IMG Academy Sports Camp in Florida

IMG Academy Sports Camp in Florida

(upbeat music) – [Daniel] Good morning, how are you? – [Woman] Chilly. – [Daniel] It is chilly. Last day of golf. – [Lincoln] Yeah, last day. – Give me a high five
on that one. Good luck. – We’re gonna show you
today what it’s like when we take Lincoln to golf camp. What I do during the day
and what Florida is like. This is where we’re staying. It’s this little place with
little two star motels. There’s the pier. This is what we do in the
morning. First stop is – The pier. – [Daniel] Why do we go to the pier? – I need Pokemon. – [Daniel] To get Pokemon. Not to look at the beautiful
view of the ocean right there – Imagine the sun rise from
just like sitting out on one of those boats that would be awesome. – [Daniel] That would be awesome. (upbeat music) – [Daniel] Okay buddy. Go hang out with your
friends at the driving range. I’ll miss you. Buh-bye (Lincoln laughing) – Okay see ya. (upbeat music) So behind me over here is the
Gatorade Sports Science Center and it’s really cool because
it’s basically a giant gym but then they have this area that’s like Gatorade’s headquarters
for testing people out. One cool story that our golf pro, that Lincoln’s golf
teacher told him yesterday is that Rory Mcllory,
the golfer from Ireland, he came out here and he got
tested for a couple of days at the Gatorade Sports Science Center. They told him that during
his round 60% of the time he was actually dehydrated. Obviously when you’re dehydrated your mind doesn’t work
as clear and as fresh and so now if you watch
Mcllory when he plays he’s always snacking on
things and drinking stuff more than any other golfer. Super cool. All right. I’m heading out and I just ran into Kitan from West London, England. Right? – Yeah. – So what are you doing
out here at the school? – I’m training for my preseason. So outdoor season is when I get back. So I’ll be ready for it. – [Daniel] Okay. And
you’re a runner, right? Track and field? – Yeah – [Daniel] Have you felt like this school has helped you the two
weeks you’ve been here? – Yeah. A lot. It’s so good. – So we don’t really do
that many fan meet ups but when Lincoln is at
golf camp that’s one thing I really like to do is meet
with my fans because in Florida, I actually have a lot of fans that just want to meet with me. So, this is a great city. Let me show you what I’m talking about. (upbeat techno music) – [Daniel] Where are you guys
from. All over the place? – Colorado
– New York – I’m from Houston
– I’m from New Jersey – [Daniel] What’s the best
thing to eat at lunch in here? – Food (team laughing) – Pizza – Do not eat the cafe food,
get the fusion or the pizza. – [Daniel] Don’t eat cat food? No the cafe food is healthy.
– The cafeteria food. – [Daniel] Oh. Cafe food. Okay Okay we’re gonna go get some lunch now. We got some good tips
from the baseball crew. You go in there and you use
your card and anything is free. So, Lincoln likes the place
where you have to actually pay and it sounds like those guys too. – It’s really good. – [Daniel] It’s called
Brick Oven. Here we are. Brick Oven’s here. (upbeat techno music) – [Daniel] Gatorade. Fruit
Punch. Gatorade. Fruit Punch. Gatorade. Fruit Punch. What’d you get buddy? Fruit Punch? – Gatorade – [Daniel] Good choice. – I went to the golf course
and then we hit golf balls and then we putted. – [Daniel] How do you feel your swing is Monday verse Friday? – Much better. – [Daniel] Much better? Alright lunch is about over
this is where I leave Lincoln. So goodbye buddy. – Goodbye – [Daniel] Bye bye. Bye
bye. Bye bye. Bye bye (upbeat techno music) – Hello – 25. Thank you sir. – Thank you. Bye – Have a good day. (upbeat techno music) – [Daniel] No fishing between signs. Well that guy is breaking the rules. (smooth guitar music) – I made it the pier. It’s super windy out here so I don’t know how well you can hear me. Awesome birds. Tons of
people out here fishing. I just remembered I
brought the boosted board. So I’m gonna get on the boosted board and cruise up and down this thing. And then it’s super windy but I wanna see if we can fly the drone. ♫ In the summer ♫ I hope the summer never ends ♫ Oh no ♫ In the summer ♫ I hope the summer never ends ♫ Summer never ends ♫ Oh no – [Daniel] Beautiful. Wow and
you got this little guy too? – That’s a greenback – [Daniel] Greenback. – I got two of these. – [Daniel] Nice job. Oh look at that guy – [Man] It’s our sheepshead. That’s why we call it a sheepshead because he’s got a mouth full
