IT’S HERE!! — 2020 Cadillac XT6 Sport: FIRST REVIEW

Hey everybody! We just got a Message from one of our friends at Quantrell Cadillac and she informed me that the Cadillac Xt6 is visiting for the day So I decided to swing on by and give you all a first look at the all-new 2020 Cadillac xt6 Of course, like I said, it is fully all-new. It’s not on sale yet. This is a pre-production unit It will be on sale in the next couple months But until then we’re gonna give you all this first look kind of tell you some different things about the vehicle I don’t have full information But will be able to tell you all the things that we do know So let’s go ahead and head on in there and check it out So, like I said, we don’t have full information about this car, but there are fewer features Soap on the front here, this is the sport model so you have the sport grille. It’s got the Mesh finish in here and, of course, if you go for the premium luxury, you have the full chrome finish Who else have a couple different headlight arrangements as your notice this is the upscale LED versions we have Three different bulb units. There is a five function LED though is the standard one However, all the models do you get the premium LED accent that runs down and this has become a signature across the whole Cadillac lineup And what you’re looking at right here are these standard 20-inch wheels that come on the Sport trim There are off at twenty ones available on the XT6 when it comes on sale like so these are the standard 20s um you also go to 20s on the premium luxury as well but with a different design obviously And you have the chrome accented door handle with built and illumination Now as far as the side is concerned of course, this is quite a bit larger than the xt5 It’s actually about the similar size to the Cadillac Escalade standard wheelbase version, but of course This is a unibody crossover versus a body-on-frame SUV Good backing up here to give you the best. Look I can here at the back but as you can see, it does have a kind of a mixture of both the Xt5 design cues as well as the newest cadillac design cues like the reverse l-shaped taillights like in the CT6 Does bear a familial resemblance to the newest Cadillac crossovers like the XT4 as well As you can see you’ve got this nice chrome accent that goes across the back here and it connects right into your two LED taillights that Make a reverse l-shape and kind of mimic the shape of the headlights up in the front This also is the first Cadillac to be on sale that has their new Badging scheme, so you’ll be seeing these numbers kind of roll out over the next Over this 2020 model year And then down here at the bottom we do have two horizontal Trapezoid exhaust pipes right here as well as a tow rating of 4,000 pounds Anyways, that’s a real quick look around the exterior. So now we’ll go ahead and hop inside and see what’s up in there Just like old Cadillacs You do have their smart entry system as well as their brands key fob with the real metal trim around the outside edge As well as can I have the leather red trim on the top and the bottom Now you also have standard remote start across the lineup All right, so taking a peek inside the cabin of the Cadillac xt6 As you can see it basically mixes a lot of characteristics from the current xt5 With some of the new sedan Cadillac models that are just now rolling out now, of course Like I already said this is a pre-production model. We do not have full information at this time So I cannot tell you exactly like what color options or anything like that however we can talk about the seating here Since this is a top-of-the-line model now, we do have the semi-aniline seating So this is certainly a very premium feature that feels very very soft and supple You have very attractive stitching design as well as your typical little Cadillac emblem thing there As far as the adjustment that appears to be 8 or 10 ways with to a lumbar support right here And then turning over here to their door trim Obviously you have leather wrapping over pretty much all of it ARS above it as well as along the top of the door trim And it also kind of like the Escalade platinum you’ve got some of this alcantara trim through here as well Now since this is the sport model You will find a carbon fiber trim or you have a wood trim. If you go for the premium luxury Also got 2 person memory seats and our front two windows are one touch automatic Inside Alright, so let’s go ahead and talk about materials a little bit You’re definitely gonna find nice materials here on the top-end model, of course Like I said, I don’t really know exactly what you’re gonna find and the lower end models. We’re here on the sport We have a full leather dashboard So it’s definitely a very nice touch as you can see You’ve got the color contrast stitching and that runs all the way up there to the windshield More of this leather continues on this side with a small strip of the Alcantara to add that visual diversity Then dropping down here to the middle. We’ve got a large piece of the carbon fiber trim Once again, it would be an open pour wood if you go for the premium luxury Further down here. We have some aluminum trim We also have some soft touch plastic with some stitching that runs all through this center part here As well as along here where your knee would touch And you even find some soft touch plastic way down here on the bottom fits Now obviously push-button start is standard equipment I’m inside so I’m not going to fully boot it up here But I’ll turn on the electronics here so we can go ahead and take a look Right over here we have our cue system booting up on the standard eight inch display This is actually the newest version of the Cadillac cue system So this is different from what you found in the 2019 xt5. But of course XT5 is also getting a refresh for 2020 So it probably will get the same thing We’ll come back to that in a little bit. Let me turn on the multifunction display here. Okay, so booting this up here This is our the latest General Motors seven-inch multi-function display So as you can see, you’ve got it’s very big. You also have