Insurgency: Sandstorm – Gameplay Overview Trailer

Insurgency: Sandstorm – Gameplay Overview Trailer

Welcome to Insurgency: Sandstorm, the hardcore tactical shooter with a focus on atmosphere, teamwork, high lethality gunplay, and intense firefights. My name is Michael Tsarouhas, I’m the lead game designer, and in this video, I’m going to take you through what makes our experience really special. Game modes Insurgency: Sandstorm offers both cooperative and player versus player experiences across a wide variety of maps and layouts. In our coop mode Checkpoint, you can play solo or team up with other players against challenging AI. Your team must capture and destroy objectives as you advance through the map. But be careful: you only respawn when your team completes an objective. That means if you’re the last one alive, it’s all on you. Every time an objective is captured, there’s a chance the enemy will launch a counter-attack. Whoever just captured now needs to defend their new position until the attack ends and their team finally respawns. Sandstorm features three player-versus-player modes: Push, Firefight, and Skirmish. In Push, an attacking team must progress through the map until they are able to reach and destroy the defending team’s weapon cache. This mode moves fast and intense, with team coordination and fire support being critical to a successful attack defense. In Firefight however, things slow down. This mode focuses on close and intimate encounters featuring restricted loadouts and no fire support. The map has three objectives. Every time a team captures one, they respawn their dead teammates. You need to take all three objectives or kill all the enemy to win. The clutches gets real here, with one player able to bring back the entire team with just a single capture. There’s also a ranked five versus five for those looking for a more competitive experience. Skirmish is a large-scale open battlefield where players need to destroy the other team’s weapon cache defend their own and hold all three objectives. Each team needs to keep their weapon cache safe, cause if they lose it, they’ll stop gaining respawn waves from captures. Skirmish also features vehicles which can be used to quickly get on point or lock down key positions. They have MGs that chew through walls and flesh alike, and because of their shields, they can be really tough to take down without explosives. Immersion Weapons in Sandstorm have no crosshair and are not fixed to the center of the screen. Instead, they use a system called “free-aim”, meaning they can move independently of your view. You always need to mind your muzzle, and pay attention to where your weapon is pointing. Whenever you fire, that’s where the bullet’s gonna go. And as long as your finger is on the trigger, you can always take a shot. Insurgency is all about immersion. We keep our HUD very minimal. There’s no kill feed, hit markers, or anything that might distract from the action in front of you. The only way to confirm a kill in Sandstorm is to watch the body drop. Each weapon and its ballistics were created with meticulous care. Caliber, barrel length, and other factors play into every shot you take. Close range shots are simulated in a manner similar to hitscan, with longer ranges use a real-time projectile simulation. As a result, CQB is clean and quick, especially considering our high lethality. Long range shooting however, involves a little more time to target calculation. In addition to dropping from gravity, bullets slow down as they travel through the air, and slow down even more when they penetrate different materials, all the while reducing their damage potential. A thin wooden panel isn’t much, but a thick concrete barrier is a different story. Ammo management is important. When you reload in Insurgency, you’re not just dipping into a magical pool of ammunition. You need to keep track of every magazine you have, and how many bullets you have in each one. If you forget, you can always pat down your vest with an ammo check to get a rough idea. There’s also a staged reload system, where if your reload is interrupted, you can continue it from where you left off. You can also drop your magazine during a reload in order to reload faster. This is great for an emergency situation, or just whenever the mag is empty. Soundstaging Every sound in Insurgency: Sandstorm tells a story. We’ve put a lot of effort into our soundscaping to contribute on both a gameplay level and an atmospheric one. Every gunshot, explosion, call out, artillery shell, helicopter rotor, and footstep have been carefully created to realistically take into account distance, location, occlusion. The same shot fired in a cement room, a metal warehouse, or a city street is gonna sound different, and gives a wealth of information about the shooter. What weapon are they using? Are they moving? How far away are they? What part of the room are they hiding in? Movement Sandstorm is definitely a hardcore military game, but still recognizes the value of fluid movement. There’s a variety interaction options including low vaulting, high vaulting, sliding, door breaching, and charging. Kick in a door to quickly make entry, disorienting anyone inside and killing anyone unfortunate enough to be standing in the way. Peek through a door to get an angle on the enemy or bounce in a grenade without exposing yourself. These kinds of options are also available in vehicles, where you can duck to avoid fire, or even turn an enemy vehicle’s machine gun on its own passengers. Loadouts Sandstorm features a large class selection, each with its own weapons, equipment, and abilities. Weapons are never unlocked, they’re all right there from the start. The weapons available to you only depend on your class. All your gear is purchased using a limited amount of supply points, and everything you carry has weight to it. This means that every choice has a cost. Go light with no armor and an SMG to run fast and get on objective quickly or get strapped with heavy armor and extra ammo to clear indoor areas. The Demolitions class can bring explosives to take out vehicles or holed up groups of enemies, while the Marksman can take high powered rifles for long range engagements. The Commander and Observer classes can work together to bring powerful fire support to the field. Call in artillery strikes, smoke screens, gas attacks, airstrikes, explosive drones, helicopter support. Weapons can be customized and equipment selected to suit a variety of roles. Create your own personal build from a wide variety of upgrades including optics, foregrips, suppressors, explosives, quick draw holsters, greased bolts, and more. As with our weapons, these are never unlocked: they’re all right there from the start and depend on your class. Remember, each accessory comes with a cost. Think tactically, and prepare appropriately. Use smoke grenades to cover your advance, molotov cocktails for area denial, rocket launchers to destroy vehicles, C-4 to surprise enemies, or just good old fashioned no nonsense frag grenades. You create your own identity on both factions. Choose from hundreds of different clothing and gear items including combat shirts, track pants, helmets, gloves, hoodies, masks, sunglasses, and plenty of other options. Change your gender, face, hair, and voice to suit your character. Every customization item you see can be earned through gameplay. New content roadmap More content is coming after release. Post launch we’ll be adding new weapons, maps, customization items, modding support, and more. As with the original Insurgency, this type of content will be free. Our community really is important to us, and we don’t want to split our playerbase. We want everyone who owns Sandstorm to experience these updates. We hope you enjoyed this overview of Insurgency Sandstorm’s features and mechanics, and we look forward to seeing you in the servers on release December 12.

