Island Living Is Missing Something Important… (Sims 4 Gameplay Review)

Island Living Is Missing Something Important… (Sims 4 Gameplay Review)

This video was made possible by EA Game Changers
and I’m grateful to have received a review copy of the pack. In this case, it’s important to disclose that
my copy was free. Anyway, if you know me you know I never do
reviews. But I’ve been asked by a couple of people
to share my opinion, so I decided to give my thoughts in a review of Island Living. It’s definitely one of my lowest picks in
terms of gameplay additions and I’ll explain my issues with it while we go over its features
and how they work. I’ll invite you to share your opinion as well
so that people from the future can make a better decision for themselves. First, the setting: Sulani. While I want my review to be gameplay-centric
I do want you to see some of what you get in the aesthetic areas. I’m opening with a strength here, to be clear,
but the new neighborhood of Sulani is definitely as great looking as you might hope. It is obvious that building a nice world was
a high priority for Maxis, and they did pull that off. The sunshine’s bright and there’s a pretty
view everywhere you look, it feels like a lovely place to live and has its own unique
weather patterns for Seasons owners, even a Monsoon. The Islanders’ architecture and culture borrows
heavily from Polynesia and other island peoples like the Maori. I learned a few things about activities of
different cultures from this pack and there’s a chance you will too. There’s a lot inspired by tribal customs,
traditional foods and even food preparation techniques like the Hangi inspired Volcanic
BBQ searer that allows you to cook meat in the ground and come back when it’s ready a
couple hours later. Also Kava, a relaxing drink is present and
makes Sims happy via a relaxed moodlet. You can have a party based around this drink. While I won’t do an exhaustive take on build/buy,
everything fits right in and is clearly inspired by the culture of island nations, with geometric
patterns found on a number of items, intricate wood carvings and solid craftsmanship. Events like the new Kava Party you can throw
offer some new things to experience, as do the town parties that randomly happen on this
lot. The community spontaneously gets together
to enjoy a bonfire. That’s really cool and probably authentic
island life somewhere, but a problem is that there’s no gameplay here. Standing around a fire making friends in a
game with no real purpose to friendships isn’t really gameplay to me… actually it’s pretty
dull. I wish there were a reason we would want to
attend things like this, other than for a time when social need is low. So, this is a core game problem but it relates
to island living in that these are “features” yet they’re mainly visual in nature. New events aren’t very useful when there’s
very little reason to ever experience those get togethers unless you’re a person who plays
for a story that you’re making. That said I don’t feel much interesting will
happen at a thing like this, because there are too few interactive objects on the lot. It requires players to spice it up somehow,
rather than supplying the spice on its own on its own. Despite all of this I want to be extremely
clear. the textures and artwork that went into this
pack came out very well and the world’s well-designed. They gave this part a lot of love and I don’t
want to detract from that. CAS features a lot of sunny Island clothing
for Sims, some nice new hair my friend is wild about, and some these really nice tribal
tattoos. I hear these are very important to people
in those cultures. They’re painful as they’re done using things
like knives or chisels made of shark’s teeth. These tend to go on the legs, arms, and face
and Island Living lets you go all out if you want. You can make a Sim with one of two new traits,
Child of the Ocean , for Sims who love mermaids, fish, and don’t want to harm the wildlife,
and child of the islands, which gives you a connection to the island’s spiritual ancestors. Now, this is all right and I wish more traits
had this depth. Most of Sims 4’s traits are an after thought
that only influences emotions at random and don’t give any unique bonuses. There’s also a good amount of depth to child
of the ocean. Various things trigger emotions, rather than
just a random moodlet. There’s also a new Aspiration that rewards
you for chilling on the beach, using one of the new features: suntanning. Now on to the gameplay segment, which we will
break into several topics First up, beach combing. Sims can comb the beach for collectibles or
trash that can help Sulani’s environment – more on that later. You’ll find random things like potato chips,
a sea shell, and a live fish. This feature reminds me of the next one, and
I’ll explain that. Island Living has these buoys, and they are
the only major source of interactivity between you and the ocean. If you want to dive, you go here. You’ll find in shallow water you can snorkel. This activity is for fun and building fitness
I guess, but it doesn’t do much for your Sim and is in general just a fun activity like
a lot of things like sandcastles. Deep-water Buoys have an option to free dive
or scuba dive, and this is unfortunately a rabbit hole. You can make your Sim better at this with
fitness, and can buy gear to open up new options, but it’s always going to be going underwater
for collectibles and filling up my inventory with stuff like the minor combing the beach
feature does. The thing is, inventory management in Sims
4 is such a nightmare this is almost a punishment, to get this random stuff and have to sell
them 1 at a time. This is the same problem beach-coming has. There is a Cave on Mua Pel’am that is very
much like this. The Sim goes in, finds random stuff. It’s a legit way to get kelp without spending
satisfaction, but you quickly run out of text and they’re not very funny or anything to