all the typical things like your navigation your phone We also here on this loaded one we have a night vision system. So I’m not mistaken this and the ct6 are the only Cadillacs to have that system. So it’s very nice Of course, there’s a lot of different settings And I believe we also have a head-up display. I I cannot fire upright at this moment, but we do have the head-up display Now talking about the steering wheel itself, of course, it is fully leather wrapped Same as all the other interior bits. We have the carbon fiber trim as well as the real aluminum And we also have some aluminum buttons right here as well Up at the top You’ll find rain sensing wipers as well as your automatic headlights and then all the models will come standard with paddle shifters At least here on the loaded models we do have a power adjusting steering wheel with heating and Then also the side here, you’ve got your automatic parking brake as well as the controls for the head up display Now we’ll go ahead and take a look at the storage I suspect it will be similar to in the xt5 So here we have the center console. Well, we’ve got two different tiers So we have a nice Beltline bin that is removable and then we can drop down here if you have a really nicely sized been With this felt lining all throughout the whole thing We also have a regular USB and a USB type-c port Also This model is equipped with the latest generation of fast charging. It’s 15 volts I believe is what it is So that will charge your phone up the fastest. You just slide it right into that little tray there That way you can close the lid on this still have access to it. I like that design Slide that back there, you do find your two cupholders with some stainless steel trim in the bottom And then you’ve also got another nice storage ban up here in the front. Now this one here is trimmed in a leatherette Now the biggest thing though is that since we’ve gone with an electronic shifter You actually have all this space underneath here so you can put just about anything your heart desires underneath here, so definitely Cadillac is making sure that you have plenty of space in this large spacious crossover Like I said having that under the console storage does come courtesy of having an electronic shifter obviously right now I cannot shift through the gears or anything like that since we can’t drive this vehicle, but This does have the revised version of the electronic shifter with a little bit simpler operation than what is currently found in the x.25 We have our audio control right down here so I’ll pause for just a moment I’ll see if I can pair my phone to the Bluetooth and we’ll take an audio sample of the Bose performance sound series Alright, so that did work. So we’ll go ahead and take a sample of this system I believe it is 14 speakers. Obviously as you’ve seen it does have beautiful speaker grilles mounted in several different places in the cabin It definitely has a really full and very very nice sound to it Now back behind that you do have the Cadillac cue controller this of course has been part of several different Cadillac sedans But it’s never been part of any of their crossovers until the XT4 and this xt6 So as you can see We do have various different shortcuts around it as well as this nice metal trim knob definitely sounds nice when you control it So you do have the ability Basically to just bounce it around to different parts of the system without ever putting a fingerprint on it So I definitely appreciate having both options available And then I’ll just say here we’ve got our traction control defeat button as well as our drive modes Then moving on up the console here we have our standard three zone automatic climate control Obviously it’s not going to turn on right now But we’ve got our temperature controls you basically have these three really nice metal toggles to control everything It’s a very similar set up to avoid find in the ct6 And then you’ve got they look like touch sensitive buttons But there are actually physical buttons for all these other functions including your three-stage. He did and your three-stage ventilated seats And then up top here we have the Q system which I was already talking about this is an 8 inch display We’ve got various shortcuts around the side for turning on and off for auto start-stop our parking sensors As well as our hazards and our Lane Keeping Assist There are some new functions like first like I said versus the xt5 The volume rocker here. The slider has been eliminated for the knob down at the bottom and in its place We now have a new NFC pairing function so you can just bump your phone here and pair it You don’t have to go through the bluetooth pairing setup Then like I said, this is the newest version of the Cadillac cue system So this does give you much faster response and grep and different graphics as well So we can just slide through this so you can see it does respond very quickly We have our home screen with gives you some shortcut buttons so we can quickly control audio straight from here You can also click straight into different sections like our navigation Turning that on here as you can see really really quick response You also have the ability kind of like Google Earth you can tilt different views stuff like that jump me back over here This is all the rest of your apps. We’ve got your 4G Wi-Fi hotspot You will find also apple carplay and android auto both included standard across the board The rear climate controls can be adjusted separately right there and we can also activate our 360-degree camera system So even though we couldn’t put in Reverse this here will give you a little bit of sample of the different types of views We have so right now we’re at our front camera. We can jump back for a wider front camera We can also do a front curb view We do a full 360-degree view it’s a little messed up due to us being in the show room. So it doesn’t quite look right dude with everything So close to each other so we have our side view and then we can also turn on and off our active trajectory and you’ve got those same views of Course for these stuff in the back as