100 Replies to “Indivisible – Gameplay Trailer | PS4”

  1. What was that quote said by Shigeru Miyamoto? "A rushed game will always be bad. But a delayed game can eventually be great." Or something to that effect.

  2. The 3D background looks so weird when you're platforming. It doesn't look goodn ext to the hand-drawn character models and animations. Still looks like it could be a fun game.

  3. Watching footage of this game is masochistic for me. I love the art and design of it, but that Active Time Battle thing is really preventing me from wanting to play the game.

  4. 1:14 – 1:29

    I'll go beyond the limit break!
    The Universe is ours to take!

    I have no fear (Hey!)
    I think it's clear (Hey!)
    Let's kick it up into high gear!

    OH, this is In-Di-Vi-Si-Bile
    We got the skills to blow them all away!

  5. The art style looks AWFULLY familiar
    Reminds me of Little witch academia….
    They probably hired the same artist
    Oh wait they did

  6. For those who criticize the game badly, I ask if they have played the demo release on Nov 3 2015… Finally almost 4 years later the full game will be lunch…
    Don't judge something if you don't know … 🙂

  7. I’ve been waiting for 90 and a half years for this to come out ? back in my day, we only announced games a few months before the release, not have a lifetime Hrnk ded

  8. To think playing the demo felt like yesterday. I'm happy for this game but unfortunately I'll be waiting for the switch release in December. Blesses and riches to all my early adopters though.

  9. The music and mechanics sure remind me of VP, but I'm not completely sold on the cutesy artstyle to be honest…

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