make them interesting in the first place. This is an area where this type of functionality
was watered down, as rocket science allowed you to select between a couple choices to
impact the outcome based in part on reading comprehension. Now it’s just, gimme random collectibles and
stuff my inventory with things I need things, more things that Ill keep forever because
they’re annoying to sell. Dolphins are now a thing, a random pack of
them goes to different buoys, and you can click the swirling fish to talk to them and
feed ’em for $2 a pop. Eventually you can befriend the dolphin, but
the goal here is to have a dolphin buddy. The problem is repetition. You do the same stuff with and maybe a moodlet. No real impact on gameplay, just a way to
have fun a couple times adoring the animations then a source of boredom and sameness. Sims can now get a sun tan or, if they’re
out too long, a burn. The thing is, sun tans and burning is a risk
trade off in reality, you want a tan but burning isn’t desirable and you feel like you look
good for some time afterward, whether you do or not ha. Anyway, in Sims a sunburn is a 4 hour uncomfortable
moodlet then it’s mostly over. No impact on gameplay, just a visual. I would at least have liked to be able to
avoid sunburn in the shade or seek sunlight to get a tan in the first place. Thankfully you only get these burns when you
deliberately lay out. Island Living comes with two new modes of
transportation – the Jet Ski and Canoe. Both of these allow you to keep them in your
inventory, meaning your Sim can use them automatically while routing. The thing about transportation is, it’s used
to get somewhere right. Where do you want to go in Sulani? The only reason to cross a body of water is
to go to the buoys. There’s next to nothing on all the little
islands out in the water. No reason to travel reduces the effect of
having decent transportation in the game. You’re also able to swim in open water to
get around, and fitness will improve your swim style and speed as you level it. This was a nice touch but it’s a bit marred
by the fact that you can completely switch to an aqua zip jet ski any time you like and
won’t really need swimming in the future after that. Maxis has expressed a desire to make open
water swimming everywhere a thing, but I sort of question how often people will care to
use it when fitness is used to just keep your figure in Sims 4. New in this pack are odd jobs, which lets
you bring up an interface with the phone. You can select from various tasks, some of
which are rabbit holes, that let your Sim do something for another Islander to earn
a little money. Some of them task you with fetch quests to
go around the island, like mail me so many sea shells. All right, so, the conservationist career
– It’s marginally better than a rabbit hole. This is a new career tailored to a new system
in Sulani, the environment system. Improving the environment is a matter of cleaning
up litter on the beaches and in the sea, testing the water, and passing policy. By doing these things, you’ll get an improved
ecosystem. The career is one of the ‘work from home’
career, and I swear I saw someone compare it to scientist but that’s not the case. These have activity but they’re not like the
active careers from Get to Work that have a lot of work put into them, and this leads
to a core flaw. The extremely narrow range of activities you
may have to do is THE core flaw. Go get some trash, take pictures, get some
trash in the sea. See, the problem with this entire environment
and litter system is that trash in the sea, trash in the beach, even with multiple models
of trash, is all the same thing. Tell your Sim to complete the animation and
you’ve succeeded. Furthermore, it’s probably an animation you’ve
seen before. So working on the environment quickly gets
repetitive, and eventually you will probably send your Sim in to work to get away from
these activities. In gaming, fetch quests are hated because
they take the same idea, dress it in different ways, and we as players know they’re all really
the same without any complexity or depth. This is that, game filler but as a main feature. It’s perfectly fine that it be included if
you can’t think of a better way to do this, and I certainly can’t, but it cannot be one
of the star additions to the pack, it qualifies as an additional side activity that might
get you interested a few times, but in this case you put a laser focus on it and burn
out quick. So the work from home careers in general don’t
do it for me as a main feature. If they are going to be this weak, there should
be a few of them at least in an Expansion, and that’s what City Living provided. Politician, critic, and social media, plus
a location, plus festivals, a new skill and a talking toilet. You can join in one of two career tracks with
similar pay. There are abilities, they just don’t do much
other than function as money or social buttons so it doesn’t matter much that there are two
branches in this regard. A positive that does differentiate them are
the two different trait Natural Speaker or Master of the Sea, and they’re pretty all
right traits. So you do enough of this environmental cleanup,
whether you’re in the Conservationist Career or not, and you’ll abruptly be told your efforts
are paying off. If you can get past Mua Pel’am is improving
to the thriving level, you’ve done the quest to clean up the island. Just the one, the environment system I mentioned
only impacts this one place and there’s not much here. The trees get nice and bright green, more
flowers show up, and you may see butterflies and sea turtles around the area. There is an… albino dolphin that pops up
on the special beach lot on Mua Pel’am and Sea Turtle eggs w ill hatch on the beach. Here’s the thing about those rewards: they
don’t do anything, I see no reason to do any of this past the first time. It’s worse than StrangerVille in terms of
