Indoor Basketball challenge game Toy Review

yeah there’s certain shots they’re
impossible I mean it’s just shot even possible ready was it yeah have to join
tables basketball hi I’m Julie and I met a baby peaceful and welcome inside your
toys today we have tabletop basketball it’s basketball season and we all right
March Madness and you guys play bracket you’re gonna make bracket this year we
play we don’t play for money though what do we play for work a winner picks
dinner who wins every year this guy this guy a
lot oh well and pretty good okay so this is tabletop basketball in time for toys
okay Jillian I think you need to get on this side I mean I think you think I like this
yeah means you go like this you pull and release
you don’t you just kind of flip it okay and you try to get basket okay let us
play with one ball at the beginning though okay
I’ll be there after blue you get one of the balls off okay out I’ll be the ref
excuse me excuse me okay and I’ll get you started and if it
doesn’t roll into a ball the ref will knock it into one of if it’s unroll into
a hole I guess okay ready then okay flip that one okay okay okay
I’ll push it into this one Julian – oh is it okay
it’s right against the dread this I’m doing and go this is fast a period to
action here okay ooh try to shop for my down there
big long shot still close he’s pretty quick yes naturally
why did you marry million ooh what’s going on oh yeah oh yeah really
flip it hard I think you did it does yeah I was so close to get that air degree impossible to talk about word oh yeah I think it good to hardflip them
but we’ll do it Oh what happened there you got it in yeah that was kind of lame
okay Jillian go ahead give it up huh what this ball me alone okay let’s hear
that one one of the problems here is the ball tends to land in the end zone they
need to make this like lower where the holes are and that way it will just roll
up naturally into one of the holes but you think so it makes a lot more access
you think you ain’t happy here we’ll talk basketball you know how much this
cost $13 what condole is actually isn’t that bad I mean I was expecting to pay
$30 yeah well feels pretty wouldn’t they do give you the spare ball in case you
drop one and when it rolls under the couch mm-hm and no one has made a
basketball but there or about that far there are scores here right now looking
for ever to get to ten the two playful one basically one person gets one in
yeah one it’s probably accident we are older me yeah only if it’s the last time
I went on a raise and the next time you put it on a blue okay are you going
towards money okay put it on blue yeah we’ll just all her name we got to make
up rules to get really pretty yeah really give it a try man
Oh rambling yeah I like what made it go it yeah I’m gonna I’m gonna describe
no you’re just put it in the red yeah yeah I that’s fairest oh that’s a weak one
huh it’s really weak let’s try this let me try this as hard as I can already one
two three Oh it hit the net at least but it sure as
heck to know what can’t hit it what are you going fast it doesn’t have
time yeah you push it like alright unless it actually lands in a hole it
actually lands in a hole in you display it like that just play it as it lay whoa
the first person to hit the rim I don’t know is that I hit the rim two times only change
seventh for easy storage so we have yet to make a hoop yet what makes this thing
even actually goes through what happens if you drop it okay it’s okay
it was like what is it got stock or something yeah you could actually just
throw these but no that would actually be I don’t want you got better chance
our worst yet oh yeah oh yeah and to this you could play indoors until
because sometimes in March where we live you can’t even a real basketball just
snow just try the night oh okay ready oh look yeah look at the overhead you
excellent work shot to the rafters are up okay come on Kelly
yeah yeah it’s squishy at least you could just a ping pong oh yeah
alright ping pong ball we don’t have one you got a good place to stop jog
so that was tabletop basketball overall your only chance of getting it in is if
you get it from like one of these post because they’re really strong these are
too weak and yeah we’re goin yin I think the gold should be one inch goes all the
way back oh well I think what they could’ve done was just angle these a
little better and made the spring slightly look like when you sheep in it
goes it goes straight instead of going towards the laughs you need to aim them
a little more for you because you can’t really end them yourself you just flip
it right good I mean some thirteen bucks is fun I mean but like these definitely
aren’t going to get it is that right yeah yeah there’s certain shots they’re
impossible I mean it’s a shot even possible ready roll middle course
because I again so it is occasionally possible but don’t expect a high-scoring
action-packed game expect a lot of putting the ball here bring you know all
right now you take it away did you like this episode you like
basketball let’s work on it don’t forget my calling subscribe got a
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that’s our tell me today so remember keep on playing I got the maximum oh my back don’t encourage photoshopping well I
also get the net often the only one who ever got shopped
what was going to go

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