Is This the FUTURE Potential of Indoor Rowing?

Is This the FUTURE Potential of Indoor Rowing?

12 Replies to “Is This the FUTURE Potential of Indoor Rowing?”

  1. 230lbs? Holy smokes…. You are right. That's the story of a true Dark Horse! And thanks for that behind the scenes video. 😀

  2. awesome! thanks for bringing us along. its glad to see where indoor rowing competition is going. also excellent job MCing

  3. The different types of small games makes indoor rowing much more interesting. But it would be hard to do all alone. What are your thoughts on the rowing game: RowPro for the concept 2 or similar apps / games?

  4. I have always maintained that the world’s best athletes, doctors, politicians, etc.. are just the ones who chose to pursue a particular endeavor. Obviously, hard work and dedication are needed and in some cases genetics help for sports (e.g. height for basketball) and economic opportunity, etc., but I wonder who else is out there undiscovered ?

  5. Congratulations on the Invitation!!!! You have to admit, that would make regular rowing pretty interesting, just toss someone out of the boat every so many minutes. Great video, thanks. Would love to see a video with Morgan.

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