Indian Parents after Rio Olympics 2016 | Lalit Shokeen Comedy |

Indian Parents after Rio Olympics 2016  | Lalit Shokeen Comedy |

girls!! how will it remote work? your dad has bought this shitty TV, never works Tinku, can you tell how will it work? working now wow..India’s girls are so talented and making India proud and these boys are just useless Look how those girls Sakshi and Sindhu won medals for the nation! God bless you girls you should be given all the awards And these useless boys need to be beaten with sticks! they are good for nothing! Mom, I am leaving to play my boxing match Ohh Mohmad Ali..Hold On! Hold On! You want to go boxing?? Shut up and wash the dishes lying in the kitchen! Dishes? Why would I wash the dishes? they are already doing it No, they won’t. Today onwards, you will do all the household work! Cleaning the house, doing the dishes, ironing, cooking, all of it.. Then what would these girls do? They will play sports! And you will do the dishes! And cook for us! just give these red things in your hands, socks type thing to these girls they will do the boxing! And you, go and clean all the plates! they should be so clean that i can see my face in it! But mom, we don’t know how to do boxing! I will give you boxing lessons! But how do you know about boxing? Kid, I have thrashed quite a few boys back in my days! I am expert in boxing Now come on, wear these.. what are these called.. Yes ‘gloves’.. wear them.. You and your fancy language… But mom, this is just one glove! What about the other hand? manage with one glove each, this is India! this is enough facility for you! don’t expect sports quota already! mom! I also want to play boxing.. you just clean your plates! I will come and check after sometime plates should be all shiny and clean what are you laughing at? start boxing you have to win a medal wait wait This is not some toddler’s game! put some force in it! hit each others face hard harder! harder! WTF.. you broke my nose!!

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