Introducing the OnePlus 7 Pro

Introducing the OnePlus 7 Pro

What does it take to be truly innovative? It all starts before you wake Introducing the OnePlus 7 Pro We set out to create a fully captivating experience With a powerful Dolby Atmos
sound from top to bottom And an immersive display that redefines
the term bezel-less on mobile devices Couple that with a 90 Hz refresh rate
and you can scroll smoothly through your favorite apps Or play the most intense mobile games available
with no compromises That’s because we put more computing power
into this device than ever before Now you can move seamlessly between apps with software that anticipates your next move Our adaptive brightness feature gives your eyes the least strenuous experience possible No matter the shot or scene
the OnePlus 7 Pro is up to the task That’s because we’ve added 3
rear camera lenses To make sure you’re capable
of catching every moment And, of course,
we didn’t forget the selfie camera Power through your day and night
worry free Because with Warp Charge
you’re good to go in 20 minutes That means your phone is ready before you are And the camera capabilities don’t
diminish when the sun goes down Thanks to our nightscape feature you’ll be able to take gorgeous photographs no matter the time of day That’s the OnePlus 7 Pro Our most advanced phone ever

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  1. Wait so when you want to buy the premium bundle for the oneplus 7 pro on the oneplus website there's a cable for the charger right so there are 2 sizes I can pick there is 100 cm and there is 150 cm so which size should i pick this is the only problem I have

  2. you guys are losing out on millions of people with smaller hands.. so how about a smaller 6 inch version one plus?.

  3. iPhone : We have the BEST smartphone ever built!
    One Plus: Hold my beer!
    ROG Phone 2: Move aside, this is for the big boys

  4. One Plus 7pro! Minha paixão amo tanto esse smartphone todo dia fico Assistindo videos deles e realmente o mais top os q já vi, queria tanto ganhar um desse de presente do one Plus

  5. Very top product, I recommend to everyone, I have one and it is excellent, has the versions below.


  6. One plus should show something about their phone security in their TVC videos .Just how Apple does it for showoff

  7. I love it all around, but txt on it sucks…..not as smooth as a samsung….(just the txting) everything else is amazing

  8. So glad ya'll are actually selling phones now. Last time I looked at "buying" one of these I had to make 100+ forum posts and refresh some webpage every day for an "invite". 4 phones later, I still have a soul. OneMinus One. Note series still wins.

  9. When you realize that the OnePlus 7 Pro takes 55 minutes longer and the Galaxy Note 10 charges significantly faster…


  10. Well, I feel good. I can relate to everything that's being shown in the video.

    Hey wait, is that the same thing I'm using right now?

    6,7 size Display! 90Hz Refresh! Triple best Camera!
    The best Smartphone for 670€ in Europe!

  12. Heart : oneplus 7 pro
    Wallet : next iphone ???

    Sabki aukaat same nahi hoti na

    (Joking just bought nokia 3310 yellow 2 days ago)????

  13. At least oneplus doesnt disable comments. Apple is just shit u see? Opinion of the consumer doesn't count for apple. They just want your cash and you to shut the fuck up. If u like that go with apple.

  14. OnePlus few years ago you were making fun of Apple iPhone for not having 3.5mm headphone jack and now you do same thing in your flagship device . Really I were frustrated to carry the dongle which you have even not provided in the box of OP7 .I think you should bring back headphone jack for the convinice of people and your user friendly experience brand ,on which you cashed in the market .
    A loyal fan of OnePlus.

  15. I have a OnePlus 5 and I am very happy with it. I will continue to buy oneplus as long as they are providing new Android updates.

  16. Buy a Oneplus phone use this link and get 10€ (or the equivalent in your currency) in free accessories.

  17. Man how can u not like a company that doesn't officially ip rate their phones because it will increase the price of the phone. Btw it's waterproof for anyone who's asking

  18. Been using this phone for almost 4 mths. Still Loving it. Great display, AWESOME camera and definitely better speakers compared to previous OnePlus models.

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