100 Replies to “Irina Shayk – 720p HD”

  1. Maybe you are wondering why she is not in victoria secret!!! Let me tell you. She is wayyy too hot for that shit!!! … JESUS!!

  2. shes beautiful & wild but sincerely she pose like a bitch trying to turn u on , not like a professional classy sexy model.. :/

  3. Я требую свадьбу Ирины и Роналду! И чтоб Ирина родила ему ребенка! I want the wedding Irina and Ronaldo! And that Irina had borne him a child!

  4. She is so stunning! The feauture I love more about her is her eyes! So miracle and so mysterious, maybe, because she is russian?) Like me, ahha)

  5. Girls are so jealous whenever they find a girl that looks better than them but who cares she's HOT you're NOT!

  6. MY GOD, THANK YOU FOR CREATING BEAUTIFUL RUSSIAN WOMEN LIKE THIS <3 <3 <3 That accent, that body – those eyes. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

  7. Maybe, but, with the exception of the doctor who married Kathy Ireland, it REALLY REALLY helps to be some kind of famous person to ever have a chance with any of those women.

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