Ice Wake Winter Project – Nikita Martyanov 2013

Ice Wake Winter Project – Nikita Martyanov 2013

I rarely stay in St Petersburg for winters, I am constantly chasing summer. So it is kind of hard to catch me here. But once I was on a walk around our marvelous city, taking a stroll along the canals, and saw that the slight thaw of the previous days had caused the ice to break up, laying bare water underneath. That automatically gave me an idea to try wakeboarding along the canals of St Petersburg. That was to be a truly unique winter project, interesting for anyone to watch. My first planned location was the canal in front of the Mikhailov castle. There was quite an area of broken ice there and the emerging ice floes, though large, allowed me to jump over them. There was another place, a kind of triangle of water surface, with everything around being still ice-bound. That made it quite convenient to come out, place your wakeboard right on the ice surface, pick up speed right on the ice, jump into water, perform a couple of small stunts and continue towards the bridge. The third canal that I had chosen for this adventure – the one near the Church of the Saviour on Blood. That is where two bridges merge, giving an absolutely unique opportunity to pass under it with a halyard cable. I had no trouble picking up speed there, coming out from under the bridge, performing a couple of stunts, then stopping and trying it over and over again. And another wish of mine is to try other canals that would provide space. That is why I thought that Neva would be a great choice. It has a rather strong current, which made it sort of complicated, but still, we managed. I rarely see my dear lake frozen like this, bound by 50 cm of ice. I felt a yearning to do something unusual, something absolutely off-the-wall, and at the same time I felt like trying some materials that had never been used in wakeboarding, jibbing, or whatever, before. For my project I had chosen metal bars – rather ordinary rusty metal junk, in fact, – which were fit for anything but wakeboarding. I have always viewed the city as a source of fun, an adventure, a challenge maybe. Because you’ve got to be on the move all the time. But here we’ve got, on the contrary, plenty of time, and that is why I want to dedicate it to practicing the more complicated technique, try some really elaborate stunts that could open a new perspective onto this art. And that, of course, draws a clear line between fun and serious technique. For me, wakeboarding means above all, dynamics, moving forward. These endless possibilities are only restricted by your imagination. Guys, let’s go!

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  1. Это очень круто)
    Молодцы, жалко не из Питера а то бы пофоткал)
    а трос наматывался на что-то мотором?

  2. Прикол! Я уже думал, что Москва река и парень растворился в её pH! ))))
    Сдается мне, что парень не такой то и крутой?! Что-то нет толпы кишащих спецов красного быка, снующих туда-сюда, монтируя заранее подготовленное оборудование для трюков с фирменно рекламой красного быка… рашан-пионЭр, тимуровец! ))))))

  3. He can't be Russian, russians go into freezing waters with just a speedo… And they don't drink hot tea in their cars…

  4. Well, there are some hills around St.Petersburg, five to ten ski resorts (depends on your definition of "ski resort"), some of them with parks. But the hills are small and the resorts are crowded, so visiting them is just a waste of time, unless you're going to a park – they're good enough to visit.

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