Indoor Snowball Fight Prank!

(Christmas music) – Good morning! – Hey guys and welcome to our channel! – Yeah, make sure you
guys subscribe by clicking the link down below. If you guys didn’t know
we have the craziest elf on a shelf named Fred. – Fred. – And apparently, the boys say that he did something
magical this morning. – What did he do, he did something crazy? – Yes, but I wanna show
you I wanna show you! – Do we have to go see? – Yeah! – Ollie I have a question,
did he ruin our living room? ‘Cause sometimes he does
really crazy things. – No he did not ruin our living room. – Are you sure? – No. – Okay Finn should be go see? Okay let’s go see! – [Missy] Alright, what is going on. Wait what, oh my, look at my dining table! – Wow, a snow fort? And snow balls? What is this you guys, come look at this. Missy, come look at this this is so weird. – [Mom-Missy] What, wow! – Look at this snowball
you guys, it’s so weird, because when you feel
it and you squeeze it doesn’t it feel like a real snowball boys? – Yeah, look it, Fred got me a penguin! – And there’s a penguin? This is crazy though you
guys, it’s actually like indoor snowballs, they feel
like snow, it sounds like snow, but it’s not melting at all,
how is that even possible? – I don’t know, I wanna
play with the snow! – What’s that? Fred brought you a little polar bear? – Yeah! – Oh it’s so cute we got a snow
bear, and we got a penguin. But where’s Fred? – [Missy] Yeah, where is he? – He’s right there! – [Missy] Oh look at my
table, wow another one! Wait, what, there’s snow? – [Bryan] Wait is that real snow? – [Missy] It feels like real snow. Oh my god look at him! Wow you have so many snowballs! – So he created like a winter wonderland in our house you guys, with
fake snow you guys can play with look at that that’s so cool. How does that feel dude? – Good. – Feels cold huh? – Yeah when you squeeze
it, it feels like snow is growing out of your hand. – [Missy] Yeah it’s kinda
nice ’cause it feels like wet and cold but it’s not too cold. Fred seems to have like a
fascination with snow this year. – I think because he knows
we live in California and we don’t get snow, he’s probably trying to overcompensate to make sure we get a winter wonderland. – [Missy] You’re missing
out on the magic of snow! This is like the craziest
thing to wake up to, and I’m kinda thinking
maybe we should have like a little snowball fight,
what do you think boys? – I think that these are set
everywhere, as like a game. Ollie, what if Fred wants
you to use the snowballs, and try to score them
into each of the buckets. – There’s even a shield
guys, throw a snowball at me! – So if I throw a snowball,
oh it never touches you. – [Missy] Oh nice! – That’s cool. – [Missy] That could
be good for a epic game of snowball fights. – Yeah Ollie do you see
a bucket anywhere else? – [Ollie] There’s a bucket
out there somewhere. – Yeah there’s a bucket over here. – [Missy] Go get it, go get it! – So there’s a bucket right there, and there’s a bucket right there, let’s see if I can make this shot. Ready, alright I’m gonna
try and make a shot okay? – Try not to hit the camera. [Missy] Oh nice, so close. Oh, oh. – Good thing this isn’t real snow! – [Missy] I know, our whole
house would be a mess. – Come over here Daddy! – Okay, come over here, why? Oh there’s another one right there! – [Missy] Oh there’s one! – Here here you try! Try and throw the ball in it. – [Missy] Oh so close! Oh okay, here momma’s turn. Oh it does feel so cool, oh
it’s like very squishy feeling. Okay ready? I did it! – Nice! Oh! – And also, you could
have a snowball fight! (upbeat Christmas music) Got you, got you! – [Missy] Take cover Finn, take cover! – The boys just found a sling shot, and it has like a little snow man on it, I think it might be for the snowballs. Should I try it? – [Missy] Ooh yeah, yeah yeah try it. – Okay, got our tree, gonna
use that as my target. I’m gonna test out the snowball sling shot right now, you guys ready? Watch this boys! I think I gotta aim high if I wanna knock it down, let’s see. – [Missy] Oh, maybe it
