Is this the best indoor Golf Simulator?

Is this the best indoor Golf Simulator?

Hey, guys. Taylor here, “Golf Life,” checking out Full
Swing Simulators. Jordan Spieth has one of these. Jason Day has one of these. Even Tiger Woods has one of these, and now
you can have one, too. Come with me and play. We’re going to hit some balls, play some of
the gaming arcade aspects, and check it out. ♪♪♪♪ One of the coolest things about
the Full Swing Simulator is you can dial in your irons, your yardages. It gives you all the stats you need — path,
attack angle, spin rates, and just your distance. A lot of us don’t really know our distance
for our 7, 8, and 9, and so you can sit in here all day long and all night long and dial
in your distances. ♪♪♪♪ Besides playing 84 of the coolest
courses in America on this simulator, it’s also got tons of arcade games. You can smash glass in a building. You can hit field goals. Makes it a lot more fun. Here, we’re doing the Smash Glass. You can even do training. Hey, hit it second floor. Hit it fourth floor. Hit it sixth floor. This thing has it all. Full Swing Simulators.>>To learn more about Full Swing S2 Series
Simulators, visit

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  1. The best simulator should have a moving platform to swing from, to obviously match the terrain and its uneven lies… 😉 here, the machine is great but the player always hits from a flat lie…

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