Ice Speedway Racing – Mikkel B. Jensen & Franz Zorn 2013

Ice Speedway Racing – Mikkel B. Jensen & Franz Zorn 2013

My name is Mikkel Bech Jensen, and I’m a professional speedway rider. I’ve been riding speedway since I was four years old, and now I’m in Austria to meet the ice speedway legend, Franky Zorn. I’m really looking forward to this project. I’ve seen some videos of him, and it really looks hardcore. What he does is not for kids. I feel very comfortable on my own bike, but I’m about to try ice speedway, which I’ve never done before. I’m a bit nervous, but I’m really excited to try it out. He came with some good advice, like how to get the bike down in the turns, what to do on the straights and how to hold the speed. He was really helpful and it was great to have him there because he’s such a legend in the sport.

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  2. Just my opinion but I think a Moto GP rider would be able to adapt to ice speedway quicker than a regular speedway rider. For the Speedway rider he's going against normal riffing style by not sliding the bike

  3. "racing on chainsaws" hahah yeah that's how u could call this, check out those crashes, think these guys must have broken a lot of bones, learning this thing 😀

  4. hmm so stangers are not allowed to understand those guys? if somebody could put some subtitle it would be RedBull. To bad… but awsome vídeo as always. But, a comment like yours, coming from a guy that watch cats f""#"$" and pokemon… lol, I will ignore.

  5. I know, I was telling Serge to use them. His deleted comment went along the lines of; "Use fucking English", or some shit.
    Bet you feel stupid now, huh. Read comments thoroughly next time.

  6. You make videos about hovering RC helicopters that sounds like vuvuzelas, I make videos about BF3, He watches videos about pokemon. We're all equal here.

    That being said, your comments have been pretty fucking retarded. Almost as if you can't help yourself.

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