INEOS News 5 – Sports Special – Mountains, Forests & Playgrounds

INEOS News 5 – Sports Special – Mountains, Forests & Playgrounds

welcome to in TV the show that takes you inside any us this edition has something of a sporting theme so we’re here at the home of the lows on lions the swiss ice hockey team sponsor biennials but before we face off with the Lions we’ve been in the USA watching the first dragonship loading up and getting ready to sail we’ve got domestically produced Marcellus Shale ethane about to make its way to Europe it’s a momentous event and will be in Wrath nests in Norway when it arrives bringing the first-ever US shale gas ething to Europe when we now finally have the US shale gas coming in of course that’s it new area force it’s a new beginning I’ll be putting your questions to the INEOS chairman Jim Ratcliffe the gas imported from the u.s. is still cheaper than buying local gas and also and of course we’ll bring you the latest news and insight from the world of any US earlier this month the first of any haces dragon chips departed the east coast of the United States we headed to marcus hook on the Delaware River to find out what this meant for everyone involved in the project and for the region as a whole on Wednesday the night of March 2016 the first in your struggle ship prepared to depart the docks at the marcus hook industrial complex on the Delaware River a really exciting day today the project’s been working out for four to five years we’ve got to the point now the first shipments going to move really exciting for everyone on this project or the whole live in the austin for our future loaded with ethan from the Marcellus Shale in the Appalachian Basin the intrepid set off on its three and a half thousand mile voyage to rottnest Norway today we sent here in bright sunshine and Marcus Hook and this morning there is it competed loading the 14 and half thousand tons of their thing so it is a remarkable and actually historic day and we’re saying being here watching the ship ready to go on this beautiful day tremendous feeling we’ve got domestically produced Marcellus Shale ethane about to make its way to Europe it’s a momentous event with the INEOS intrepid taking its place at the head of this virtual transatlantic pipeline this is a story of Renaissance for the European chemicals industry on the east coast of the USA it’s a story of renewal and regeneration the Marcus Hook refinery is over 100 years old and had a prestigious history within the American energy industry took was one of the first refineries in the United States you know goes back to right around the turn of the century in 2011 that history looked to be coming to an end when the site was forced to shut down it was really devastating blow to the local community obviously there were jobs that were lost however the contract with in yours and the Mariner East project has provided the site and the local area with a lifeline today when you come into Marcus Hook it’s a completely different story we joke about the fact that you know it’s hard to find a table and when the local restaurants for lunch around here because there’s so much activity hundreds if not thousands of contractors that are working here at marcus hook as part of the ongoing redevelopment of the site we have a supply chain that starts in pennsylvania and ends in norway and all along the way there’s a team of people that contributed to that to that all coming together I mean it feels great and all of our folks here that contributed to that or are really excited about being part of that effort with the imminent arrival of the ships we headed to raf ness to see the extraordinary amount of preparation that’s been going on as they await the arrival of that first all important cargo of us shale gas II thing back in 2012 work started at roughness to prepare for the arrival of us ething gas four years later the site is now ready to receive the essential raw materials that they have been waiting for when we now finally have the US shale gas coming in of course that’s a new area of course it’s a new beginning bringing gas from us it’s a very a bold project very brave and it’s bringing the economy of the US shale gas into Europe which can definitely transformed part of the petrochemical industry the site has constructed a new furnace to process the extra e Thane but the most noticeable change is the gigantic thirty-five thousand cubic meter storage tank building a tank like this is it’s a youth project it’s a lot of Technology it’s not a simple thing but the guys has done this has done a fantastic job one of those guys was fin Otto arneson he’s the technical engineer who’s been involved in the tanks construction from the start it seems that there is a big pile of concrete but it is actually 1,500 tons of steel inside it is made out of 5,000 cubic meter concrete or more than 600 trucks so it’s a complicated item it was a big job little bit of an understatement their fee not 0 however the ships are now underway and excitement around their arrival at the cracker here at in your hotel is building people have been working very hard to complete the project and they are very happy because the name nails has invested in no way so it’s positive for everybody and audited we are very enthusiastic to bring in the boat in the coming days it was announced this month then INEOS is to become the sole shareholder of inner VIN I think the acquisition of solve a shares in this is just a simple message that says they believe in us as a business they believe in our future and our opportunity to improve and get better the end of the joint venture with solvay has come earlier than expected which had been planned for 2018 clearly the