India in CommonWealth Games 2014 Sports News

India in CommonWealth Games 2014 Sports News

Telecast from Jalandhar Now News Welcome to all in this special Sports Bulletin of Facebook Darshan. Here are the headlines for today. Power Cuts are at full swing in the whole state of Punjab. Govt. has put the blame on God for not making it rain. And that there is no shortage of Coal. Sports Authorities of India are upset by the surprisingly good performance of India in the Commonwealth Games 2014. And now lets hear one of the news in detail. Main News In the Glasgow CommonWealth Games so far India has won 10 Gold, 19 Silver and 12 Bronze medals. Considering the amount of medals won, this has rattled the Sports Authorities of India. Spokesman of the Games Authorities of India said that such a good performance by the players is not a good news at all. What is there to say? The existing Sports Authority will have to answer for this. I can’t understand how did these talented players even reach the CommonWealth Games? This is a total failure of our system. And I’m sure that Pakistan is behind all this. This will be investigated. 5 member committee will be formed. They will come up with results in 5 years. The culprits will be identified… and they will be punished… and they will be suspended. Firstly we’ve already been driven insane by the Cricket… and now they have started winning medals in this shooting-shaating… and now the people will say we should win in Hockey… Check our Track record. We haven’t won in Hockey for so long… If we win now, will it look good? Tell me? In Hockey we have certain ethics… we have certain aesthetics… we have certain prosthetics… Which are always followed. Now this girl that have won Silver Medal. Where is her sportsmanship… uuumm.. Where is her sportswomanship? She alone has a medal… Now do you think her friends will feel good when she will move around wearing the medal in the dormitory… obviously we’ll have to take the medal back from her. This… I mean… Its not look good at all… its not look good…. Sad really. Its all wrong… Its completely wrong. What are these players trying to prove? They have won medals this year… Now the players that will go next year… will they be able to win? They have raised the expectations of people… Now the people will throw shoes at them. Now a couple of our players have been caught in Doping. I, myself have been caught 3 times… Whats the big deal? These players are Gods or what? Are they too good for sports? Can’t they take dope like us? inject themselves? Bro.. its all about team spirit… We used to take injections all together… here in the arm… Our coach used to inject us himself. There is no team spirit anymore… The sports have been disrespected… Winning medals my a**…. This one? I got it from Spain… That was where I was caught for doping… yeah.. came back the third day… Not just the Sports Authorities have been upset with the good performance of India in CommonWealth Games, but even a number of Advertising Agencies are rattled. Yeah Advertising Industry has suffered a lot of loss because of this. Earlier we would have a couple of Gold Medalists.. Now there are so many of them… You could use one Gold Medalist for so much… You could endorse so many products with the same player… Abhinav Bindra Now you could have placed him in so many products. He could sell you laptop… He could sell you toothpaste… He could sell you clothes…. Digestive Products… could even sell soap… Just one player… Now there are so many players… Gold medal has lost its value… Who will endorse what? In-fact I would say… that female players should be selected as per their looks. The girls who look like models… they should be sent to the International Sports Events. Because its obvious that there is no money in sports… They will be making money from Advertisement Industry… So they will be coming here.. So we should follow these rules… …of advertising According to me… swimming… Badminton.. Tennis… such sports should be promoted… for the obvious reasons… …and this brings us to the end of the bulletin… Thanks a lot for listening to the News. We shall meet in the next Bulletin…. ….. Thanks. And the news Bulletin is over.. And now its the time to click on the boxes.. The very first box is the Box of Subscription… If you’ll click on this box, you will end up subscribing to my channel… where I upload all my videos. I have uploaded many other videos.. yu can watch those videos here… If you will click on these boxes… you’ll also get to see those videos… That’s all folks.. If you’ve clicked on the boxes… Thanks a lot… Now give me permission to leave… will see you soon… Now… Telecast from Delhi…

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  1. were you mocking raman kumar lol
    when i was 10 year old i used to watch this news on doordarshan punjabi
    good one bro keep it up
    best wishes from australia

  2. #doordarshan  backgrd music bhala hi ghaint 

    epic video content bhala ghaint aa__thoda dailog 100 gal baat bai video di 

  3. Bedi Saab da hega hega (full bhapa style) & Isde piche Pakistan da hath was epic…lol
    And bobby bhaji I sent u my pics as u asked for this on fb…:p for ur new vdo..
    @Aman Domeli

  4. That was awsome bro ik tan apan sartaj de fan aa dooje tere y…kade kade tan y raat de 3vaj jande aa u dia videos dekhde dejhde especially. Ki haal chaal. Walia and sketch. Walia. … jionda vasda reh y…… u r the best anchor … looking forword to see you in more comic Roles…..keep rocking. Baaki y khaan peen de apan v shokeen aa tuhade vaang ….. sooo keep eating and making us

  5. @BobbySandhuTV Bai ahh tan bahli kaim aa haha. Oh mandiyan de bhaa (rate) vi bnao video. Used to watch that shit back in the day's. #goodjob #keepitup

  6. Bobby bro ..u know well it's indian government rule nd regulations. ..crouption going to very deeply in India. ..god save my india

  7. jama hi sire laa diti…..ik ta doordarshan wali tune wali kaim aa..jdo chaldi aa sachi dasa ta doordarshan wala time chete aa janda…..sham diya  7 waliyan news da….

    baki bai g tuhadi creativity kaim aa puri…bai g koi pinda di game wali creativity bna k pao jivn pinda de vch cricket khedi jandi ya bandar killa ya bantte etc…fr dekhna kivn nazara aunda tuhanu ya sanu…

  8. 22 j main galt ni tan o raman kumar e c na doordarshan ale? nikiyan jehiyan mushan..time cheta krata..hmesha vang too gud..big fan of ur..

  9. @4:01 admit it ..that was lily comb hahah…bobby you are blessed with such a nice voice which makes you suitable for every role 

  10. Aje lokaan nu khas pta nae 22 tere ch ki talent a ..
    U have great future ahead..
    N i really like your work ..keep it up

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