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  1. Looks awesome but I’m not sold on the game modes. Perhaps when the content update comes we get some more. Might definitely pick it up then.

  2. I'm not a fan of pvp. Not a fan of call of duty games or battlefield. As to me it's all the same. HOWEVER! I was intrigued by this game and omg. It's absolutely awesome. I just love the sound, the weapons,the loadouts . Its really great.

  3. the only thing that bothers me is the fact that nobody can fly that chopper. hope they put out a dlc for this otherwise i won't buy this game. Sorry New world interactive llc you did a great job with the other parts of the game.

  4. One of the best shooter i‘ve ever played! Love this fucking game! Perfect Animation, Porn for your ears!
    Take my money

  5. This is awesome it’s like а dev team finally listened to the gaming community before producing their game im excited for console release

  6. Everything looks great except for the unrealistic massive blood plumes from hits, that's pretty distracting from immersion.

  7. this game is very nice but you should do it better for those who have PC, worse because it asks many and others do not have the pc so good you have to do, graphics like it. cs.go if you do not mind how it is (Insurgency)1.making a good ubdate, at playing for lesser graphics for those who have weaker pc …Insurgency: Sandstorm !PS

  8. Best video game I ever played. Love streaming this game and it runs perfect. I want a sponsorship how much I play n stream this masterpiece 💯 u will never play another fps ever again once u play this. Addiction warning⚠️

  9. Can’t wait to be yelled at by a bunch of edgy 13 year old cod fanboys and Russian tryhards every time I get sniped. Woo hoo

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