replay value but at the price tag of an Expansion, which should explain to you why I didn’t knock
StrangerVille. So, Island Living’s main features of Conservation
and the Environment system didn’t do much for me. Surely mermaids can pick up a slack right? As the final main feature, mermaids were teased
at the end of the main trailer and highly desired by fans who dig this type of thing. I am not one of them, but I promise you I
would not be hating on mermaids if they had more abilities and bonuses along with some
kind of system built around them that would differentiate one mermaid from another. See you eat a kelp, which you buy for 500
satisfaction. You can get that 15 minutes into the game
if you apply yourself at all. You are now a fully functioning mermaid with
tons of power and years of training at doing magical shit. You can call a thunderstorm, rain or clear
up the skies if you’re a player that owns Seasons. Why not all weather types? You can do a super romantic kiss in the water,
you can be a jerkwad to other Sims by pulling them under and tease at a big monster under
the water. You can fill up your needs. You also swim amazingly fast. See any new Sim game taking place here would
benefit from athletics to get out to the buoys. This’d give you a reason to level a skill
that is only useful very rar ely. But, you can eat a kelp, you’re a mermaid..
.now you’re the best swimmer and you didn’t need to do anything to work for it. The mermaid’s swimming bothers me for some
reason, because I know it’s highly inefficient how she’s doing it and feel like it would’ve
been a great improvement if there was even a few feet of depth to the water so they could
travel how animals want to when they want to go fast. This isn’t as shallow as PlantSim or something
– there are abilities with a little going for them here, but they’re mostly forgettable
due to not a great enough impact on gameplay. There are some of us who play Sims 4 kind
of like a tycoon game, Sim, and rpg hybrid who like leveling up getting abilities and
combining bonuses to make really powerful combos. So I want to clarify that it’s not just that
I feel my desire should make you have to level up to unlock these powers. It’s not the case. They also needed to implement some kind of
mermaids system that would allow us to in some way make them different so they aren’t
all the same. No matter where you stand with me on leveling
up, mermaids are all the same and that’s the truth. You won’t use most of their powers. If you have Seasons, you have a weather machine. Island Living has some things going for it,
but in a big area it has a flaw and I feel I’m not the only one noticing this. Gameplay, it needed more primary and deeper
gameplay. By primary I mean skills and activities that
are rewarding. Not transportation, random things that give
moodlets or satisfy fun, because we have enough of those things. We need good old fashioned gameplay that keeps
people returning and doing different things. The problem is present in many packs but it’s
pretty damning here. If you start a Sim, make a mermaid – which
requires only 500 satisfaction – and play in the Conservationist career while fishing
on the side, you’ve completely done this pack in one sitting. If that gameplay were extremely compelling,
I would not be so hard on it, but what’s here has not been molded and refined with care. There are little features I’ve left out, like
the volcano and elementals and a couple others I can think of, but there just isn’t anything
deep there to justify drawing out the video even further. Everything else that exists in the pack is
scenery, They did fantastic with world building and some neighborly Sim behaviors. It needed more work to live up to its potential,
whether that means longer development or preferably more people so they can have the time to expand
on the existing things they do create. I cannot fault for developers for problems
outside their control and feel they’re good people who if given more time would’ve made
something I could’ve enjoyed. Its biggest failure is replay value. Nearly all the rewards and objects for gameplay
are one dimensional or restricted to Sulani. Some people will be bored because they don’t
find enough depth in what they’re doing the first time, but having everything contained
to Sulani other than build/buy means that you have very little to do in other worlds. This does not expand the experience for me. An expansion should send ripples into many
aspects of gameplay and make the game deeper. If you’re salivating for this pack, be sure
you want it for Sulani more than anything. If that’s what you want, you get what you
want. You are a lot less likely to feel burned. Don’t buy it for gameplay, get it on sale
and it’ll be more appropriately priced as nearly all game packs have more actual gameplay
than this. The people who enjoy Sims with depth are definitely
left wanting more and I am one of them. I’d like to see the franchise recover its
footing but packs with gameplay this shallow and thin do not help. We’ve seen shallow, them becoming thinner
also is unacceptable to me as a player. Gameplay expansions should give you more to
do and extend a game’s life. This release that took several months to develop
bought us a few days. I’m sorry that I can not put these out sooner
if my opinion would be valuable, but I don’t want to half ass something like this and I
want to stand by my opinion, not give a rash first impression or completely fail as a fansite
owner to voice an opinion on the quality here. I feel that it is important and hope that
you do too. Share your opinion below and hit the bell
if you like this, I may do more reviews and you can support my channel in the description. Maxis is a good studio and I like them as
people so if this is frustrating for you be courteous to them. This is now my longest video and it’s taken
a toll on my voice. I left a few bad parts despite that because
I think most of you will get it. Thanks guys and have a nice weekend.

