India vs Pakistan 4th T20 Highlights Asia Cup – 27th Feb 2016

Now ramiz were there the plus a little while back hannah’s loney called tails He won the toss, and he chose to bowl first and the team news was that Shekar [Talyn] hadn’t quite recovered Patata Swiss Karanshark, Gina fees Monica Frost is not considered as a regular with the backing Shred [Malek] as I heard you said We’ll give them bit of solidity in the middle on a piece is shipping a well But afridi needs to strike as a Batsman to lend a better balance to the 11. I didn’t get on even going better than the rain Stopped We start from home with office and this is important showing the positive intent the last Aashish, VBS is [not] wanted He’s gone for four By put on Angela’s a new man and I wonder if the idea was if they get off to a start someone else better at [3] the news in early wicked he Comes in strike rates good average is good. Those numbers This is how warm enough is Goro Just beaten by the bounds and also it was not too wide to play the square drive of the backward And is not adjusted to the conditions and all the three Matches so [far] You could see that the bowlers were getting that extra [bounce] from the length bad at all Are you sure [Gio]? Let’s sneak a leg by him. [oh], it’s got white Well surely thought of the sound is a ball past stay away from those pads because he can absolutely bully you Through the fan of the cost right he’s gone through the [big] [noggin] [shot] of the day this city of Java Right omitting baseball like [strike] going deep into the crease From defense quite easily, so that’s how it’s [gonna] survive I guess tough the speed of the is unique Absolutely brilliant from the fastest man on the field in India [colors] Yes, the outfit is electric and so is Ravindra Jadeja Excellent Fielder [very] [stiff] a child Crossed out film and he saves a single for estimate But if the other fuel and that might just take it there [boomer], we’ll push it back in We might have had his heart in his [mouth] [for] a while as he played the shot Well, it’s good in that area, Sergio Imposing himself on the game with a shot that he likes the front leg up in the air [alle] Caribbean-style in boom, era Not as magical with his divers Jadeja was early on but he’s done a fairly good job. There is tall is different different [Built-in] mate One second this is a tremendous he’s referring to the Ava’s gone for just seven it’s [Twenty] [two] for two They also need to look at Korea Runs is very very good T20 player adjusting sometimes we focus too much on the youngsters little Oscar chart just going to be with There’s a great example of that. You know. I am the best. I am [riddle] strike cream carry rocks More than [5,000] and that’s what you require to claim was 142 and the one [Goro] bottom of your onion can go God will appeal [my] [heart] [says] He’s dead [to] [appeal] [use] charging down hundred percent [sure] There was an agr the glove, and that’s the issue. I I’m not too sure how difficult it is out there for the umpires a lot of people in it’s a massive pull out here, but I Think it’s misread that one is absolutely misread that one the umpire. No chance of miss reading. We’re going to see them out No trouble at all this one Leroy mother is called and send him back Pakistan and Cobraman George gone with ten is Thirty two or three a super piece of feeling from the Rod Poli Sola Madhavi shoaib Malik but from the Angle which our beer a coolie hat laem can only see [two] stamp set from covers Look at that [Meera] directed got one It was Melek. He said [yet] [straightaway]. He started to run then sydenham the Pakistani batting lineup Why is there do we get number four years? You took money Granville boy study paper ball hammered the New Batsman in that could be Topic in the You raj singh run to the attack doctor trick Daddy? A mess oh my God you always get here 158 strike rates And now he’s doesn’t like fucking the ball, but he’s going to have to put his head down and go five or six runs And over here and just trying to work the ball around but here it is what it afib pitch dawn? Yeah, I think that’s out too leg that’s plumb good decision Kind of easy for the umpire. It’s hitting middle. No doubt and you rossi look at that, but It’s gone away before nice name Bastian He’s a tough competitor this boy I’ll hit there But these two guys are going to make a big score and really do it up to these two guys getting a partnership looking for two, and they’re in a bit of Is happening here? Hey Jack that is a bad decision? Irrespective of it. He’s made it on [the] or he’s gone. He is gone. You don’t get [Jen] ageism That is a bad decision. You don’t think Jenny John and if you do that Oh ut. 22 plus 6 Captain goes, but do well was Just about to tell you what a calm head. He’s got another week it goes and this is an absolute biggie Sarfaraaz [for] [25] Pakistan 74 eight To the slider [oh], it’s miss everything these are the cheap brands In there held on to the reins of this match really well, and that suddenly nine runs. That’s a big bonus for Pakistan Not very often you see this from [AShwin] Usually very consistent with it Right now that is where the ball is gone exactly with [a] [few] [notable] Exactly the [previs] and that is the end of marmots [amI] body Take a chance with the bounds are gone for eight Pakistan in a lot of trouble must be said the Completely Outdone, Pakistan and all formats of the game and that is an absolute joke in exact walks for this young man Pandya three wickets Oh, it is going in conference pandya what a spell of fast warning from him dreama kids with test 14 runs [no] [doubt] 483 not even playing the entire quota of 20 hours poor display of batting So unfortunately goes for one and now Pakistan oh lever I-23 perfect delivery to the number 11 [Muhammad] had no clue where [that] was [Lori’s] white was his head was [on] the way back his thought he might have got [an] absolute Rick’s not a short delivery, but [barratt] and pena they’re doing the brettly [you] often click the heels when they get a wicket When there is a Pakistani fans just look away Please because right away [a] feast before shows eels 7 Karen looked ok at times [provided] that hasn’t played much T20 cricket at all he got run out badly burnt by Malloc [calloc] got a 4 of 12 Akmal struggled suffer as the only [Batsman] look like there’s going to get [Road] Run 25 Shocking run out by [shader] pretty. They’re all after 83 But look at all the [bowlers] [of] all [bowl] beautifully even Ashman did as well Three wickets to [ten] you it for eight it was to figure the bowlers Well downstairs you go to her ship pat has chipotle

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