It’s hard! It’s Rev Heads Rally Gameplay by BKing (Rally Racing game by Spunge Games)

hi guys it’s BKing and today we are
checking out a Rev Heads Rally it’s an casual racing game you can pick
up items like shields missiles and landmines and driving those things is
ridiculously hard so bear with me okay guys so the game does have a few beasts
and tracks and you can also customize your drivers look your car upgrade all
that stuff but the game does have an energy system so each car can be used
three times after that it will run out of fuel and it takes eight hours to
refuel a car look at us like jumped all the way too
first but keeping the lead is really really hard in this game thank God that guy didn’t have a boost
or we might come second but we won The game also allows you to play in time
trails if you want to see how quick you can finish your lap, so as you can see
there are three fuel points and one is down because we just used this car okay everybody got a new car but me in
the same car but will buy a new one after we finish this race and my car blow up will take revenge
very soon come on missile hit him hit him
looks like our missile is wasted And we’ve crashed the game hello game are you
okay hello okay my game crashed and I
finished the ace of the recording and we’ve won toolbox yeah let’s go
and see what other car we can buy heist fury and old fury, GTO those cars have
different ranks the higher the ranked the better car as you guys know lets but the heist for now okay here we go on race two,
Let’s upgrade our handling because clearly I am not as good as I’m supposed
to be or maybe it’s intentional that it cars drive like crazy
I don’t know that other dude have really square head okay we’ve got a landmine and
someone was trying to put a hit seeker on us but we got lucky I hope this guy’s
good enough at least better than our first car and I spoke too soon
let’s try and see if we can get our lead back nah the missile it was just a waste and
here comes a seeker and he blows the other guy and a really bad timing to use our hit seekers especially when he was using shield let’s drop that
landmine and come on dude oh no another heat seeker is coming and it looks like he
yes we got the lead again let’s put that landmine down and just one more lap to
go how the hell those two guys came out of
nowhere and looks like we are screwed and we’ve awfully lost a match or race whatever you call it okay looks like we’re n a rather short
Race track I hope we win this race at least and there goes my dream they are
all ahead of us and we’ve got to lead and the missile just flew by me, those guys
clearly don’t take a break and yes finally got someone let’s try and play
it safe and we will be more careful when we get
a lead this time I really need an missile and the game gave me an shield and now
There’s a heat seeker on us and we are blown to hell okay one last race because we are gonna
run out of fuel anyway and I really hope win this the game also allows you to watch the
replay of the race you’ve just done and you can set the camera on any driver you
like, lets’s wrap it up for today’s video thanks for watching and liking and I’ll
see you in the next one

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