89 Replies to “Island Living Is Missing Something Important… (Sims 4 Gameplay Review)”

  1. Almost bought it for my birthday. I'm glad I found your review. I'll definitely wait for it to be on sale.

  2. Wish they would combine this with GTA gameplay without the weaponry. Just make AI's jump outta the way of getting run down. Obviously some would go for the kills ha. Make it impossible.

  3. the facebook corporate suckers say 'you should be grateful on what we've got', go there and see the snowflakes praising this expansion with stars and rainbows. this nothingness is being sold at all is baffling to me, barely any contents to play with.

  4. Island paradise in the sims 3 was so good, it added so much game play and I spent hours playing with the resorts and driving etc. this just doesn’t match up at all

  5. what about the new fishing that they were talking about?  Or how about the new CAS system they came out with recently???

  6. I bought island living when came out, and i just traveled to sulani like 2 times in my entire gameplay, i made my sim a mermaids and it doesn't change anything from a normal sims, vampires are more funny to play, they have more interactions and the skill tree, while mermaids are just normal sims that can increase cleaning by swimming.

  7. I don't even have the money to get this pack but as soon as I saw some gameplay…my first impression wasn't…well, I wasn't too impressed. I love them, and I would get this on sale, but not for full price.

  8. The Sims 4 is crap, pretty crap.. but crap.
    Imagine the team that made Sims 2 working on Sims 5… Oooh the possibilities ~cries

  9. I think I'm just gonna call it quits on sims 4. Put all that money towards building a gaming computer so I can run all my sims 3 games. The only reason I play sims 4 is because sims 3 consistently kills the fan in my computer and lags/freezes because I love the sims 3 island expansion which is a huge map.

  10. i used to play sims for hours on end but with sims 4 that just doesnt happen anymore. theres NOTHING to do. and i always end up asking myself " well what now? " strangerville took like 1 hour to complete, island living is just trying to become a mermaid , and then what? its just so bland and boring. theres so many "game packs" expansions packs, but it still feels like base game.

