If Sports Commentators Had No Filter – Key & Peele

If Sports Commentators Had No Filter – Key & Peele

And we are at capacity
tonight here at the Opulent Tostito Center. 50,000 fans are ready to binge
drink for a couple of hours. I’ll tell you what,
I can’t wait. Hi, I’m grown man Chick Sarica. And I’m grown man Bob DiSanzio. That’s right, Bob.
And we have both made careers watching adult men play
a simple child’s game, all while being paid
more than the President. Okay, Chick, and it seems
as though the millionaires are ready
to play their game, so we can stop stalling
with the mindless chatter. And the Rhinos bring
the ball into play. And the alleged rapist
passes the big orange ball to the sweaty legal giant.
Hey. Slamming. The legal giant easily
puts the ball into the basket, making it look easy, which if
you’re seven feet tall, it is. He made about $8,000
while he was doing that. Now the power Falcons are
bringing the ball into play. The high school dropout inbounds
to the convicted spousal abuser. He slashes through
all of the drug addicts, drops to the ball
to the genetic freak. And. Boom-crack-a-lacka.
Two points downtown. Skurplackiss. Bingo time. Stermskams.
Muh-less-a-blatta-blatta. I’m just saying words
that start with “s”. I’m going pure nonsense. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Are you okay? I’m great, Bob.

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  1. I love sports I've never paid for any ppv or subscriptions but if you told me a handful of ex players were starting a network where they did honest commentary with and adult rating so they can say whatever they want I'd definitely pay for that seriously imagine Mike Tyson commentating a boxing match calling professional fighters pussys or Dennis Rodman and Ron Attest talking about how soft basketball is now … I'd pay to watch that on a weekly basis

  2. Who would have thought, behind that funny and cute personality, lies one of the greatest horror film director. – Jordan Peele

  3. Yeah, Frankie Boyle made this exact joke on Mock the Week about 10 years ago:
    "Overpaid, Overpaid knocks it onto Overrated, Overrated onto Possible Rapist, Possible Rapist knocks it forward, Closet Gay, GOOOOOAALLL!!!"
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-3GBPqCQE4 – The joke starts at 2:06.

  4. Truth hidden In plain sight but brain dead sheep will just think this is comedy which all comedy is Masonic tactic of deflection

  5. I have a small complaint: basketball, football(in all forms), ice hockey and other sports I haven’t listed are not children’s games. These were sports made for men.

  6. love how it’s now acceptable for black people to paint themselves white hey whites would get fucked for it 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

  7. People that dislike sports are the ones that could never play and don't have the athletic ability or coordination

  8. I looked up how much the president makes, and how much a sports commentator makes in a year and I have to say 78k(sports commentator)and 400k(president) is not a big difference

  9. These guys just keep hitting the truth hard! With humor!
    I don't worship sports figures, myself…

  10. Look at these racist moths fuckas doing white face. I demand an uproar!!!

    I don’t really. Just wanted to see if my balls disappeared into my body if I spoke like a liberal! You can now call me Jane!

  11. Whiteface? As a black man, this actually makes me feel uncomfortable because it makes my entire race look like a bunch of hypocrites

  12. the alleged rapist passes the ball to the sweaty legal giant? remember when Kobe was an alleged rapist and he's still teammates with the Giant Shaq?

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