Indy 500 2019 – Juncos Racing [white car CRASH story]

Indy 500 2019 – Juncos Racing [white car CRASH story]

Oh what a crash! What a terrible crash! I was in shock. The first thing I thought about was the
driver because the engineer asked him: “Are you okay?” And he didn’t answer. The team was devastated.
It was the worst case scenario. Because we went in with no sponsor. We had no idea if we’d be able to
get a car together for the race. Effort, lack of money came to my mind. I thought about… how last year we were 17th
and we were to be better this year. I was 100% sure
that the race was over for us. There was no chance. The team manager and the crew
chief came to tell me “We want to bring the other chassis
and start rebuilding it. ” The oval car we prepared,
it’s entirely different. It takes months to prepare. So we took the decision to just
prepare a spare car in 24 hours. If we don’t do the other thing,
we’re definitely out. We knew that the clock was ticking. At 5:30 a.m. we had to be in line
for technical inspection. and the car had to be ready. Nothing was gonna stop us
from getting that done. Nothing. It was finished half an hour before.
and it passed the technical inspection. This is one of IndyCar’s
smallest teams knocking over a global motorsport giant. Yard of Bricks, Kyle Kaiser.
Has he knocked Alonso out? Seeing so many Americans
jumping and cheering for us was something crazy. And in that moment we realized
we had qualified for the race. We knew we were in because of the people. Besides qualifying, we had left
Alonso and McLaren out of the race so… I think that was an added element that made this moment bigger. I’ve been doing this for 30… 35 years. But the experience we had was the
best experience I’ve had in a 500 race. Follow us on Social Media Thank you all.

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  1. lo vuelvo a decir… el sacrificio y la humildad, hicieron algo que siempre quedara en la historia de las carreras…. por lo que lograron y el sentimiento de kyle de descargarse con todo… vamos con todo juncos racing.. a darle atomos

  2. Congratulations, guys. I worked with Fernando and helped him design his steering wheel grips on two wheels, Ser.#414/415, so I know first-hand how devastating it was for McLaren and the team. However, from my over two decades working at The Brickyard, I also know how rewarding it can be for teams like yours. Bravo, team…good, inspirational video.

  3. I'm glad you put together a piece that focuses on the great accomplishment the entire team achieved. Congratulations to all of you for this.

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