  11. Man ill admit I still play the Sims 4 its only fun though if I make a story to go off of with my sims ill admit it can be very boring at times pretty though I guess I wish there was another simulation game ive only played sims 3 wii stunk ps2 sims 2 witch well funny enough as itemless featureless not very pretty the ps2 sims 2 was I still had fun FUN wish I could play the pc sims 2 bet it would be fun. And I can't run 3 nor can afford a 5000 $ pc for it so I'm kinda stuck with four but hey theres many games I can play other then 4 if I get to bored 🙂

  12. They should really make it easier for sims to die in these packs. Like sunburns can make you over heat, shark attacks, mermaids can kill people by drowning them, or the volcano wrecks your house and maybe lava rocks burn you too. Hazards can be just as fun but this pack doesn’t seem to have any

  13. As a kid I played some Sims 1 but then i somehow lost interest in the Sims franchise for many years, until I saw the trailer for Sims 3 Island Paradise. I wanted to play it so badly that I bought myself Sims 3 + Island Paradise. Just the main version of TS3 & that single expansion pack made me play the game for weeks & weeks without getting bored once. From time to time I bought all the other expansions for TS3 & even some stuff packs & worlds, including some store content like grandpa's grove. & until today I really really enjoy the entire game & I find out about new stuff all the time.
    Coming back to Sims 3 after a break never feels repetitive or whatsoever.
    However, I wanted to try out Sims 4, so I got the login data of a friend who also has all expansion packs & stuff packs. (Because before I spend that much money on a game, I wanted to see for myself if it's even worth it). & I have to say: It isn't worth it in my personal opinion.
    Sure, I enjoyed the graphics, CAS, building & to be able to run the game without dozens of NRaas mods to make it even work properly, but the gameplay was just so damn boring..
    Seriously I played the game just for a few hours & just stopped.. It wasn't able to hook me for the entire weekend like Sims 3 does. I started the game, played, got bored quickly & stopped over & over again. I don't know why but even with a lot of content, it lacks..well..content. Does that make any sense?
    The Sim feel shallow, the worlds feel shallow & so do the interactions between Sims.
    When I compare the content of Island Paradise with Island Living.. Jesus I'd be ashemed if I worked for EA. It's just a beautiful empty world 🙁 & the mermaids aren't as special as they are in TS3..
    I really hope that EA will drop Sims 4 & start working on SIms 5. & I really hope that the next Sims game will be as great as Sims 3, just with better graphics & better coding.

  14. My biggest problem with this pack is that it's an expansion pack. I have played through this pack and it really feels like a game pack. If it was released as a game pack I wouldn't be as critical of it. Island living could've had so much more to it like adding secret worlds and possibly more careers

  15. I enjoyed this review. Thank you for your honesty. As someone who loves mermaids, I really am bummed that they did not adopt a Vampires like skill tree system. I agree with you about the depth but, that is my over-all issues with Sims 4. I feel like the Sims just don't have personality like they use to. Even if Sims are mad at each other, they go back to talking friendly the moment you stop controlling them. I want to see more depth that makes the game more interesting and tweaks /enhancements to Story progression.

  16. all the comments below makes me want to install TS3 and play it again ahaha… I'm afraid my pc could explode tho, which is mostly the reason why I've uninstalled it years ago.

  17. I got vampire pack i got annoyed cuz it got boring but the perk system just helped my experience mermaids and aliens need this

  18. Hey! I’m a Maori (from New Zealand). Just letting you know you butchered the pronunciation of the word “Maori”. it’s pronounced “maw•ree” not “ma-ori”. Hopefully next time you speak on a topic you’re not too familiar with-you google it. Especially if it’s for a sponsored video.

  19. I tried to play a rags to riches esque story in Sulani and wow, it is boring as hell. Why is there no surfing? No fun exploring? They did it with Jungle Adventures, it's really not that big of a leap? I can't believe I paid full price for this.

