Is He Supposed To Swim Here? | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E2

Is He Supposed To Swim Here? | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E2

are you happy to go straight across with you want to stop there happy – there to go if you want to go there you going to go great go pre [Music] okay so since we announced the Great British swim it’s gone absolutely ballistic for me the great British limb is almost leading by example and I’m not saying that everybody should go and swim around you know the country that they live in I’m not saying that but all it is is a hope it gets people to just think outside of their comfort zones wherever it’s doing their first triathlon first 5k first 10k it doesn’t matter any sport just try something new this year I launched my first book it was called the world’s fittest book and I just think if you’re gonna call your book that you better do something pretty impressive to back it up almost leading by example and that’s what I’ve loved now about the great british swim that is turned into something where everyone’s asking questions about the limits that they’d probably put on their body what they thought they were capable of just rode back from Torquay I met Matt and Suzanne for the first time welcome aboard that’s here that’s home mission control area in here which is where all the steering a navigation and everything goes on mind your head on the way down here is the sitting space rather than a fan Wow we can get cozy it may feel a bit tight but actually it’s oh now this is cool you’ve been out in the elements all day you actually do want somewhere where you can snuggle up a little bit so we can get you know we can get the full crew in over debrief we’re gonna we can we can chill a bit and you know look at chance to UM nervousness okay follow me this is Posie oh wow so what that were just kind of flipping flips down in a second to show you but that’s also a really good feature for you if you get exhausted or tired and just can’t [Music] every bit as epic as they were described to me in the sailing community but for now I’m gonna head down to Margate gonna do some final checks I’m gonna prepare to set sail Great Britain we are now heading down to Margate we’re gonna see the boat got some more media stuff to do and then I’m gonna do a life Facebook show you to vote three hours about three hours away from start of the Great Britain swim crew still packing we’re almost there now just basically just any space on the bow any anywhere we can per like just supplies porridge oats like bars just nut butters we’re just storing anything anywhere there’s a hundred days [Music] she’s got massive medallion it’s intimidating somewhere buzzin like the mayor’s just offered me hot cross buns I think that’s like the key to the city is that when they call if I’ve just been given the keys the hot cross bun city I’m gonna be done in like stitched me up but as well and truly stitch me up everyone set their what Mar gates been amazing I’m kind of a little bit sad to leave but I have them kind of stones on my return journey so yeah a little bit sad to leave but also keep to get going great very swim this is my said to be signing out see you in Dover [Music] do you know what it just feels really nice just on the first in just got out feeding make a really good progress already eyeing up Ramsgate boom don’t be alarmed that is duct tape on my neck I’ll explain later about 20 minutes ago have the most like beautifully cinematic view of rocks like swimming into the blizzard over is he struggling to see where he’s going at the moment yeah he must be Taylor yes Ross got a nasty bit of tape on his neck struggling a little bit just to cite us on this side where is he now he needs to go over that time I didn’t follow his clothes I can’t see him you’ve got a dragon he’s swimming the wrong way so you got to call him in Bianca no we’re going on like being completely wrong direction there for them struggling alibi visibility and transiting the court with this fog and also Ross talking a little bit with so we’re just going to play on the same side forever we’re going to the for this time a bit of arrest drink down in pre hydrate exams later next time six on six off [Music] compare me to swimmer and which everybody’s across the attention are you happy to go straight across or do you want to stop they’re happy to they’re to go if you want to go haha which is a basically to the end of the wall is back to Minnie and push yeah you’re all right yeah yeah you’re gonna go great go for it [Music] follow me you need it it’s going well okay I know it doesn’t look like here I have duct tape on my neck the team were amazing I was panicking a little bit I may be completely honest with you I was really really excited to see the White Cliffs of Dover saw them and I think as much as I really really wanted to crack on and as much as we’ve got an island to swim around it was really nice to actually share that with the team and I turned around he was taking pictures as much as this is sort of a race against time and and the island and everything like that I just think it’s really really really important to take in those moments and and that was already one of my favorite ones when I was talking about the great British name I didn’t realize how much it would really capture the imagination of everybody around the world I thought Britain would really get behind it but what was really interesting is a lot of the sailing community they know how bad the tides the currents the weather how unpredictable it is all around Great Britain so when they said you’re swimming around Great Britain it wasn’t the distance that they were referring to it was just the unpredictability of the weather and at the time I was like yeah I know it’s fine it’s the summer though isn’t it very naive and it was like mother nature is almost sort of going there you go taking the view alright enough now three in summary it’s been a good start despite the fact I’m doing a video diary with duct tape on my neck thank you guys that’s it for this week’s vlog remember to Like and subscribe to Red Bulls YouTube channel or we’re posting weekly vlogs as I make my way around Great Britain I’ve been reading all your comments so please get involved whether it’s posting tips tricks words of encouragement or even how the great british swim has inspired you to do something on your sporting to-do list I’ve been really and this is the great British web

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  1. Leave your positive vibes for Ross in the comments! He'll try and reply to all of them. Once swimming is done. 💪

  2. Mate your crazily positive attitude is literally the most motivating thing to see, keep tackling the swim one day at a time and enjoy the views. Much love from Australia

  3. I've got a good idea that'll challenge you: swim around all of Lake Superior. Might not work well with the US/Canada border though.

  4. I realy are going to push my self in all my workouds evan harder then befor thank you❤️❤️
    I will buy your book soon. So exited to read it!! First book in my live i want to read and that in english to😂
    I am from switzerland and are 15 years old✌️ love you keep going💪💪💪

  5. Yesterday I went swimming and met an old guy, I just decided to swim behind him and when he stopped, he said he did 150 laps already. He is probably like 70 and I am 20, that really pumped me up to work harder.

  6. This is such a lie, he's not even swimming the whole way. He's on the boat for literally more than half the day…

  7. I'm curious as to how far the boat sailed when he was taking his 6 hour breaks – no hate, I'm crazy inspired. Just something to think about.

  8. mad respect to you man you are one of my hero's because you have started what people thought is the impossible I am a swimmer my self and know how hard it is to do what we do in the water but you sir are an absolute hero best of luck to you.

  9. That is almost 3 month+ that made me shake because there maybe could be a creature in the water or smt

  10. Your so inspirational ross. You try your hardest to strive for something you want to accomplish and stick with it. I wish you luck on your future missions and
    Hope you strive to accomplish more things.good luck

  11. Wow Ross just came across your vlogg OMG amazing, i live in dover if i would have known sooner i would have come out and swan with you to keep you company, well for a mile or 2 anyway..

    Good luck and keep pushing


  12. Love how you are showing the world that science isn't always right and the body is an amazing thing! Im an exercise science student and Canadian Boxing Athlete training for 2020 olympics! I am always testing and pushing the limits on my body! I am about to take on a 24hr challenge and try to burn 10k-15k calories! Can't wait for my milkshakes and pancakes! Mind you i am Vegan as well for the past 5 years going to be a surprise to people when i complete this! I am wishing you nothing but the beast mat You are a beast! Keep kicking, keep going never stop or give up! Unlock any thoughts in you when your body is giving up to allow you to strive forward! Pain is temporary paradise is forever!!!!!

  13. C’mon Ross! I regularly take my boat out to sea around the uk a massive feat against these tides. Good luck fella 👍

  14. Thanks a lot fot this vediou beacus I love swiminig and spend most of my time under whater It's upsultly a mazing

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