objective now is to do everything we can to drive the business improve it grow it and make it stronger and in that way to repay the companies have been shown in us after being out of action for eight years the second manufacturing unit of Grangemouth kg ethylene plants is being brought back to life so the holy thern project is amazing for Grangemouth because it’s going to basically bring the plant behind us up to full race for the first time in over a decade with the imminent influx of us shale gas the plant has now completed operational trials on train two of the site’s gas cracker and is ready to be put back to work good like starting up a car after eight years of not running you’ve just got to make fine-tune everything make sure everything’s running properly but actually now we feel good shape technically so that when the shale gas comes in the end of summer we’re ready to put it into both trains at the same times the excitement on the site now that we’ve got both sides of these this cracker running is palpable we’ve gotten investments that people can see and the whole mood here is transformed over the last couple of years this month going for fun announced had linked up with children’s running charity the daily mile and was now sponsoring the project the Daily Mail happens in school are nastily at the children grow up for 15 minutes a day to walk jog run averaging a mile in almost all weathers after huge success throughout Scotland The Daily Mail has been launched across the rest of the UK both go run for thon on the daily mile of targeted at trying to improve children’s health by introducing the sort of concepts of regular exercise so both these foundations sort of trying to get to the heart of that word so it’s just trying to get in the mindset of the children that sport is good for you and it’s fun as well Elaine Wiley the founder is hoping to roll out the campaign to every primary school in Britain I was headteacher Jordan have the Daily Mail already in their schools to give it a try it’s completely simple to implement it costs nothing and ensures that every child in the whole of the UK has good health outcomes for the rest of their lives ice hockey is the most popular sport in Switzerland and the ailey here has a highest attendance of any in Europe INEOS are the main sponsors of the lowes an lions so here at in TV we thought it was about time that we caught up with the club to find out more about our links with the team and with the community founded in nineteen twenty-two as a focal point for the local community lows in hockey club is one of switzerland’s most iconic sporting brands however by 2009 the club was struggling rooted to the foot of the second division and with financial problems lows an HC was on the brink eneos heard about the club’s flight and inspired by their continuing commitment to use development agree to become low sounds main sponsor later that year we were in the second division struggling with our budget and else came in and not only gave it to dig give us a big boost financially but they were really present there really a positive influence on everything that we did always at the games being part of the community and I was absolutely fantastic they have teams here through from the everyday children stand it through to the elite and developing them is very much in the philosophy of INEOS with supporting children in sport and fortuitously the Sun were looking for a key shirt sponsor at the time that we arrived so they put the two together was a great opportunity for any us they always said we want to we want to develop hockey on a kid’s level we want to be part of the kids game and they really helped us enormously and it’s really the only way we can grow the sport in the futures is by doing good with the kids and we have 350 kids I think by now in all the different teams age groups and one thing that your nails always wanted to do from the beginning is be part of that as well we need us feel that we do have a role in the community to support sports and to sport the area here so providing the sponsorship to LHC is one great opportunity in which we can do that I think what sets LHC apart from from the rest of Switzerland is the passion of the the crowds and the passion of the fans and of the community that supports this team in else gave us a lot of confidence in ourselves and really believed in our project due to bring us up to the to the first division it would have not been possible to be where we are now if he nails wouldn’t have not been there because of the way INEOS worked with and supported lows on HC in the thousand thirteen to fourteen season they were promoted to the top flight of Swiss hockey back to where they belong continuing our sporting theme let’s find out about some of the extraordinary people around any us ten years ago Rhys Jones wanted to be the youngest person in the world to climb each of the world’s seven summits having climbed six he needed funding to help him get up the biggest of them all Everest finding the sponsorship for the expedition’s was the hardest bit by a long shot I was just very lucky INEOS decided to support me there was no other company who were prepared to give me the support at the time having met Jim and and sort of talked through my dream with him when he said they were going to back me they gave me a bit more confidence again that they were believing in me and there’s lots of times on Everest where it’s easy just to turn back and you know it takes two months to climb so you have a lot of rough days and a lot of times when as objective dangers you can’t control things like avalanches which what are going to hit your they’re not and you just have to be careful and lucky but the