  20. You couldn't have said it better. <3 Nice to know someone else values things behind the scenery. Especially with loading screens, there has to be something worth loading off the lot for and it's not. Need more actions. Remember when you could teach your kids to drive and they can go to prom with their bf/gfs. It was like mild stones, that we've had two parenting packs for and nothing. Vacations had hotels and obstacle courses and snowboard ramps (it was something during vacation expansions that was new)? I miss stuff like that. Like what's the point in going camping in the sims 4…. there is nothing I can do there I can't do in the home lot and you don't even get the added benefit of your needs refreshing during travel. Sry rant over but I think the Sims4 just looks nice and its missing depth in general. Also, mines been buggy as hell lately. At this point, I just wanted an updated sims3 with graphics.

  21. I kind of agree with your complaints but also feel like you're complaining about what the sims is as a whole. The sims is a very pointless game which is not like other video games in the sense that it is very casual and esentially boils down to playing with dolls and building dollhouses. It's all pointless, nothing you do in the sims will make a huge impact and there is no endgame objectives, just living a virtual life that's nor yours and entertaining yourself as a mad god.

  22. This is a EXPANSION that have less content than a GAME PACK.
    It's like they're not even trying anymore
    The Sims needs competition

  23. has anyone else has an issue where you can't invite non-sulanians to a kava party on the island? it replaces all my regular sims with uninvited sulanians. sometimes my sims doesn't even know them

  24. I enjoy a fair amount of aspects of this exp, but I do agree that it feels more like a game pack than a full expansion.

    That being said, mermaids make badass gardeners and fishermen, as they can force it to rain and lure rare fish to fishing spots. being able to force certain states over other sims, and kiss them regardless of romance level is pretty neat too. My biggest complaint with mermaids is that if they sleep in the water the world doesn't speed up… so you spend far too long waiting for the night to pass while your sim floats around at regular x3 speed instead of hyper speed.

    It's also worth noting that using siren's call on a poor unsuspecting sim trashes their needs in order to refill yours. Not a bad trade off for evil/selfish sims out there 🙂

  25. Thank you. I loved the Sims since Sims 1 and even if I grew fond of the Sims 4 (with expansion packs and custom content), I often found myself switching to Sims 3 again. I didn't know exactly why but now I realized it was because of the actual gameplay.
    In Sims 3 you have a massive amount of activities whereas in Sims 4 you often find your Sim standing around somewhere doing nothing because there is nothing to interact with. Granite falls is the best example, I picked up some berries and went back home early. Jungle adventure was better in my eyes due to exploring the jungle. The new island pack looks so beautiful but as many other packs it simply lacks activities to do. I'm still playing Sims 4 but for me it's always just a short bit of fun playing before exiting and playing something else.

  26. Finally someone who isn’t a blind loyalist and can accept when something is wrong with a game rather than only focusing on the positive and/or negative

  27. I'm done! Not buying anymore Sims expansions, game packs or stuff packs! I'm so tired of being disappointed. Every time they haven't lived up to my expectations and I've lowered my expectations every time. I will continue to play once in a while with the stuff I have but I'm not spending anymore money on this game!

    Sims what could have been? is the new name of the game for me!

  28. The main reason I bought it and like it…The world and build/buy mode. Other than that, I would see no reason to buy it. I want my sims to live more of an off-grid life and the hut style homes, I really like. Wish they would expand more on the off-grid theme and trait.

  29. The aesthetics of the game is what sold me, but the gameplay is good for 30 minutes to an hour top, then im entirely bored and need to turn it off. ive made one mermaid so far in my game and oh boy im so bored with her because there is NOTHING to master or accomplish. i can swim fast….yay ?. Why didnt the mermaids get a skill tree…perks, something?! im sure it was probably too hard or too much for the team to make an underwater world to EXPAND with the mermaids…an underwater town for them would have been awesome lol. A regular sim would need a swimming skill high as heck to even discover or visit. A mermaid would need to develop a skill to stay on land longer or permanently without drying out…something! this pack had so much potential. Maybe the Realms of Magic pack will add more depth to gameplay and to all occults in the game in addition to any new occults. Can only hope so at least

  30. I definitely agree with you. I miss the games they released like going to Egypt/France/China and you had mysteries that needed solving and there were boogie traps etc. the sims 4 version of “vacations” is uhh…. ok at best

  31. Did you notice that each time you analyze a sample in the consevation career it deletes an item from your sim’s inventory?

