Is Gear Club Unlimited 2 the FORZA for Nintendo Switch? | RGT 85

Is Gear Club Unlimited 2 the FORZA for Nintendo Switch? | RGT 85

About a year ago or so on the channel we
reviewed a game called Gear Club unlimited for the Nintendo switch now
let’s be honest the Nintendo switch does not have all that many racing games
especially realistic style racing games so gear club unlimited sort of filled a
slot now this game did have mobile routes it was originally a mobile game
that was ported over to the Nintendo switch but for what it was it wasn’t a
terrible game there was definitely some problems with it and when it was
announced that gear club unlimited – was being developed just for the Nintendo
switch I honestly got pretty excited for it because I thought gear Club unlimited
did a decent job of bringing a realistic style racing game to the switch and I
felt like with gear club unlimited to being focused fully on the Nintendo
switch with no mobile port it would make for a better experience and so the team
over at gear Club unlimited actually sent over a review copy for gear Club
and limited – and I decided to check it out because honestly I like realistic
racing games games like Gran Turismo games like Forza these games are so much
fun to me because I enjoy cars so I’ve been spending some time with care Club
and limited – and I definitely have some things to say about it so as gear Club
and limited – worth picking up is this the racing game that Nintendo switch
owners have been looking for when it comes to something more realistic sit
back relax make sure you subscribe to the channel and let’s jump into the
world of gear club Unlimited 2 for the Nintendo switch hey our GTA 5 hey star
oh my god it’s Stevie Richards so the meat of gear club unlimited – is
the career mode which has you racing through several types of races to unlock
more events there’s a story element that’s interjected into it but it really
feels completely unnecessary with lines of written dialogue that I honestly just
did not care about each event has you choosing from a car in your garage with
the specs needed in order to enter the challenge once inside of an event
there’s a series of races that you must place as high as you can in order to get
the biggest prize purse and of course try to win the event the races range
from things like a traditional race time trial off-road or knockout races which
has the person in last place getting removed until there is only one car left
the races themselves are much longer than in the first game which was a main
complaint that a lot of people had with the initial title of the series because
things just ended up going too fast on the flip side however there’s low times
in between the races and they’re much longer this time around it’s pretty
noticeable and honestly it’s rather annoying when you’re just trying to get
to the next race some of them can take up to 30 to 45 seconds even maybe a
minute sometimes and I definitely notice these long load times the main campaign
also offers side races as exhibition races where you can earn additional
money if your car is a bit lacking in order to improve upon it there’s also a
bunch of different car dealerships you can go to and look at specific ranking
of cars to check them out pop the hood look inside or take them out for a spin
to see if they meet your racing needs and what kind of racer you are on the
track a big improvement over the first title in this series though is that
there are many more cars to choose from in the first game there was about 30
plus in this game there are 51 now there was DLC for the first game that added
more cars in so they might do DLC for this game as well there’s sort of beefed
up the car roster you have a lot of high-end cars like Bugattis and
MacLaren’s all of which have their own unique engine sounds handling and feel
speaking of handling the main thing I noticed that was improved upon the first
game was the actual racing in the game when you’re racing in the game it feels
much more responsive than in the first title cars handle much better this time
around and the variety of terrains actually play a role in how the cars
handle them you slip and slide on snowy areas rocky areas make you feel like you
might spin out on any given point of time and so forth if you wreck you have
the ability to rewind time up to a certain point so that could be good an
assist the game offers different options when
driving such as braking anti-skid and steer assistance using these will sort
of let the computer control your car a bit but I did find the braking assist to
be a bit overbearing what even when it was low because it would slow down your
car based on the driving line in the game even if you were using the
accelerator and honestly that could be a bit jarring in my opinion when you’re
expecting to go faster and your car just isn’t going faster like is there some
input lag here but no it was simply just the braking assist a brand new addition
to the game is the club feature which allows you to create an online club have
people join and do online tasks for a leaderboard system you’ll race against
different ghost cars from various clubs and beating them will make your club
rank go higher you can invite friends to join your club you can have random
people join as well it’s a nice feature that I feel that could actually add some
longevity to the game single-player and should be a staple of the franchise
moving forward you can also customize your vehicles you have a performance
shop that you can decorate and improve upon the vehicles that allows you to
change things like the vehicles color improve the engine and suspension make
it better for rally events and so forth you can upgrade the base as well to
unlock more improvements add pieces to your garage and even make it better and
customize your fleet of cars that you purchase as you start to play the game
for a few hours though you start to get a bit bored and confused by a lot of
things honestly the main thing is while the racing itself feels much improved
the game itself is sort of stuck in an identity crisis as to whether or not it
wants to be an arcade racer or a sim racer things like upgrading your cars
with various parts would make you think that it’s going to be a sim but the fact
that it’s just a simple level upgrade and you can’t tinker with things kind of
makes it feel more arcadey the racing itself like I said is much
