Is the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport a True Sports Car?

Is the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport a True Sports Car?

We’re at Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, CA. In this corner we have the 2017 Honda Civic
Hatch Sport. In this corner we have a 2010 Honda Civic
Si, and today we’re here to see whether this can meet, or even exceed the performance
of this. But before we do that, let’s take this one
up into the mountains to see how it can handle a back road. Now when most people think of the Honda Civic,
they think of commuter cars, but there’s a special party trick with this car — the
Honda Civic Sport Hatchback — because it actually feels more at home on a back road. And right now, going through the twisties
up here in the alpine switchbacks, it just feels like it’s meant to be here. This car is meant for commuting if your commute
is up and down a mountain, and if your commute is up and down a mountain, you are going to
be perfectly happy with your purchase decision if you buy this car because the minute you
start going fast and taking turns a little bit harder, it starts to come alive, and it
starts to feel more confident. See, in day-to-day traffic on the freeway,
it feels like a typical Honda Civic, but then on a back road, it feels a little bit more
expensive. When I drive quickly in the mountains in this
car, I swear I can feel every metal panel engorging. It’s like the car gets sexually aroused by
me taking a turn hard; chucking it in and exploring the limits of the adhesion of the
tires. It’s amazing how the character actually changes
from commuter car when you’re driving on the freeway to nice back-road warrior on the weekends
if you’re having a good time up in the mountain roads up here. So if you’re in the market for this car, and
you only plan on commuting back and forth to work — regular freeway driving and city
driving — this car isn’t going to be given its chance to shine if that’s all you ever
do with it. You have to take it on a mountain road, or
somewhere where there are technical, twisty, tight corners because that’s where the engineering
of this vehicle begins to really show. It feels like some of that NSX DNA is coming
through a little bit here, and it’s interesting to think about what revolution the NSX started
when it came out because back in 1991 that was the first production car ever to have
electrically assisted power steering, and back then nobody complained about that, and
Honda is a pioneer when it comes to having feel in electric power steering because the
feel that I’m getting out of the steering right now is pretty decent. I mean it’s not on the level of something
hydraulic, but I have no complaints about the steering, as far as driving right now. Now if you’re in a high-speed situation, it
can be a little bit light on center, and that can be a little surprising sometimes, but
overall for the way that most people are going to be driving this car, the steering is tuned
properly, especially for when you get it on these mountain roads and start chucking it
in corners and making yourself smile. Now this particular Civic Hatch Sport Turbo
is equipped with really the transmission that you want: the six-speed manual transmission. A CVT is optional, and that costs $800 extra,
but this is a pretty good manual. It’s precise, but it kind of feels a little
bit flimsy. It’s likely the Civic Si and the Civic Type
R will have a better shifting feel to their manual transmissions, but for what this car
is going to be used for, it should be fine for most people. Now when it comes to the clutch, you feel
like you’re stepping on air, but that makes sense because this car is going to be used
for commuting, and you want it to be as easy as possible for people to not even think about
their shifts. Alright, so now getting into a part of the
road here where it gets nice and technical, and taking this turn here a little sharply. It just turns in really nicely. Exits corners really nicely, and the feel
is direct to the steering. It does everything I need it to up here. Before we talk about this engine, let’s see
how it feels. OK, now what you heard there wasn’t me power-shifting
the car. It was actually some significant rev hang
going on there. It’s just something that happens in the tune
of these Hondas, probably for emissions reasons or something like that, but it’s something
you’ve got to deal with if you live with one of these cars every day, and you want
to drive spiritedly. Now what we’re dealing with here is a 1.5-liter,
turbocharged four-cylinder, and it’s pumping out 180 hp and just under 180 lb-ft of torque. Feels really good. This car weighs about 2,900 pounds. If it’s stripped out completely, the LX versions
are just over 2,800 lbs., and then if you have the Civic Touring Sport Hatchback, that’s
going to be about 3,000 lbs., so the weight on these cars varies pretty significantly
through the option lines, but this one here is about 2,900 pounds, and you can feel every
one of the 180 ponies. 0 to 60 is about 6.8 seconds. The quarter-mile is in the low 15s, and it
feels every bit as fast as that. You’re never left wanting for power in this
thing. Seeing as you’re never left wanting for
power, why don’t we take this to the track and see how it compares against an eighth-gen
Civic Si? Alright, we are in staging right now against
Jake’s 2010 Civic Si. Ah man, what a bad start. Ah, that was fun. Did not expect that much wheelspin on a prepared
track, so I gave it a little bit more, and the lights on the tree just started lighting
up a lot quicker than I thought they would, so … alright, better luck next time. Alright, going to do a burnout. And staging right now. Alright here we go. Ready. Deep breath. A little bog there. I lost that one. It’s probably going to be a 16.1-second quarter-mile
there. Bit of a bog. So going stage left this time. Just a little bit of a staging burn out there. Oh man. Leaving him in the weeds there. Alrighty, and here we come. Quarter-mile right there. Staged up. Here we go. Pretty even. Oh man! Oh this is even! (Screams) That’s awesome! Oh my God! That was pretty good! Alrighty. Didn’t have a lot of time to talk at the start
there. So much going on, but yeah, now we are in
Jake’s 2010 Honda Civic Si — an eighth-gen Si — and man, that was pretty, pretty well-matched. And he’s got the muffler cut off this car,
so hearing that VTEC in pure form is very refreshing after being in the new one that’s
very very quiet. But like I said, it goes to show you that
Civic Sport Turbo — not even an Si — is, as we can see right here, beating this car. He’s staging right now. Let’s see how this goes. Alright, he is staged now. Ooh I— felt VTEC kick in. And a clear win for the Civic Hatch Turbo. My lunch was conservative there just to see
what a conservative launch would be like in the Si. Not too bad. He got a 15—. Oh my God! He got a 15.1 at 92 mph. Good God! That’s … that’s exactly what that car
should be doing. Alright, so a clear victory today for the
2017 Honda Civic Hatch Turbo. After plenty of time in the mountains, and
a whole day at the track, we’ve demonstrated that the 2017 Civic Hatch Sport gives the
2010 Si a run for its money. And when you consider this is the template
for the upcoming Civic Si and Civic Type R, I can only imagine how good those cars are
going to be.