well. So Definitely really appreciate having all these different views and this is a big upgrade versus even what we see in the Escalade currently Let’s see as far as other things to look at we have our Frameless auto dimming glass mirror with our home link universal remotes built into it Excuse me. These are our home link universal remotes We do also have a standard panoramic moonroof As you can see it is very large and it goes all the way back to the back And you do have the power sunshade as well Also, I do not point out we’ve got a very nice kind of all Alcantara like suede headliner It feels and looks very good Let’s pretty much all the stuff to look at in the front So we’ll go ahead and check out a few of the features in the back All right, so checking out the second row here like I said, obviously I don’t have any specifications or anything like that But we do have obviously captains chairs. These are finished in the same semi analine leather with the beautiful color contrast stitching And then on the door trim all the materials do carry over from the front so you have the full leather Armrest as well as the leather across the top Alcantara and carbon fiber and then the full aluminum Bose speaker grille Obviously it’s not lit up or anything but we do have our rear climate controls. These are full aluminum buttons Definitely have a nice feel to them and with aluminum trim around them And you control these events that are located up here in the ceiling And then down here at the bottom. We have a traditional USB a USB type-c We can also pull this out We have a really nice storage bin as well as two nice cupholders with the same stainless steel trim at the bottom of them Now the front seat is adjusted all the way back and I believe this seat here is adjusted as far as broad words as it can be so this is the minimal amount of space we could be looking at It looks like we’ve got a couple of inches very generous foot space though. So it doesn’t feel claustrophobic or anything like that Like I said, this is the minimum we can see You’ll likely see more than that in real world use Fold-down armrest right here I’ll go ahead and try out the third row so you can just slide back here Without folding the seats or anything when you have the captains chairs All right getting into position here It’s actually fairly similar to that second row. Oh we got about an inch of space Foot spaces. I’ve see a little bit more a little bit smaller I’m kind of a hard touch Armrest here. We’ve got a little bit of a felt lining you do have some rear speakers Like he’ll like has nicely given you a USB type-c back here on both sides So the rear passengers will still have entertainment as well as your rear vents and rear lighting Well as far as what I can feel this actually Seems to be the same semi-aniline leather back here. So that’s definitely nice A lot of brands I go for a lower quality material here in the back So I definitely like they carry this semi a my leather to the rear as well Brush you can also fold these seats as well. So you’re just gonna grab this handle here Just give it a push forward head. You can see that does give you a nice pathway back to the third row seats It is also worth mentioning that counting includes third row seat controls right here in the second row Just they are fully power so you can just grab that If I remotely is going fast now We’ll go ahead and step around to the back and check out that cargo area It is hands-free he kind of like gives you a nice little emblem there to show you exactly where to kick So you just can stick your foot under there Checking out the cargo area. I don’t have any specifications if I find them. I will add them in a text box But I don’t see it is I never get ly larger than what you get and the current largest crossover, which should be the XT5 and Definitely very much in line with what you get any escalade So as you can see that nice carpet material here We have even some more hidden storage down here. Very nice So does have controls for the third row seats so we go ahead and pull this one down It looks like we also have some controls here for Second row so we can go ahead and fold those down All remotely without having to actually move around to the other parts of the vehicle Just eyeballing it this definitely looks right in line with what you get from other similarly priced crossovers All right, and the last thing I’ll do here real fast is just talk about the engine specs and stuff like that Obviously, we’re not going to go for a test drive or anything since is a pre-production vehicle So I’ve got the specs up here. This is a has a 3.6 liter v6 engine are producing 310 horsepower and 271 pounds to work. So that’s more or less the same setup as you get from the Cadillac XT5 It does have a 9 speed automatic transmission Of course through the front wheels or to all-wheel drive is an option I’ve also been able to find some of the basic pricing. So I’ll go ahead and tell you the two base prices So for your front wheel drive premium luxury model, that’s going to be the base model it’s going to start at fifty three thousand six hundred ninety dollars and Then the sport model which is what we have here and that comes standard with all-wheel-drive and that’s going to ring in at 50 8090 dollars so like other kind of like models you kind of have the dual pathways that you can pick, you know The luxury route or the sport route and then kind of add options to that So as far as this fully loaded model here being pre-production There is no sticker inside the cabin so I can’t tell you exactly what this one will ring with these options But of course we are definitely going to be filming a full review when this comes out This is due out in dealerships in the next month or two So we will definitely bring you all a full in-depth review including a test drive Coming up as soon as we possibly can. But anyways, hopefully hopefully you guys enjoyed this first look review And you learned some basic things about the vehicle and I look forward to showing you guys a real in-depth look coming up soon!

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