If Cute Babies Competed in the Winter Games | Olympic Channel

If Cute Babies Competed in the Winter Games | Olympic Channel

The Baby Winter Games are back. So get ready, because
we have an epic day of truly shocking moments, heartbreak, and triumph. First up, curling. Sweden versus Canada. Both teams throwing
the rock extremely well, but who can handle
the pressure? What a shot! Even he can’t believe it. Now, the Canadians. Oh, no, what just happened? It looks like
an equipment malfunction. Next up, Alpine Skiing. Italy can taste the victory. And they’re off! Wow, that time is
gonna be hard to beat. Switzerland,
not messing around here. Oh, no, she catches an edge. This is heartbreaking! But wait, she is not done yet. That is called
perseverance, folks, and the crowd
absolutely loving it. Moving on to
the Two-Toddler Bobsleigh. The fearsome German sleigh
is first. What poise! Everybody’s enjoying this. Jamaica hoping for
the big upset. One of the coolest runs
I’ve seen all day. And they’ve done it! First ever gold for Jamaica! Now over to Figure Skating. Such grace. Great Britain. Jolly good show. I like where this is going. Nailed it! United States comes out strong. Look at those moves. Oh, the footwork is divine. What a finish! They’ll be talking about this
performance for years to come. But will the judges
feel the same way? It’s a perfect ten! I don’t believe it. Last up,
the always-thrilling Ski Jump. Poland – no fear in his eyes. Starting his descent. Picking up speed. Yes… Yes. Yes! He’s done it,
bringing home gold for Poland. Watch all your favourite
moments on the Olympic Channel, where the games never end. (DOWNLOAD THE APP.

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  2. Именно, "олимпийские " ИГРЫ для деток. Для них это очередное развлечение, да и для нас тоже. То чувство когда на коньках не умеешь стаять, а какой-то пупс ещё и крутится пытается на них?????

  3. thanks for sharing!! cutest Olympic games ever seen ! with other two trailers also of course!! Well done everyone!

  4. Havent paid much attention to the winter olympics but it seems like they went a little too far backward in terms of qualifying for the Olympics because back in the days every average Joe from each country compete for gold as the best average Joe not this professional athletes we have now days.

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