Introducing Live Control Room – for Live Streaming

Introducing Live Control Room – for Live Streaming

in this video I’ll show you how to setup
and manage live streams in YouTube’s live control room we’ve built a brand
new stream workflow in live control room that combines the best of our classic
live streaming creation tools stream now and events the new live control room
centralizes all of our live creation tools into one easy to use destination
for live creators based on your feedback we’ve added many improved features some
of which we’ll walk through today before you get started you’ll need to have
streaming software installed also known as an encoder your channel also needs to
be enabled for live streaming click the link in the description if you need help
with either of these steps let’s get started with creating a new live stream
once you’re signed in click the upload icon at the top of the page then click
go live in this window you have the option to create a new stream or make a
copy of a previous stream let’s start with a new stream first select new
stream here you can enter in a title set your privacy edit your description enable monetization and select the
streams category you can also choose to schedule the stream at a later time and
upload a custom thumbnail once you enter this info click create stream now let’s
take a step back if you’d like to use settings from a previous stream select
copy and create just like with a new stream you can modify your streams
details click Next to continue if you’ve created a new stream a new
stream key will be generated for you for frequent streamers you can use the same
custom stream key for all your streams to set up a custom stream key click this
drop down then choose create new stream key in this menu you can set up a custom
name and description once you’re set click create you can now select this
custom stream key in this drop-down you always have the option of editing your
custom stream keys by selecting the manage stream keys option in this menu
you can change the details of your custom stream keys or choose to delete
them you can manage other settings like
latency DVR and captions now let’s connect your encoder to start the
streams preview copy the stream key here and paste this into your encoder
settings then start streaming navigate back to live control room now you should
see the streams preview here nice let’s get the stream on YouTube
click the go live button your live you’ll see this live icon along with
your stream duration on your preview window there’s quite a bit to live
control room so let’s go over the features the analytics widget lists
real-time data for your stream including the total number of concurrent viewers
chat rate playbacks and the average watch time this graph will show your
concurrent viewers over time but you can change this anytime to also see chat
rate and play backs you can also check your streams health by clicking this
widget which will give you a real-time status report of your stream if your
channel has super chat enabled this widget will show a running list of
people that have purchased super stickers and super chats during your
live stream live control room now has an option for saving Stream highlights when
you click this icon you can enter the highlights name then you can quickly
scrub through your stream to find a highlight you also have the ability to
publish a video during a stream if you’d like to edit the highlights metadata at
a later time you can save it as private or unlisted once you’re finished streaming click end
stream you’ll get stats from your stream as well as the ability to trim your live
archive and edit the video metadata in YouTube studio finally let’s go over the
manage tab this will show you all of your upcoming streams from here you can
edit metadata or change settings of upcoming streams and that’s it if you
want to learn more please check out the description and don’t forget to
subscribe for more youtube tips and tricks

100 Replies to “Introducing Live Control Room – for Live Streaming”

  1. First of all it isn't a criticize it is a suggestion:

    1 – When you are developing new features first you do an ab test to see if users are using those or not and why they are not using …

    2 – You must to ensure all features available on old one be present in new one

    3 – Test features before launch … ( it doesn't works well with relay softwares)

    4 – On streaming panel is missing persistent key, one of the main problems because when the stream lose the signal a new key is generate and software is not capable to reconnect

    5 – stabilit ( the old one is so much stable to stream. the new one drops stream a lot)

  2. your new streaming not only sucks it doesnt work utube is cutting its own throat and trying to make it mainstream garbage, if we wanted mainstream we would just watch the idiot box which utube seems to be aiming for

  3. This new process is a hot mess. It's not reliable, it's not intuitive and it's extremely confusing. Half of the scheduled live stream we've attempted fail and we've had to start new streams. C'mon, YouTube! This is horrible. We want to live stream. Our fans want us to live stream. Facebook wants us to live stream…

  4. hello, can you help im having a problem on livestream I’m not able to comment on any of my friends during liveStream. At first I thought I was blocked but I reached out to them on Twitter and they didn’t. I’m a mod for a friend & I can’t comment on their streams either. Commenting on their videos is fine & my comments go through, but not the LiveStream comments.

  5. I like the options but the problem is some people just want to hit Live on obs and go live fast. spending 20 mins setting up thumbnails and all the other stuff isn't ideal for frequent streamers. even so i do think it's a slight step up from the previous thing as i can do away with having to deal with thumbnails. 🙂

  6. Добавлять мета данные в новой нельзя, а в старой можно было сразу, что намного удобнее.
    В старой версии все сразу настроил и не надо потом по сто раз правками заниматься.
    Добавили бы в старую возможность составлять планирование стрима и все. Зачем огород городить.

  7. Thank you brother for introducing how to live stream on youtube. It's the good lession have to learn for youtuber. I enjoye your video

  8. Since this giant banner in the superior stream dashboard doesn't have a "GTFO" button while it has every space it needs I have to say it here: Whoever makes design decisions at YouTube the last year or so obviously has never used a PC.

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      "0sz": false,
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      "yof": true,
      "dis": "",
      "cgr": true,
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  10. YouTube Please stop changing things that don't need to be changed! I just did a stream the way I have been doing for 68 streams before this one and low and behold, the new Live Control Dashboard totally messed everything up. It's on my channel for a laugh if you want to see it (I get a little heated). It's titled "YouTube Changed Verification And Creators Are Not Happy". Frustrated!!!

  11. Why can't we create a COPY of a PREVIOUS Livestream created in CLASSIC? THAT would be SO much easier for transforming busy people like me.

  12. Not a huge fan of the newer changes, to be real. They're missing too many things, firstly, and secondly, making too drastic of changes way too quickly.

  13. I just love the idea of copying a past Event. It copies the tags as well. Each of our shows has different tags, and there is nowhere to remove or add new tags. I have to remember to go edit those AFTER setup. Great if I remember, bad if I forget! Thank you

  14. Hey I have a question. So I have a encoder but the encoder does not work well on my computer so I want to stick with hangouts but it won't let me change back to hangout instead of encoder. What do I do?

  15. Bring back streaming through Hangouts! All of the encoding programs suck asshole and slow down my PC!! You destroyed my channel when you took away streaming through Hangouts!! Thanks for fucking up my channel YouTube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are of no use to me at all now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. So bad guys, so bad, i cant use that for my stream, becouse when i try to reconect my OBS to YT – my stream is over without chance to restart

  17. I've a Question. I'm one of new YouTuber, I just got 1000 subscribers, Can I do Live streaming or I need permission from YouTube. I didn't get any email from Youbube. Thank you.

  18. I guess I'm going back to as this is way to complicated and I have no idea how to show share my screen when I go live. Hangouts was fine, imo, why change it?

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