Indoor Playground For Kids | Uptown Jungle Fun Park

Welcome to Marek Media! UpTown Jungle Fun Park Let’s go inside and have some fun buddy! Put your wrist band on Okay, Marek Jr. has his socks on and he’s ready to go play Woohoo! Look at Marek Jr go, he’s bouncing Woohoo! Are you having fun? Yeah! Where are we going next? You wanna go to the toddler side? Okay come on Are you in a barrel? Oh, is this a game? You wanna pull this down and then let go, see watch There is goes Made it on number 1 You wanna make it on number 2 now? Try again! Anymore, oh, there you go, you got it on number 1 Are you jumping inside the fire truck? Woohoo, that’s cool! Marek Jr.! It’s like your swimming! Are you on water? Wanna go on the little ride? Mommy will spin you, ready? Weeeee, woooo! Is that fun? Weeee! Go in the light house! Wanna go in the light house? Are you on the fire truck buddy? Oh, hes crossing the bridge. Look at him go! Yay, you did it! Good job! Killer waves dude. Are you surfing? Seesaw, Seesaw! Like on Peppa Pig! Are you having fun, buddy? Ooh, look at that room. Oh, look at this vending machine. It’s got rubber duckies in it. Oh, that’s really cool. You wanna play? Okay, here. Let mommy swipe her card and let’s play. Is it working? Oh, there it goes! Let’s see. What should we try? Over here? Right there. Press the button buddy, press the button. Aww man. Not a winner today. Maybe next time. Oh wait, we get to go again! Cool! You should try a different spot buddy. Here watch. Let’s see. Oh yeah. We got one. Woohoo! Oh, you get to go again! Let’s see. Lets try and grab something over here now. Press it again. Nope. Let me see your duck you got. Oh, you got a red ducky! Oh wait, wow. We still get to go again! Aww man. Yay! I got another one. Look, a blue duck! It just keeps going and going. That’s pretty cool. Oh, you got another ducky! Woah, we got two, I think, in that one. Yay! There’s another one in here? O yeah there is. Let me get it. Wow! Let’s line up your duckies. Come here. Let’s see what duckies did we get today? We got the princess! We have a leopard ducky. We have a blue stripe ducky. We have a police ducky. Who’s this guy? He’s like a captain that sails the ship. We have a red ducky and this cute little polka dot ducky. How many we got? Can you count? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. How many duckies did you get? 7! 7 duckies! Cool! I didn’t bring my purse. It’s in the car. Where are we going to put these duckies? Where are we going to put all these duckies? Mommy and Marek Jr. are going to go down the slide. Ready, 1, 2, 3. Blast off! Woohoohoo! Woah! That was fun. Right? Thanks for watching! Please Subscribe!

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