  32. I think this expansion is good for those who play the sims like minecraft and make own stories. Strangerville being so story focused may have unintentionally set greater narrative expectations for all content going forward. Good video, I'd like to see them add a bottom sea world and get rid of some rabbit holes

  33. For some odd reason I can't find the Mermaidic Kelp in the satisfaction rewards section. I don't have them there for any amount of points. When I want a sim to be a mermaid, either create them in CAS as one, or send them to explore that cave, but it is completely random and rare, one of my sims got 10 Mermaidic Kelp on their first try, another one took like 20 or so, while coming back from the cave with lots of different stuff, a woodoo doll, some fish and whatnot, but no kelp until like the 20th exploration. I'm using some mods, so might be that some of those simply disabled it, or anything like that. Or did they change it in some of the recent updates as people were rather spending their points instead of exploring that cave? I simply don't see them in the reward section. There's lots of various potions and traits to buy, but not the Mermaidic Kelp.

  34. There is no depth to any thing in this pack.. even Island Paradise did a better job with this.. the new transportation was needed to get to different islands, the resort tycoon style gameplay was open ended and unique to each player if they wanted it to be, the diving and careers weren't rabbit holes.. its just seems like a huge step back.. i played this pack for 10 minutes and i haven't touched the game since. On to the next pack, hopefully it will add something meaningful to this poor dying game.

  35. I think the expansion is nice but its not even much of an Expansion.. More like a game pack. I feel like it was way more expensive than it should be and i feel bad because i think i wasted my dads money ?. Its really pretty but theres not much depth in the game. They should have a secret place for only mermaids and the volcano should erupt ruining some of the world. And i think the jobs need more depth as well.

  36. Great vid! Totally agree with everything you said! And I guess I'm just one of those dumb lemmings that bought the pack anyway for CAS and build mode items… and for mermaids, altho I'm really pissed off mermaid children won't look like their parents at all! Something about naturally bred and born mermaid offspring in game is broken, they pull their entire looks (face and body) from the same stock these fugly townies do and it still hasn't been fixed.
    But also, on another note, TS4 compared to TS3 looks much better but lacks gameplay! It's more focused around a single sim play than family play, which is pretty damn sad, being a life simulator and all…

  37. I wish the environmental career could have played up with more green energy concepts, convincing folks to use solar, wind and water power sources, add solar panels and eventually get wind turbines, that sort of thing. 'Off the Grid' does not have to mean 'without power', just not tapped into power companies. I hope they expand with a patch.

  38. I'm having trouble accepting at least one thing with this pack and I don't even own it yet.
    If all that's required for a mermaid transformation to happen is to eat a single piece of kelp that is kind of hard to find and with there being another method that can be bought at a cheap price anyway with satisfaction points (I've watched other videos with those mentioned), that seems too easy to accomplish that form.
    Because they are mystical creatures, the kelp should have either been really rare, expensive or obtained through a quest from a mermaid in order to become one themselves.
    There are also no bad side effects to transforming despite their legs slowly merging together to form a tail. That can't feel very good the first time around (reminds me of a movie I saw with that).
    I feel sorry for the transforming vampires as well as the aging up teen vampires who have to suffer. They have it rough. Even aliens can have it rough after using their brain powers. Mermaids are lucky!

  39. Yeah… Not the Best Expansion… I just finished StangegVille, I created an appropriate Sim that fits the game play, so it was very fun, but here… You can't even build cellar on beach houses… No cellar = No lab = No fun for me

  40. Ah dang. I was originally gonna buy this expansion for the mermaids but,,, this is kind of lame. I think I might look for a few good mods instead. Sulani is beautiful, but I don't know if it'll be worth it

  41. Sims 4 in general is only a game i've played to make houses and sims, i never actually do any real gameplays because the way sims function and do things is a bit confusing to me, and i feel like there's not that many interesting or fun things to do, so for Island Living, i love making mermaids, and the clothes is absolutely fantastic, so i'm happy for it, but only because i never do any real gameplay in the first place, so i'm good, but i can definitely see why so many people are dissapointed, and i am too, but not too much since i dont care about gameplay anyways

