Irish Summer @Trainer Central | Versatile | Life Style Sports

Irish Summer @Trainer Central | Versatile | Life Style Sports

Summer 2018, burnt back spanky white runners
Leave your socks on though and leave them hairy ankles out of my face
Always thank the bus driver, if you don’t thank the bus driver you’re a muppet
Paying child’s fare on the bus even though you’re about 40
Skulling cans on the canal, sunburn one day lashing rain the next,
Heavy jackets and factor 50 in the sun, Squad cars everywhere,
Summer 18 Keep the head low and the pocket fat

87 Replies to “Irish Summer @Trainer Central | Versatile | Life Style Sports”

  1. "leave them socks on and keep them hardy ankles out of me face" & "all ways take the bus driver if you don't take the bus driver your a muppet" best lines in the whole vid

  2. The marketing department should be fucking swept and the manager chucked for signing off on this crap. Lets try to appeal to the lowest common denominator and lower ourselves into the fucking gutter holy god

  3. I see enough of these tracksuit wearing cunts just going about my daily life, don't need to see it when I'm trying to watch something.

    Life style sports "Proudly providing the uniform for dole scroungers and junkies"

  4. Is this a real advertisement or a delayed April fools prank?
    Never shopping there again. Elvery's all the way now.
    What a horrible add, it's like using Trainspotting to advertise Edinburgh

  5. I need to correct some people in the comment section:
    Rappers from Dublin who look and sound like they're from Dublin = Authentic
    Rappers from Dublin who look and sound like they are American = Cringe

  6. People who say they are wearing knacker clothes they are wearing shorts trainers and t shirts the entire vid except for the occasional jacket

  7. I hate the people in the comment section saying how they'll never buy there again if ye English fucks could laugh ye would get comedy

  8. I seriously hate this ad and keep on giving the thumbs down when i can but it keeps on appearing on every third video i watch. So annoying

  9. Can all the Susan Paul’s Deirdre’s and Johns of the comment section please shut the fuck up omg??

  10. Why the fuck do you target this advert at me, Life Style Sports? I'm not your target demographic. No interest in this store or in emulating a trashy look. Many people in the comments agree.

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