100 Replies to “If Life Were a Game Show”

  1. Excuse me as I love on myself right now because this video is so damn cute. HERE FOR IT! Also here for #SuperSixty and it starts now so lessss do it.

  2. i really appreciate that it seems like she or someone who works for her actually does the subtitles because they actually match up to what she is saying and there are funny add on bits
    it is definitely better than the auto ones because it doesn’t really match what he youtuber is saying

    so i just wanted to say that i enjoy that extra effort that some other youtuber don’t put in

  3. 0:45…………….for the first time I heard….. So u've been dieting for 3 years….. When he actually said….. So we've been dating for 3 years

  4. I’m a bad liar. Anyone would know if I’m lying because I can’t keep a straight face the only lies I’m good are small lies but still you can figure me out this is why I don’t lie unless I’m positive I can keep a straight face

  5. OMG! LOVE IT ! I would be laughing through every day of my life if Life Was A Game Show………………………. rotflmao! Hold on, I need to phone a friend on this question!

  6. I love game shows as well, and I do the same, also, I have never seen this channel before but, I’m already subscribed, 2 reasons, you remind me of me, and, I can agree so much

  7. When it’s 02:00am and you can’t stop watching lilly and laughing and will probably get my phone taken off me but I don’t care but I’m still gonna carry on watching Lilly

  8. “Should I watch this video”
    (Yes) (Definitely)
    (Of course) (Totally)
    Me: why isn’t there an “All of the above” option?

  9. Am I too late for Super sixty?


  10. So we’ve been dating for three years now, yes like how long it’s taking for bread 😂😂😂😂😂😂I’m dead

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