hardest day would be summit day you start off at probably eleven o’clock at night and we got to the top of three o’clock the next afternoon so 16 hours all above 8,000 meters all in what’s called the Death Zone and just being on the move for that amount of time is exhausting the equally are carrying oxygen bottles and you’ve already been going for nearly two months so just a massive physical effort to get you over the finish line and then you’ve still got a long way to get down as well so your battle really isn’t over until you’re back at base camp back in safety and then you feel the relief when you actually get to the top this it’s a mixture of exhaustion and disbelief because it’s been that thing that you’ve put on a pedestal for so long in your mind’s eye and you’ve tried to imagine the feeling and when you get there it’s probably difficult forever to really match your expectation so all I wanted to do was unroll the in eos flag because I promised Jim the photo put my oxygen mask back on and go down anything else made it possible it was a certainly a big day that I won’t forget Magna Mathison is a process engineer at RAF ness when he’s not busy engineering he’s to be found running around in the woods he and his sons are active members at the local porsgrunn orienteering club some sports for all ages we start with the youngsters from aged about six years and the oldest sort of competitors in our club are now 82 years old running on the track is probably one of the more boring thing so I can imagine in the woods there’s always something new and you will hit the new tree and will stumble on the new rock so it’s a really great sport with the use of a map and compass the aim is to navigate around an area and hit checkpoints in the fastest time possible this winter the club hosted an organized the junior world orienteering championships in the tell mark mountains with over 3,000 people taking part very proud of what we managed it was a huge success as an event and also from the sporting point of view as one of our members actually won a medal in the temperature but does all this affect magnas work not in the slightest in fact he finds it helps him so for me as an engineer in the plant tried to leave work behind first short while at leaf and really focus on the sport so with me now is Jim Ratcliffe and this is the opportunity for Jim to answer some of the questions you sent in to us so Jim let me start with a question that’s been asked by a number of people in number of different ways what is the viability now of shipping ethane from the u.s. into Europe in the current oil and gas market the gas imported from the u.s. is still cheaper than buying local gas in the North Sea because it’s quite expensive even at these prices and the gas crackers that we have don’t always run at capacity because we can’t get hold of enough raw material from the North Sea so the second benefit is that the these two crackers that we’ve got in Norway in grangemouth will run one hundred percent for you know 24 7 so yet it still works very well 30 Don okay I’m sticking on the issue of gas prices a question from our newest business remaining oz Brea and Peter Jones given the recent fall in UK gas prices what do you see for the future of offshore gas production in the UK you know at lower prices the exploration activity will be curtailed to an extent the better finds will probably still go ahead but the more expensive or riskier and they’ll probably be put on the shelter a while so you’ll probably see a reduction in gas production than you would a hundred and ten dollar oil and the associated high gas prices this is a question from the u.s. from Clark Carter a distant and Clark is wondering about the UK actually and the development of shale in the north of England will there be enough fractionation compression facilities available when this industry takes off in England you think the answer to that clearly no there isn’t it doesn’t think this today to the extent that we would require it there’s very good logistical pipeline networks in the UK for natural gas or the specialized nature of fractionation and compression that will have to be built when when the show gets developed and here’s a question from Ian Coates in the in the UK any else is showing itself as a leader in the European petrochemical industry in your opinion would a stock market quoted company a public company have been able to make the same investments and exploit eat I’m from us shale gas the way we have graduate so you’re in the realms of speculation I think it’s feasible they could have done that with you I think they were just simply taken a lot longer she would have had too many too many voices offering an opinion as to its viability and the risks and there’s nuttin i mean in losses quite focused we’ve got a relatively small management team yeah when we made that decision we got we got cracking okay last question brought a question this time from Italy what do you expect from people who want to work in the in EOS world I expect them to be honest hard-working entrepreneurial committed profitable we do like to attract the best talent in the world because there are not that many people relative to the size of the company in any arsenious you know 50 billion dollars but only fifteen or twenty thousand people it’s not great you know we’re not a hundred two hundred thousand people so you know we do look for quality not quantity in people’s as a way to finish thank you very much to DJ that’s almost all we have time for this month but we’ll leave you with some images of the historic moment when that first US shale gas arrived on European shores see you next time you you

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