indoor SNOWBALL FIGHT challenge – Adley surprises Dad at work!!

All right, guys. Adley has a surprise for us. What is it? You got pranked. Pranked? There’s so much snow. Whoa. It’s icy. It’s icy. Whoa. It’s so cold. [inaudible 00:00:23] ice. Here, let’s make some snowballs. Oh, these are good snow. Got you! Oh. No. Ready? You got me! I’m going to get you. Oh! I got you! I’ve got a big snowball. I’m going to get you. No! Wait, I have an idea! What? Maybe we should throw snowballs at Dad. Should we make real snowballs and go prank
Daddy? Yeah. That would be so funny, huh? Should we find a bucket and take some with
us? Mm-hmm (affirmative). Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s make a lot of snowballs. Snowballs in here. Hey, you’re not supposed to eat them! Hey. Help me make some snowballs. Quit eating the snow. This one’s a good one. That is a good one. Put it in the bucket. Okay, do you think that’s enough? No. Do we need more? Mm-hmm (affirmative). Okay. Let’s do more. Oh, be careful. Hey, you’re
the snow queen! Holy cow, you are a brave young girl. Okay, I think we’ve got a lot. Okay. Do you think you can lift it up? Let’s go. Mommy, we need some help. Let me recruit Nana. I have a good idea. You go in and distract Daddy, and then me
and Nana will go upstairs, and then you gather all the Space Station boys around and say,
“Guys, I have a big surprise. I want to tell you something.” So make sure all the boys come to you. Me and Nana are going to sneak upstairs, dump
them on them, and then we’ll have a snowball fight, okay? Okay. I’m going to go inside. Okay. Come on, Nick. Boys! Come downstairs! Boys, come downstairs! What are you doing? Come downstairs! Come downstairs! What are you doing? All the boys need to come downstairs? Yeah. Come here. Come say hi. Hi, Dad. What are we going to do? Nothing. Nothing? I think you’re up to something. Nothing. Where’s Mommy? Nowhere. Nowhere? Nowhere. I think you’re being sneaky. Hey boys, come out here. Adley has a surprise. Adley. All right guys, Adley has a surprise for us. What is it? You got pranked. Pranked? Go get Chicken! Hey. I’m going to get you! Get Adley. Everybody get Adley! Yeah. Did everybody get you? Yeah. Adley, you pranked us so good, you stinker. Good job. Thanks for watching. Bye.

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