be on every TV show when you return home. I want to see you on Sunday Brunch. Good morning Britain ect more people need to know that should limit themselves and not attempt something because it sounds too hard. Absolute hero and I'll be waiting to greet you in Margate!

  4. Superhuman stuff completing your
    Record Breaking swim Ross. Fantastic achievement for a fantastic team.
    Keep inspiring us Mere mortals

  5. with the matter of fact that he is all the time swimming and therefore the whole body moves shouldn't he be leaner instead of chubbier?

  6. Keep it up Ross, YOU are an inspiration, first class ?? I know you keep being asked „what‘s next?“ and that you have a lot of time on your hands at the moment, and it may have been suggested by yourself, one of your team, one of your supporters/YouTube fan ? (so for just in case: I apologise for repeating it) it is also an assumption that you are going to make it ? How about renaming the „Great British Swim“ into „The Great British Triathlon“ your girlfriend will kill you!!!) you‘ve got the first and longest bit done (also mostly arm work) so when you get out, hop on the bike for a quick round Britain trip, (6486 km) present record is 22 days, on the way organise running kit and off you go, same distance, different kit ?????

  7. Since we see the boat moving in a lot of the shots with Ross onboard, does this mean that he isn’t technically swimming all the way?

  8. After big physical efforts I feel like I have the flu. I get a sore throat, lethargic and achy. It goes away after a few days. Is this a workload training issue or a nutrition issue. I have also read it’s an adrenal issue. How can I be like Ross and do big efforts?

  9. Might sound mind if stupid but, what do you think about during the long swims, do you zone out and body just swims for you by now?

  10. Love your talk about the cold. So true! I took up Winter Swimming 3 years ago now and its one of the most beautiful invigorating experiences and really redefines your bodies definition of cold.

  11. I know this probably won’t be answered but for someone so healthy drinking redbull doesn’t sound like a good choice. So my question is do you actually drink redbull or do you just do it for the cameras? I love you redbull I really do but the drink is not the most healthy

  12. Not a question, but thanks for inspiring me to do my own much smaller challenge. A 3.7 mile swim across fishers island sound from Connecticut to Road Island! You're a legend!

  13. Was this a lifelong goal of yours, or was it only in recent years that you decided you wanted to swim around Great Britain? What brought this around?

  14. Gravity does not change when submerged in water, you just float better in water than concrete bc of density. Gravity is relatively the same on the surface of the earth.

  15. Every few days or so I shudder and think about all the scary shit he's swimming over your a nutter Ross! In SA Australia I attempted a 3k swim and got hypothermia within about 45 min lol never swam in the oven again haha! Onya Ross your a fuckin legend

  16. This achievement really transcends openwater swimming. It is beyond a gargantuan task to swim so relentlessly for such an extraordinary distance. Your attitude is truly uplifting and phenomenal, your positivity is infectious and impressive as is your ability to articulate your thoughts so fluently. I love the term healthy hardship. Much respect.

  17. Question: Ross, you've done one (I think) open water physio session to loosen up your rickety shoulders 🙂 Would it help to do it more regularly to cover all that distance more easily? Thanks, John

  18. Question for Ross: Have you stepped on solid land after you started?

    I wish you great weather until the end, because I know you have everything else needed for finishing this mad stunt!

  19. Primitive primal mechanisms… Yes! love it Ross… You and wim Hof talking about this would be a great conversation. Go Ross.. strong as an Ox

  20. Please pin this…..we need to make #RossIsABoss viral!! 197 comments should be 19,700 comments! Keep swimming buddy, sending good vibes from ??!

  21. Super stuff. It is going to be an very emotional finish. Yep, it is a privilege to be healthy and to do something like this.

  22. Congratulation Ross.You're a legend!Just a question…Which kind of equipment do you use for this unbelievable proof?Like swimming google and swim dress.Thanks and sorry for my English.I'm Italian!

  23. That was a particularily touching talk. Thank you for sharing such an enriching experience. Your perspective regarding your position towards the challenge is also deeply inspiring. I have to admit that you will find one of my own comment in the very first Redbull open question "Will he make it?" answering negatively, despite the fact that I followed your determination in the first season of the strongman swimming. I was also thinking that you were quiet crazy and willing to hurt yourself in some weird way. Well, you proved me wrong. I am lucky to be able to follow your thought. Cheers from Switzerland, I am just out of my openwater training and since a few weeks, I always think about you at least once when it's tough in the water.

  24. cant help not to notce but you dont seem to sink as a man with that much mussle on him should….i'm a slim guy but i could never stay above water like you can.

    how so?

  25. Ross you are the man! Big motivation! Without making your next meal taste bad… I have noticed that you have gained some weight. My question is… how do you do that, while burning a ton of calories swimming? What is your diet like?

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