doesn’t go through that. – Maybe here, let’s see. Let’s keep trying. Oh it worked! – But you’re also supposed
to do a little one. – [Missy] Oh yeah! – Look over here, Fred
has like little snowballs. – [Missy] Oh, cute! – Look at the little snowballs! Hey Fred, I’m gonna borrow this one okay? – [Missy] Okay let’s
see how this one goes. – Alright, ready, aim and, fire! Oh it went over, that’s crazy. – [Missy] Oh, nice! – Okay you guys, Fred,
our elf on the shelf brought us a ton of indoor snowballs and basically turned our house into and indoor winter wonderland so we are gonna have a snowball fight. First thing you gotta do
Ollie, you gotta gather all your snowballs and
put them in your fort. (cheerful Christmas music) – Got all our snowballs
Finn, take cover, take cover. – [Bryan] Alright you gotta
keep your polar bear safe, okay, don’t let Ollie
steal your polar bear okay? – And don’t get hit by a snowball. – Snowball fight! – Whoa, we got snowballs zipping through the house, whoa! Alright Ollie you grab all the ammo, I’ve got a ton loaded up, and I’m just gonna keep firing at them! Avoid ’em Ollie, avoid
’em, avoid ’em, whoa! It’s a good thin these aren’t
real snowballs you guys, or else my shirt would
be soaked right now. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Get ’em, get ’em Ollie, get ’em! Haha! This reminds me of Elf, in the movie when he has the huge thing of snowballs and he’s like firing ’em you guys, smash that thumbs up if
you guys have seen Elf and if you guys love that
movie, it’s so funny! Whoa we got snowballs flying
in you guys, be careful! Oh no, there’s snow coming over. Ah! Finn, is really good
with snowballs you guys, he is throwing ’em over the kitchen at us! Ah, mommy’s got snowballs too! Okay I’m like right in the
middle of all the action, you guys, I gotta take some
cover behind my snow fort here. Rescue the penguin! – No, no, no, no no! – [Bryan] Oh he’s got the
bear, he’s got the bear! Oh she’s got the penguin,
she’s got the penguin! Oh he’s got the penguin,
take the penguin back! – We need more protection,
we need a shield. Ah, they’re about to
come in, snowballs, no! (cheerful Christmas music) – Our elf on the shelf is
seriously always up to no good. Fred, what are you doing? He likes to make sure that our
boys have fun all month long, and if you guys have missed
any of the recent Fred videos we did, I’ll have them linked
to the icard so you can check them out, because we
always have a ton of fun together as a family
when Fred comes to visit. – I love you so much Fred. – [Bryan] Alright Finn,
what are we gonna eat for breakfast this morning? – Bagels and cream cheese. – [Bryan] Bagels and cream
cheese, he’s so excited to eat a bagel and cream
cheese this morning. – Toast it, warm it up,
let’s make it good, okay. – [Bryan] He always has
to climb on the counter. – I know I love it. – We should have pancakes too! – [Bryan] Pancakes, yummy! – The boys absolutely
loved that snowball fight, and it was pretty much a blast. Fred always comes up
with the coolest ideas. One time he filled our
playroom with ballpit balls, I might’ve told you this the other day. Pretty amazing, but we
have a lot to clean up. But now we have so much
snowballs to clean up, which I think is pretty cool. If you didn’t see him fill our playroom with the ballpit balls, we have it linked up here in the icard. It was so much fun and so cool. Guys, I always point at the wrong place, is this where it is,
or is this where it is? I always laugh at myself
when I watch it back, I’m like why do I always
point in the wrong spot where the icards are? If you don’t know, there’s
like a little icard up here, I think it’s here, or is it here? I don’t know, I never know. Anyways (laughs) we’ve
been playing all morning, but it is finally time to get ready, I gotta get some makeup on, do my hair, and get going with our day. Check out how absolutely
beautiful it is outside today, look at these blue skies. It was like raining for like