improved but things like crashes don’t really matter because of the rewind
feature and the fact that your car doesn’t get damaged whatsoever there’s
no visible damage there’s no drivetrain damage so crashing into a car or a
barrier just sort of slows you down a bit which sort of feels like an arcade
racer another thing that could be confusing is the difference between a
time trial and an actual race in a race the cars are there with you on the track
but a time trial you are just racing against the ghost of the cars that you
can see sometimes in the middle of the race I honestly forgot whether or not I
was doing a time trial or a race and I’m end up hitting a car because of it
graphically speaking the game does look somewhat better than its predecessor
the cars of themselves all look very nice and you can add custom paint jobs
rims and stickers to them as well the game seems to run pretty smooth as well
and I didn’t really notice as much slowdown as in the first game when there
were a lot of cars in a confined area as once there’s some pop up here and there
and some strange lighting in the environments but it’s smooth enough
especially at higher speeds to be enjoyable the environments are much more
varied than the first game which is a good thing but at the same time they
feel a bit lifeless they’re completely stagnant and while it’s nice to see
buildings and trees nothing in the background moves it just feels weird
there’s no cloud movement or water movement nothing just very barren I
would have liked to have something anything let me know
I was zipping around a track and it was a real world hell Gran Turismo and the
ps2 had things going on in the backgrounds just to feel more alive
another thing that bothered me was the lack of effects for different terrains
there’s no snow flying at you from other cars or from the weather there’s no dirt
clouds to deal with it all just feels very lifeless no matter what sort of
race you’re doing the audio in the game is a bit of a mixed bag as well some
vehicles sound pretty spot-on some sound really strange
there’s no in-game music whatsoever just in the menus which is weird as hell all
you get is the roar of the engine which is fine but I would have liked to at
least have the option here a few music tracks while racing around the game
features local and online multiplayer but the online multiplayer isn’t quite
ready yet so you can’t check it out I’ll probably check it out in a later date
though because I do prefer my racing games to have online races as it’s
always fun to play with other people so for right now you really only have the
club feature in terms of multiplayer that features an online thing all in all
though gear club unlimited – is an interesting game that has a lot of
confusing elements that really just make it sort of mediocre I don’t think it’s
bad but I don’t think it’s good it’s just sort of middle-of-the-road you
would think that with the team developing this game exclusively from
the Nintendo switch that they would have used the Nintendo switch to its full
capabilities but really it just sort of feels like a rehash of gear club and
limited one with some slight improvements they really should have
built this game from the ground up or at least improved upon the things that were
good in the first game because honestly there are some good things in gear club
unlimited – like I said I think the actual racing feels much better this
time around so it feels like they did it try to improve upon that they also try
to improve upon the graphics but in doing such they didn’t really do
anything to the backgrounds of them feel more lively the mistaken
identity situation in this game is really just sort of the nail in the
coffin for me though it can’t really decide whether it wants to be in our
Katy style game or simulation so it kind of straddles the middle and while that
might work for some people I prefer to know what sort of game I’m playing going
into it if it’s going to be an arcade game be an arcade game if it’s going to
be a racing sim be a racing sim just a bunch of small things to sort of add up
with this game and I don’t know it’s really strange though because if you
purchase the game physically it’s only fifty dollars but if you buy the game
digitally it’s sixty dollars isn’t that backwards or something like that
I don’t know but gear club unlimited too isn’t necessarily a bad game it’s just a
game with problems if you’re a fan of simulation racing games you’ll probably
have some fun here but don’t dive into this game thinking that it’s going to be
something as in-depth as forzó or something is in depth as Gran Turismo
because I honestly feel like you’ll be a bit disappointed
I think the ground work here is really good for what gear Club Unlimited 3
could potentially be but I think the development team needs to take a little
bit more time with it add some more flair to the game add some
more polish if you want to be a full fledged release you need to go up
against other full fledged release games there’s some upcoming racers coming to
the Nintendo switch in 2019 and if gear Club unlimited 3 doesn’t build upon this
game and improve upon it I feel like it will end up being left behind but those
are my thoughts on gear club unlimited – not good not bad just sort of the
middle-of-the-road let me know in the comments section down
below what you think of gear club unlimited – what you think of the
footage I’ve shown and if you plan on picking this game up or if you plan on
waiting for a sale for this game and as always thank you for checking out this
video if you are new to the channel make sure you subscribe and turn on
notifications I’m reviewing all sorts of games on here
doing all sorts of news videos and as always I will catch you guys on the next
video later

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  1. Forza's of different Consoles:
    X-Box One: Forza Horizon 4
    Playstation 4: The Crew 2
    Nintendo Switch: Gear Club Unlimited 2
    PC: Every game on the list
    Mobile: Asphalt 8/9

    If you have a better game or idea tell me and I'll consider changing it??

  2. it makes no sense but this cartridge has PSP level load times. it's ridiculous and completely unnecessary. just lazy in the end

  3. I'm going to pass on this game just for the simple fact that when the car drives through Shadows the shadow doesn't pass over the car. super lazy in my opinion.

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