of almost human like teeth in there. – [Daniel] Oh my gosh. That is cool. It’s much nicer on the boosted
board when you’re going with the wind at your back. You guys can probably hear me even though I’m going 20 miles an hour. But yeah, this place is cool. ♫ And the days go ahh ♫ And the nights go ohh I still got some time until Lincoln’s out so let’s go bowling. (funky pop music) 129. 129 (funky pop music) And I still have a
little bit of time before Lincoln gets out so I’m gonna
go to this place by our house that has real funny music and good food. (Daniel laughs) (people singing) Now we’re jamming (people singing) – [Man] Once she assumes that position and she starts drinking
please if we can have complete and total silence. (solo violin playing) – It’s getting a bit too weird for me. (audience clapping) Well That’s about all I needed to see. For the record, I’ve never
drank alcohol in my life. I grabbed my soda to go and
I’m heading out of there. I gotta go pick up Lincoln and that got real weird real fast. Hashtag Florida. (smooth funk music) Well there’s my day. That’s what I did today while
Lincoln was a golf camp. So yeah and I’m gonna pick him up. We’re gonna go do some fun stuff tonight and then we fly out tomorrow morning. Enough of Florida. We’ve been here an entire week. (smooth funk music) Hey buddy – Aren’t you gonna help
me. I can’t get this thing. – [Daniel] Because I like
watching you be a big boy and do it yourself. Okay. How did your nine holes go? – I didn’t golf nine holes. – [Daniel] Oh you didn’t? What’d you do? – I chipped and stuff. – [Daniel] Chipped and stuff – Yeah Is it too big? – [Daniel] You’re good in sandals. – Yeah. – It’s windy and I know
Florida you’re like “Oh, it’s so warm”. It actually feels really chilly today. Don’t be confused by my burnt face. I know the sun is setting. We’re not gonna go watch it. Lincoln really wants to go off site. So we’re gonna go off site. Off island. – Look at this – [Daniel] What is it? – It’s a Pikachu. – We always go to the similar
places when we travel. – It’s pizza. Culver’s.
Which pretty much is shakes. But we’re not getting shakes. – [Daniel] Cheeseburgers are good. – Ya. Cheeseburgers are super good here. – [Woman] We’ll bring it out
to your table when it’s ready. – [Daniel] All right. Thank you. You wanna take a picture. Culver’s. Awesome. You’re in our family blog. We’re gonna take some pictures with some of our friends
that work at Culver’s. Thank you. Oh yeah sure.
– Thanks. Shake. Burger. Bacon. Cheese Curds. Can I have one. Right Have you ever had the problem
that your disco ball breaks and you just need to
find some parts for it. Lincoln have you ever had that problem? – Too many times to count. – Exactly. In Utah
you’re just out of luck. You gotta buy a new disco ball. In Florida you go to Advanced Disco Parts. (disco music) That’s my disco party. Turns out this is what we spent most of our time doing every night. – I am level 23 and I’m on Team Mystic. Do you think that that’s good? That guy. – [Daniel] Vaporeon. – Hey you actually said it right. – To send it off I’m gonna go cruise by that bar where the singing is and hopefully they’re
singing a good song for you. But whatever it is you can enjoy it while you decide which video to watch. Goodbye Florida. (band playing and singing)

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  1. You guys are so awesome and I can't believe that it all started with a second grade science project and now you have 4 million subscribers ,so just keep making videos and keep being awesome

  2. I play golf. My friend goes to the academy in Florida. Lincoln got to go the academy…………my life.

  3. considering it costs 68,000 dollars to be at OMG while boarding, I'll just stick to my $10 a month gym pass

  4. Lincoln did it right with team Mystic…good teammember and same high pokemon with Vaporeon :3

    Look like the USA Life/Buildings/Fields are way bigger as in Europe 😡

  5. that's the city I live in and I just did basketball camp at img and the city is bradenton and you were staying at bradenton beach called Ana Maria island

  6. Instead of going from Bradenton to Tampa, you should’ve went south to sarasota
    You would’ve gotta better drone footage and had enjoyed it more

  7. I live in Florid and my faviert place to eat is CULVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#FLORID LIFE

  8. Gatorade isnt even good for you unless drank during strenuous activity img just has a huge deal with Gatorade to promote it

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