Indoor Games for kids: Make this old fashion game for kids

Hi, this is Joanne with broadcast sunny and you can support this channel at any time by subscribing thank you room Hi, Joanne with Broadcast Sunny and this is a game that I have made with a Girl Scout Troop
before it went over very nicely it an old game from the 1800s I guess or maybe even further back but what you’ll need: is card stock
or poster paper, Something circular, pretty big circle. I don’t know how big this one is. This one is little more than four and a half. Oops,
it’s a little more than four and a half four and three-quarters in diameter a CD works nice and some buttons. You need at least one button. I use a
group of buttons. When I originally made this for the girl scouts I was able to buy a wooden balls at the craft store with a hole
drilled through it but I don’t have any of those left so I’m just going use a group
buttons that I’m going to attach together and I’ll show you
how to do that if all you have is buttons. pencil for tracing, scissors or uhm, that’s not a – well you do need
scissors but a stapler or tape I find the stapler works better
the reason I say tapes is if you have a younger girl scout troop the tape will less likely hurt them
but tell just get a scratch if they do get
hurt and some yarn. For this, I’m going to use some thread, okay, so let’s get started take your circular trace and I just realize I don’t have my
scissors here so I’ll be right back I’m back. Got a cuppa tea while I was out. Alright so the nice thing about using a CD to trace
is that you know where the center is so you wanna mark center. and pull out you can eyeball it it’s not very important I remember just guessing
I think I made one template that worked and then guessed. But put line from the center to the outer circle and you’re gonna cut all
of this including this line here.ok so basically the point is you going to come up in a cone-shaped but
like I said if you wanna do this with the Girl Scout troop or something or you know for birthday party, what
I suggest is doing something like a zentangle. I’m trying to see if I see
any You could check out my
zentangle videos in my playlist. I will post it here or you can look under the descriptions
because I hear annotations are going away I didn’t do that on purpose but they all seem to be meeting down here and then so I finished zentangling my game If you notice I didn’t draw in here, on this third of the circle because that will be tucked in
and you won’t see that You can have the kids color in the inside
and zentangle is a nice modern flair on a today’s … on on an old game. Again, I forgot thread. I will be right back and
get that. Okay, I have some thread and I threaded it on a needle. Again this is only if you don’t have
those wooden balls or anything that has a hole in it to have …. you need to have some weight anyway so I’m
putting these buttons through and you could use
the yarn but it’s just easier with the … with the thread It does not want to do it. So I’m double knotting them tight together so that they stay together and they don’t want stay together. I want to use ok there we go. And I will chop off the ends. OK, so that’s my weight. now I’ll get my thread. Now that thread has to be longer than the the radius of this. It has to be at least twice as
long as the radius of this circle but I would probably for particularly
kids make it twice the radius plus a little bit more because first we’re going to …. NOT the radius the diameter. I’m sorry. I guesstimated it. with this string yarn at one end tie it to the weight, double knot and then
take your other this is where it gets tricky so you’ll probably need some big holes in the buttons to make it go through I’m getting the tip wet. It usually flattens it down a bit and makes it stay. Hooray. and one button, one small button to doesn’t have to be that big on the other end. okay so take the string put it to the center and then pull this up into that cone shape bring it in tight so it’s a nice big cone use a stapler have the smooth side on the outside at this stapler so that the scratchy this pointy part the stapler is on the inside. I liked to put one staple near this flap on the outside and one … well,
this one looks fine, so I don’t need to one staple should do it then you’re gonna … You have this on the one end, so you can pull on the yarn and that attaches. And there you have your
eighteenth-century toy and that should keep the kids busy for
some time even my teenagers, I’ll leave
this out, and I’ll bet you they’ll play with it for a few minutes Instead of video games! That’s Crazy! Did it. okay maybe I’ll even film them doing it. We’ll see. So if you liked this video please like,
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