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  1. Nice to see Honda back! I also own a Civic sport touring hatchback, very fun and nice car, Honda did really well with this one!!

  2. That stuff about the secret mode, were you just joking around or were there actually some settings that he messed with to improve the time?

  3. I soooo wish Honda would give us an all wheel drive option! This car and the new Type R would be so amazing AWD!

  4. Failed to mention if the 2010 had any mods or if it was stock like the hatchback. Additionally, failed to clarify what "exactly" Jake did to make the hatch run quicker. Those were the critical details of this video that were left out.

  5. LoL this guy is the first person I have ever heard say that the shifter isn't that good what an idiot, the shifter is smooth and classic Honda

  6. Its been proven that this car can beat a 2015-16 Si in normal drive mode, you just got out driven, you need to drive the CVT…

  7. Great review – the Sport is every bit as good as most hot hatchbacks. May be down on power a bit, but the broad torque band gives it better pick up than expected. And who can argue when you're getting 25+mpg with spirited driving?

  8. EK9 was a hatchback , I don't know wtf this is??!?!?!?!?!?
    Also 99-00 Si 1/4 mile times are 15.8, 8th gen Si should be in the low 15s range.

  9. A true sports car in 2017 can do 0-60 in the low 4 second range. Ain't no honda civic doing that, lol.

  10. If it beat the si and the new turbo civic is dirt slow. What word to use for the si?

  11. Good on you for switching drivers. After the first few races I was hoping you guys would switch so we could factor out driver skill.

  12. NSX was not the first production car to get power steering, and on manual model NSX don't even offer power steering, you can't just make stuff up.

  13. I’ve had a Civic Sport for over a year and I’ve fell for it all over again. Get a second hand one whilst you can. Check out Petrol Ped’s review of it too…

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