two, three days straight. Just pouring down, we got dumped on too. One of the days we were
outside it was hilarious. Birds are out, everything’s
green, although my dogs have been ripping to
shreds our stuffed animals. Pretty sure it’s this one, Karma. Why do you like to chew up animals, you like to take care of them huh? Anyways, yes, it’s a beautiful day. The weather is just like,
warm, and just like nice. The breeze is kind of
a cool, crisp breeze, but the air is kind of warm
so it feels good out there. Okay have some fun out there. I just finished getting ready, and I came out here to this disaster! Look at this, snowballs everywhere, the forts are tipped upside down. You guys are crazy! They have definitely turned
my house into a little winter wonderland, but I think it’s time for Fred to clean up! Fred, you’re gonna need to
clean up this mess, okay? I cannot have to clean all this, this is a crazy mess right here. So funny. It’s really cool, but I don’t
like it when he, you know, occasionally leaves his messes around. So we just finished getting ready, and we had a really fun idea, huh Ollie? – Yeah. – What if we – Take some snow and put it in here so we can keep some of it. – And I wonder if this
is like, magic snow, do you think it’s magic snow Finn? – No. – No, do you think it’s magic snow? – Uh, yeah. – You are definitely
more of the dreamer, huh? I’ll help you gather it up. Should we fill yours, okay. Oh my goodness you’re covered in snow now! – I’m a snow man now. – You’re a snow man now? – Yeah. – Alright you getting
some snow in your jar? – [Ollie] I got my snow in the jar. – Wow your jar is so full, it’s just like a big magical snow jar. Now you can save that and
if you ever need any magic maybe you can use your snow, huh? You got it? – Or if I wanna play with
it then I can have snow. – Yep or you can just
play with it, good idea. We had so much fun with the
snowballs today, huh bud? – Yes. – And it is finally time
to do our Grinch calendar! – Yes, we are doing The
Grinch advent calendar, lots of goodies, like see. – Ollie what did you get last? – We got Max last time
yeah, that was awesome. – He’s so cute. – Whoa you guys, look at
this, it’s like a horn. – Oh that looks like a little who horn. – Yeah I think it goes
in the hands of probably one of the who’s or like
The Grinch or something, and they’re like, duh duh
duh, it’s like a bugle. – This is what they
use to call a reindeer. – Oh to call the reindeer,
oh that is you’re right! That is the reindeer caller, what he used to call the reindeer. – [Missy] Oh my gosh, how awesome! You guys we are getting
so close to Christmas huh? – Yes. – So exciting, you’re being good boys? You guys think you’re on the nice list? – Yes. – Oh yeah, we actually have
to go see Santa really soon. Ollie do you already know
what you’re gonna ask Santa for Christmas? – It’s a surprise. – Ooh it’s a surprise, do you know what you’re
gonna ask Santa Finn? Yeah, I know what I’m asking for Santa. Let us know down in the comments what you’re asking for Santa. And I think you guys should
vote in the icard poll above, do you think you’re on the
naughty list or the nice list? – Ooh that’s a good good. I’ve seen a lot of people
saying like define naughty. I feel like that’s such a good question. It’s like, I mean everyone’s
been a little bit bad, but like are you on the
naughty list, I don’t know. Ollie, are you sure
you’re on the nice list? – I hope so, ’cause I don’t want ’cause if Santa give me
none presents, I’ll be sad. – That would be a tragedy. – Finn, do you think you’re
on the naughty or nice list? – Nice list. – Nice list? – Yeah. – Oh good, awesome. – He’s so confident. Ollie’s like, uhm, I don’t know. Finn’s like oh yeah. – So cute. Thanks for watching this video you guys, we had such an awesome day, make sure you guys click one of the fun videos on your screen,
we do lots of fun stuff on this channel, so check them
out, and we’ll see you guys in our next video. What do you say Finn? – Bye, boop!

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