  42. I haven’t purchased this pack yet, but even I agree at this point that the game play is lacking, however I don’t think the pack lacks anything else. The title of the pack is called Island Living, the main new feature of the pack is the new island world, and when looking at what the world itself has to offer it becomes pretty clear to me that the world itself is the most in-depth feature in the pack. Sure a lot of the stuff is basic rabbit holes or very flat game mechanics, but it’s all in combination with the world itself. In my view Island Living is more of a life style pack rather than game play, and I don’t really mind this because I feel like Sims 3 never really catered to specific life styles the way Sims 4 does. Island Life looks much more compelling in Sims 4 than it does in Sims 3 in my humble opinion.

  43. You can actually get a nice, proper suntan without getting burned and looking like a shrimp. You just have to pay close attention to your sims moodlets. A smiley face, sort of a dark green will appear and that’s when you cancel the suntanning action. That will give your Sim a proper tan without getting burned.

  44. I swear they focus too much on the aesthetics that’s why the game files are already so big so they just try to squish in the actual gameplay they were planning and calling it done

  45. I only need this cause one of my sims can benefit from the mermaid abilities. But even when its on sale, it isn't any lower to benefit what it offers.

    Also since gamepacks are a thing, they make expansions even less meaningful when they're like this. I mean its bad when strangerville brings more to the plate than this expansion.

  46. Finally someone put in words my exact thoughts on the sims 4. I've been wondering why i keep feeling so bored and then you said it—it doesn't feel like a game . It's not engaging, or even rewarding. My brain is unchallenged and other than making up stories like playing dollhouses, there's not much to do .

  47. 12:35

    join a rich house(the landgraabs) change to fortune aspiration.

    lmao thats less than 5 minutes for 500 sat points for the kelp

  48. ahh i watch all your video's and this is the first time i realized you read what you are saying duh silly me , thankyou tho, great review 😀 keep up the good work 🙂

  49. I love the Sulani world but I completely agree with your critique about the exp pack. It left a lot to be desired. But I try to make it work. Thank u for your honesty.

  50. Really what kills the immension is the loading screens and tame automatization.
    I believe Sims should behave more like a player when automated, but most of the time they will just idle in the same place for hours doing nothing.

    Sims should be more interactive with their surroundings and interact with objects and perform varius different actions more often based on their "personality"

  51. It's sad they butchered a pack with so much potential. Here are a few things I think would've made the pack better (and more of an expansion) and also sorry in advance for the long comment:
    – Underwater lots to explore, like in the sims 3, as opposed to rabbit holes when diving.
    – A leveling up system for mermaids, similar to what they did for vampires, unlocking new powers as you level up
    – Fixing the buggy conservationist career. You only get to actually do something if you work from home and often times at lower levels you'll get tasks that you unlock at higher levels of the career, which leaves you unable to do your daily task for that day. I was hoping it would be an actual profession.
    – Also regarding the conservationist career, it would be nice to fight for the environment in any neighborhood your sim lives in, not just the new one. That way it would extend the gameplay beyond Sulani.
    – How awesome would it be to be able to create beach resorts in these beautiful lands? Imagine taking your sims on vacation or on honeymoon there to enjoy a few days of sunbathing and kava juice.
    – The career I was most looking forward to was lifeguard. Imagine my disappointment when I found out that not only is it in no way interactive, but it's only a part-time job. Like the diver career, it has so much potential that's never actually taken advantage of.
    – The odd jobs are nice, but most of them are strictly related to Sulani, no matter where your sim lives. It would be nice to vary at least slightly in different neighborhoods.
    Overall, this was the expansion I was looking forward to the most, as Island Paradise from TS3 was my favorite pack and I was hoping for more of that awesomeness here as well, especially considering how beautiful Sulani is. There are so many things they could've done better that could be achieved by restyling some older features they have. Generally, like you said in the review, it feels more like a game pack rather than a full expansion pack. Even with that, some game packs have more depth than this. So much potential wasted. I'm still hoping the devs will eventually start caring again about the community's wishes and would put more effort into packs a lot of people want as opposed to throwing at us a lot of half-assed content nobody asked for.

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