Industry Hacks: Sports with Julian Finney

Industry Hacks: Sports with Julian Finney

A good way to broaden your portfolio is
to head out to your community and shoot an array of different sports. I love fixed lenses, so 400mm is really important for sport photography. I also
like the 85mm and 50mm. You can really get closer up to your subject. For a sports photographer, a
perfect image would be sharp imagery. The backgrounds need to be clean and
generally dark, so the subject stands out. You need a lot of patience. You need
to wait for that moment, so concentration is also important. You just have to wait
and wait and wait, and then suddenly it happens, and in that moment it feels
great when you capture it.

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  1. Quelle horreur la photo de la vignette, ce n'est pas digne de Canon des années 80 dont j'ai été le plus fervent défenseur et un des premiers vendeurs. J'ai honte, votre philosophie a trop changée dans le mauvais sens.

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